Digital mammography when better to do

Many diseases are incurable due to late detection. This is especially true of cancer. Women in Russia, breast cancer is recognized as the most common type of cancer that can be treated successfully if diagnosed at an early stage. Therefore, women after age 40 as part of routine clinical examination of the shown digital mammography once a year, and have reached the 50th anniversary need to pass it twice a year. At a young age to undergo a mammogram to the presence of complaints and the results of the examination by a breast.

Mammography examination – what is it?

Mammography is a type of x-ray examination to detect tumors, determine their localization and size. The procedure does not cause discomfort, and the duration of not more than 10 minutes. Both breast slightly fixed in the camera, and take photos from several perspectives. The next step is decoding. It can do both performed the mammogram, and a third-party specialist.

The timing of the formation of tumors, cysts, fibroadenomas can vary from several months to many years, and without any symptoms. Passing in a certain period required doctors to actually diagnose the disease at an early stage.

Preparation for the examination

The results of a mammogram may be incorrect – false positive or false negative. It depends on the equipment, competence of the doctor and many other factors. To reduce the probability of error, from the patient preparation required to mammography:

  • remove the neck and décolleté any jewelry;
  • at the reception you have to capture the results of previous surveys, if they were to compare.

Which days of cycle to go to mammologu and to the mammography, depends on its length (the shorter the cycle, the earlier should be examined). The most informative are the days 5 to 12. This is the period of least hormonal fluctuations and physiological changes, and if there is pathology, it is clearly defined. In menopause after cessation of menses can be mamografia any day. The date for the unstable cycle, making the most accurate mammogram, it is advisable also to consult with your doctor.

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Pass unscheduled mammography examination a woman can send reasons:

  • seals and chest pain;
  • change the shape and size of the mammary glands;
  • the emergence of fluid from the nipples;
  • redness of the breast;
  • any other disturbing phenomena in the chest.

Women under 40 years, required to do a mammogram if they are at risk and have:

  • surgery of the breast;
  • benign tumors of the mammary glands;
  • genetic predisposition.

To mammologist can send the gynecologist after a routine inspection, if anything it raises a red flag. All body systems are interrelated, and women have a great influence on the work of the organs have the hormones. Disorders in the reproductive organs often are a reflection of the condition of mammary glands.

The woman should be particularly attentive to their health, if her life had or have threat factors:

  • abortion;
  • poor diet with a high content of carcinogens, food additives, artificial components;
  • Smoking and alcoholism;
  • unfavorable ecological situation;
  • a hormonal imbalance or hormone treatment.

Traditional mammography

The history of mammography dates back several decades. Apart from radiography, mammography for a long time realized film method. It came to replace digital mammography is the same principle as film, but has more advantages:

  • information is displayed on the computer screen, the image can be processed for further exploration: zoom, stretch, highlight color, change the brightness and contrast to make careful measurements;
  • you can send over the network in a matter of minutes, if, for example, there is a need for consultations with specialists anywhere in the world;
  • reduced dose of radiation because there is no reflection from the film, therefore, allowed more frequent passing.
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Digital mammography has several drawbacks:

  • high cost compared to the film;
  • the inaccessibility of many public health facilities and in small towns;
  • digital media is often not accepted as an official document, so you may need to put into the film.

Who should not take x-ray mammography

Since we are talking about radiation effects on human, it can be dangerous in large doses. Therefore, mammography should not be done just at will. There are a number of contraindications to its passage:

  • Pregnancy and lactation. During pregnancy and breastfeeding may examination only if necessary in the presence of explicit testimony.
  • Young age. It is believed that at the age of 35 – 40 years, the body is more susceptible to the negative influence of the rays. In addition, young Breasts have a high density, which is a hindrance to the accuracy of the study.
  • The presence of silicone implants. When compressed in the apparatus they can be damaged.

It is impossible to simultaneously pass fluorography and mammograms, because in this case the radiation dose is cumulative, reaching a dangerous level. The procedure of fluoroscopy is included in the annual medical check-up from adolescence, and even for this reason, young girls are trying not to assign additional surveys.

Along with x-ray mammography for breast examination is ultrasound. But there are more advanced types of diagnostics of the mammary glands.

Study using electrical impulses

Recent Russian invention – electrical impedance mammography allows to obtain data on the condition of the chest by tracking the reaction of the tissue to weak electric pulses. The study is not as informative, but the impedance method can be applied to any day of the cycle, at any age, as often as you like and they have no contraindications. Electrical impedance mammography takes little time and is suitable for young, pregnant and lactating women.

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Mammography no x-rays are safe for humans, so if there are contraindications to x-ray radiation it is better to turn to other methods. One of them is magnetic resonance imaging. Often it is prescribed to confirm the diagnosis after the breast exam. The procedure is harmless, but during it the patient should be placed in a closed chamber, which is hard given to people prone to panic attacks and claustrophobia. In addition, MRI is unacceptable to place persons with metal implants in the body.

That shows mammography

Decoding performed mammography requires highly skilled mammalogy. After the conference conclusion can be ready in an hour. Upon detection of a disturbing or questionable phenomena the patient is sent for re-examination as well as the blood and biological material for the biopsy. How many times to pass the diagnostic procedure in case of detected cancer, it is not so important. How quickly and accurately information is received about the disease, depends on the prescribed treatment.

Saving lives

Why do we need examination? Not “for show”, as some believe, and for early diagnosis of diseases, many of which prove fatal without timely treatment. Digital mammogram and other methods of breast examination is a way to detect cancer before the appearance of the slightest symptoms. Unfortunately, cancer is becoming younger, and the disease can quickly progress. There are certain rules about what age and how often you can do a mammogram, but what about young women who are not at risk? For health they can recommend regular blood and ultrasound of the breast, this will help not to miss the moment.