Discharge after sex in women: white, brown, bloody

That after sex have clear discharge, I know a lot of women. Most often it is normal. But there are times, when secreted mucus should pay special attention not to miss the beginning of a serious disease.

Normal discharge

Sexual excitement that a woman feels, and directly sexual intercourse causes a rush of blood to the reproductive organs and stimulates production of grease. It softens the friction of a phallus on the walls of the vagina and improves glide. Normal discharge from the cervical canal clear, colorless, does not contain impurities of blood, odorless. A woman does not feel any discomfort.

After unprotected sex, with a woman a couple of days, can observe transparent mucus or yellowish (whitish) color. It is the result of mixing the secret glands located in the vagina, with the remnants of the sperm of the partner.

Condom use also affects the nature of the discharge in women they are white, thick and opaque.

Abnormal discharge after intercourse

After a couple of days after sex clear discharge had become unfamiliar? In this case, you should consult with your doctor. Because of the unusual color and consistency, strong smell or traces of blood in mucus is a signal of malfunctions in the body.

Among the reasons that cause the appearance of unusual discharge after sexual intercourse – sexually transmitted infections and non-infectious diseases of the female genital organs. Therefore, it is important to know what are the signs of health problems.

All these symptoms should be cause for a visit to a specialist:

  • transparent liquid discharge with traces of blood or severe bleeding after sexual intercourse in women indicate inflammatory processes in the reproductive organs of the female. Among the possible reasons for the appearance of blood after sex endometriosis, polyps, ectopic, problems with the cervix – erosion or cancer;
  • a white discharge the consistency resembling cottage cheese that have a sour smell – a sure sign of candidiasis (thrush);
  • distinct smell of rotten fish and the discharge of gray – a consequence of bacterial vaginosis;
  • the presence of abundant frothy shade of green indicates the chlamydia.

Why spotting after sex

Except when a woman is still a virgin and has sex for the first time, spotting should be cause for concern. The causes of this condition, there may be several.

  • Genital tract infections – trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia affect the integrity of the mucous membrane of the genital organs of a woman. After sex the injured vagina, cervix bleeding.
  • Untreated inflammation of the cervix, vagina or uterus often cause spotting or brown discharge. The already inflamed mucosa irritated during copulation and begins to bleed. Endometritis is not only the cause of brown discharge and bleeding, but often leads to infertility. And inflammation of the cervix can cause erosion.
  • Growths on the mucous membrane of the cervix or in the uterine cavity manifest themselves bloody discharge or bleeding after sex. Benign cysts and polyps on the mucous membrane of the uterus as a result of mechanical impact during sex can burst, making the mucus pink.
  • Cancer of the cervix in the initial stages appears like clear discharge mixed with blood. This is due to tissue tension during sex.
  • Rough sex sometimes leads to rupture of the genital organs of a woman which opens the bleeding.
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Side effect of drugs

Taking medications to thin the blood (aspirin and anticoagulants) may cause spotting or brown discharge. If you cancel hormonal contraceptives (or if a woman missed a day and did not take a pill), which prevents the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy, the appearance of discharge dark brown or pink, naturally. If blood appears in the background of the timely administration of oral contraceptives, it is necessary to change the drug.

Use for prevention of intrauterine devices in some cases cause staining of mucus. Closer to the beginning of menstruation, she may acquire a brown tint. Brown color selection also gain due to hormonal disorders, so a visit to the doctor is necessary in this case.

When it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor

Spotting turning into bleeding started during sex or immediately after, a sharp decline in blood pressure, cramps and pain in the abdomen, severe weakness, sweating and pale skin – these signs require immediate treatment to the doctor. No less dangerous rupture of ovary or fallopian tube ectopic pregnancy. These conditions threaten a woman’s life.

During pregnancy, cautious

If during pregnancy a woman after intercourse noticed liquid pink, beige, brown discharge or severe bleeding, it is necessary as soon as possible to see a gynecologist. This may be the first signs of incipient detachment of the placenta. The doctor can assess the risk and take action to maintain pregnancy.

At the same time, in the later stages of pregnancy, when the preliminary date of the appearance of the baby is near, the mucus pink for women – one of the harbingers of the upcoming birth.

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Why after sex selection may be yellow, pink or other colors?

Sexual infections are easily transmitted by partners to each other. Therefore appeared after intercourse, highlight yellow or pale green in color should be treated without delay. Often infectious diseases of the genital organs in women have similar symptoms, and to accurately detect a pathogen only after a series of tests. In this case, the doctor can prescribe the most effective treatment.

About the characteristic symptoms of infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, you can see from the table.

Disease The amount of discharge The character of discharge Additional symptoms
Chlamydia Minor Yellow Pain when urinating, pain in lower abdomen
Trichomoniasis Rich Frothy, white, yellow or light green color, with a sharp unpleasant odor Painful urination, severe itching and burning in the vaginal area.
Gonorrhea Moderate White or yellow Pain in the lower abdomen and during urination, sometimes – bleeding in the intermenstrual period
Bacterial vaginosis Rich Shade of gray (in severe cases yellow-green), sticky, with the smell of rotten fish Mild itching
Colpitis Rich White, yellow-green, sometimes with admixture of blood (depending on the causative agent of the disease), different consistency Severe itching, burning, swelling of external genital organs

Highlight pink color, containing a small amount of blood may appear after sex as a result of damage of the vaginal mucosa. If the mucus is pink hue is the consistency of raw egg white and appears after sex in the middle of the monthly cycle a woman feels short-term discomfort in the lower abdomen, it is a sign of the onset of ovulation. In this case, nothing to worry about.

A few days before ovulation in women, the vagina appears transparent watery discharge is quite natural. Making the mucus more liquid, the female body prepares environment for pregnancy. After intercourse, watery mucous discharge comes as a result of strong arousal and a surge of hormone levels in the woman’s body.

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What treatments discharge after sex?

Treatment of abnormal vaginal discharge that occurs after sexual intercourse in women starts after the examination and clarification of their causes. Because the problem may be due to mechanical damage or infection, therapeutic methods are different.

In the case when mechanically damaged, the integrity of the cervix, in the discontinuities of the doctor will sutures or administered hemostatic agents. The doctor will advise to avoid sex until complete healing of wounds and removal of sutures.

In cases where the problem is caused by infectious diseases, prescribe a course of antibiotics. Modern drugs allow you to quickly get rid of the disease, but to be treated it is necessary together with a partner.

The treatment of women diseases such as vaginitis and cervicitis requires a thorough examination, during which will have to be tested for infections, sexually transmitted diseases, carriers of HIV, the biochemistry of the blood smear on the vaginal microflora. According to research results, the doctor prescribes treatment – drugs and physical therapy. Traditional methods can be combined with the treatment of folk remedies (but not replace).

Treatment of erosions is better not to wait – they can cause cervical cancer. Complex therapy aimed at the removal of inflammation (prescribe a course of anti-inflammatory or antibacterial drugs, special ointments, suppositories and douching), and then remove the modified area.

If the discharge after sex became regular and ceased to be transparent and appear in yellow, green, pink, or brown, you should consult the advice of a doctor. Timely visit to a specialist will allow time to identify and treat a serious disease and prevent complications. But if a woman wants to be a mom and preparing for pregnancy, the survey will allow not to worry for your health and baby.