Doppelgerts asset menopause for women, instructions for use

Mature age and menopause go hand in hand. In a certain period of life a woman has to experience this adverse event. Menopause is the age-related changes in a woman’s body, leading to the extinction of reproductive function. Jump in blood pressure, mood swings, excessive sweating are some signs of adverse events.

Experts recommend to undergo hormonal therapy to use herbal remedies, vitamin complexes. The most effective are vitamin complexes in combination with plant extracts. Doppelgerts menopause is just such a complex.

Doppelgerts asset menopause, a rich complex of microelements, vitamins and specially selected plant extracts.

Effective composition created for women, it can be achieved:

  1. Emotional stability, eliminate irritability.
  2. The prevention of hot flashes.
  3. The decrease of migraine.
  4. Normal sweating.
  5. Preservation of disability.
  6. The normalization of the pressure.
  7. A full night’s sleep.
  8. The lack of depression.
  9. Improvement in General health.

Doppelgerts asset menopause makes women’s lives more comfortable. Busy schedules, stressful situations, weather dependent will not be able to affect you in a good mood. The woman remains emotionally stable.

The advantages of using complex

Mature age accompanied by chronic disease and the menopause exacerbating them. Old age acquired a new disease, so it is important to support the body. Doppelgerts asset menopause is able to provide such preventive care. Female reproductive system periodically needs the support of local immunity. The appearance of vaginitis, candidiasis, cystitis promotes dryness of the vaginal flora. Doppelgerts asset menopause makes the vaginal flora and eliminates the unpleasant symptoms.

With age a woman can face osteoporosis. With the years, women’s bones become fragile and need extra vitamins and minerals. Composition Doppelgerts asset menopause increases the density of the bony tissue, suspends the process that hurt her.

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Mature age does not spare the skin and hair. In the reflection a woman sees wrinkles, lost the freshness, dull thinning hair, this picture is not the best way affects the emotional state. Age-related changes are inevitable, but if the time to start feeding the body with additional vitamin complexes, it is possible to improve the condition of skin, hair nails.

Menopause suppresses the immune system, the body weakens and ceases to fight viruses and diseases caused by bacteria. Doppelgerts asset menopause boosts the immune system.

The drug

The complex is available in tablet form in pack of 30 pieces consists of the following components:

  • Isoflavones stabilize hormonal balance, help to overcome the symptoms of menopause, normalize menstrual cycle, minimize the chance of breast cancer.
  • Biotin slows age-related changes, has a positive effect on the skin and hair.
  • Calcium strengthens bones, prevents osteoporosis, improves memory, concentration.
  • The b group vitamins. Vitamin b 1 slows down the metabolism. Prevents the appearance of diabetes.
  • Vitamin 2 eliminates dryness of the mucous membranes, promotes good digestibility of carbohydrates and proteins. Having good impacts on vision.
  • Vitamin b 6 makes the skin supple, and has a positive effect on blood circulation.
  • Vitamin 9 strengthens the heart, digestive system, and contributes to the productivity of the blood cells, stimulates bone marrow.
  • Vitamin B12 normalizes blood circulation, increases the hemoglobin.
  • Vitamin D 3 has a positive effect on bone structure, strengthens it and prevents fractures, helps to absorb calcium.

Excipients: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, rice starch, iron oxide yellow, dioxide, amorphous silica, titanium dioxide, diglycerides of fatty acids, talc, calcium stearate, glycerin, shellac solution.

Proper combination of vitamins does not interfere with each other to work effectively in the body.

Doppelgerts asset menopause — dietary Supplement, which contains many useful elements. Overdose of the drug can hurt so it is important to consult with a specialist in each case.

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Take the complex in the morning, so the elements were able to correctly absorbed by the body. For the prevention usually prescribed one tablet a day during meals. Before receiving the drug must-see instructions for use.


Unwanted effects from the use of property can occur in case of overdose or individual intolerance of separate components. Plant components have influence on the authorities responsible for the production of hormones, taking the drug should take this into account. A dietary Supplement cannot be applied during pregnancy and lactation.


Age takes its toll, sometimes it takes just the right health. You can put up with for years, go on about old age and disease, but there is another way to fight and believe in themselves. Doppelgerts menopause can greatly facilitate life and give strength, to create and to love fully.