Dietary supplements in menopause for women: the most effective

The majority of women believes that the use of additional drugs in menopause — it’s a waste of money. But if the menopause is manifested in severe form, the use of treatment is necessary.

Dietary supplements help to ease the symptoms of menopause

The use of dietary supplements during menopause

Homeopathic medicines, which are used by physicians to eliminate the unpleasant consequences of menopause and normalization of hormonal background of women, contain natural phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens are analogues of female sex hormones, which in contrast to traditional hormonal drugs have no side effects and contraindications. Dietary supplements are able to exert a beneficial effect on a woman’s body during menopause:

  • To normalize sleep and calm. It is very important during menopause for women to get enough sleep and eat right. Diet combined with the use of phytoestrogens gives good results and improves the overall condition of the woman.
  • To reduce the uncontrolled production of sex hormones, thereby reducing the frequency of hot flashes.
  • To normalize the thyroid gland and hormone production of TSH in the brain that are responsible for its proper work.
  • Improve mood and enhance immunity of women.

Among popular drugs, the doctor will be able to pick up a woman the one that will suit her. The most popular dietary supplements that you can find on the shelves of pharmacies:

  • Remains.
  • Chi — Klim.
  • Climaxed.
  • Klimaktoplan.

They are all equally capable of exerting the desired effect, the only question is price.

Бады при климаксе для женщин: самые эффективные

Remains is a fairly common drug

The benefits of non-hormonal drugs

Menopause is a period that often occurs with a large number of complications and symptoms. Due to the thinning of the mucous membranes and decreased production of mucous secretion in women can cause itching in the intimate area, which in advanced stages can lead to penetration of infection.

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Traditional hormonal therapy cannot be used if:

  • Tendency to thrombosis and high cholesterol. Various diseases of the veins and venous valves.
  • Contraindication is the presence of any cancer.
  • Diseases of the liver and kidneys.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • In all other cases, the doctor may use hormonal drugs that will have a positive effect.

    If your doctor has prescribed traditional hormone therapy, you will expect the consequences of their admission, which are not observed in non-hormonal medications:

    • Weight gain. Pounds easily come out of thin air, but to leave them will be much harder than normal obesity.
    • The appearance of swelling. Stagnation of body fluids leads not only to the appearance of extra weight, but also to the formation of bags under.
    • Thrombosis. Excess weight leads to blockage of blood vessels cholesterol plaques, which causes thrombosis.
    • Violations of the digestive system.

    All these negative consequences can be avoided if you apply menopause drugs with phytoestrogens.

    Бады при климаксе для женщин: самые эффективные

    Triggered by hormones obesity is extremely difficult to eliminate

    Briefly about non-hormonal drugs

    At menopause and symptoms of General weakening of the body, for painless entry of women in menopause doctors prescribe hormonal medications. Hormonal therapy is designed to replace the function of the ovaries and normalize the rhythm of life of the patient. But this therapy can not pass without consequences. Therefore, in order to minimize the risks of complications if hormone therapy can be replaced with phytoestrogens, the doctor prefers a more gentle option. In addition to the lack of consequences, dietary supplements have a positive effect on the entire body women in menopause.

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    There are several groups of medications have different additional trend:

    • The first group of dietary supplements — phytoestrogens. This natural substitutes for female hormones, which are derived from red clover. Such supplements can normalize the General condition of the woman’s body during menopause and they should not cause harmful effects. Such drugs include: Feminal, Estravel.
    • Homeopathic medicines (dietary supplements derived from extracts of plants), which belong to the group of selective modulators. Selective modulators are drugs that can develop a favorable environment for the development of a hormone in the body. In this case, use of selective modulators of estrogen. Trade name of medications: Climaxin, striks, Remains.
    • Vitamin complexes BAD. With the onset of menopause in a woman’s body changes, not only hormonal balance, decreases the immune system. This causes a variety of symptoms that interfere with a woman leading an active life (itching in the groin area or exacerbation of chronic gynecological diseases). To boost the immune system and overall strengthening of the body, the doctor appoints reception of specially selected vitamin complexes. Vitamins and minerals improve the body’s tone and lead the patient’s condition to normal.

    Supplements can help a woman minimize the negative effects of menopause, but not return the original production of hormones, in reproductive period. Use non-hormonal therapy may be individual intolerance, so before taking the woman, be sure to consult a doctor.

    Бады при климаксе для женщин: самые эффективные

    Climaxed provokes the production of necessary hormones

    The consequence of the use of drugs non-hormonal type

    Long-term studies of the effects of hormonal drugs on the body women have revealed that their use negatively affects the overall condition of the body. So hormonal therapy can provoke thrombosis and breast cancer. The majority of European countries, after research, abandoned hormone therapy in menopause.

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    With the appearance of drug — substitutes based on natural components, doctors began to prescribe women during menopause.

    Natural supplements containing analogs of female sex hormones have little or no effects of drinking. Intolerance to the components of such drugs is only possible on individual terms, that is, depends only on the body of a particular woman.

    Used today in gynecology for the treatment of negative symptoms menopause supplements are safe and effective.