Drospirenone what is this hormone preparations containing desogestrel

Oral contraceptives are popular with women. A wide variety of oral contraceptives allows women to choose the safest option for yourself and your partner. They differ in composition, according to the rules of admission and the dosages of active substance. The main ingredient of many tools from unwanted pregnancy is drospirenone. What is this hormone, described in detail in the article.

How are the hormones?

Hormonal contraceptive group COC is a combination of two hormones: estrogen and progestogen. Estrogen ethinyl estradiol, and presented the same across all drugs. As progesterone can act, drosperinone or other active substance.

The majority of contraceptives include the hormone progestogen. Some of them possess antiandrogenic effect – neutralize the testosterone in a woman’s body and actively reduce its content. Drugs containing drospirenone have anti-androgenic effect that is widely used in gynecological practice.

All KOK operate on the same principle: inhibit ovulation and thereby prevent pregnancy. After drug withdrawal fertility is restored. Products that contain, drosperinone are assigned not only for contraception but also for treatment of some skin diseases (acne).

When choosing medication on their own, can harm your health. You should refer to the gynecologist for selection of the COC.

Selection of contraceptive

Contraception klassificeret:

  1. Hormonal: combined oral (COC) and progestins, injectable;
  2. Intrauterine devices (IUD);
  3. Barrier action: condoms, spermicides.

I think the most effective hormones. These include combined oral means. The composition of these contraceptives include estrogen and gestagen (a progestogen, a progestin). Considered the most popular and affordable.

KOK have important advantages:

  • Have high reliability;

  • Eliminate PMS;
  • Normalize the menstrual cycle;
  • Reduces the risk of benign breast tumors and ovarian;
  • Reduce the occurrence of ovarian cancer;
  • Contribute to the improvement of the skin.

Oral contraceptives are relatively recent. Despite this, they quickly change for the better. Scientists were able to reduce the percentage of hormone in the formulations, without losing efficiency and reliability.

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On the market there are many medications that have a difference in composition and active ingredients. The effect of the drug on the body depends on several indicators:

  • Progestin effect – the effect of the hormone on the process of conception, in this case, prevent it;
  • Antiandrogenic effect – reduce the amount of androgens in the female organism;
  • Antimineralocorticoid activity;
  • Glucocorticoid activity.

On the market you can find small amount of drugs with antiandrogenic effect.They reduce the level of androgen (a male hormone) in a woman’s body. These drugs eliminate symptoms of hyperandrogenism (excess hair growth, acne, etc.) that can be used in some diseases.

Distinctive features of drospirenone

Among the progestogen drospirenone has a good antimineralocorticoid activity. It helps to block the connection of steroid hormone receptors with mineralokortikoidami. The result is governed by the level of fluid in the body, reduces the likelihood of swelling and rapid weight gain while taking COCS.

Successfully combined ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone in the birth control drug yasmin. This tool has a positive effect on the water balance in a woman’s body, contributes to the stabilization or reduction of body weight. Reduces the engorgement, swelling and relieves the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. This property of drospirenone helps to reduce the hormonal influence on blood pressure, it is important for women who suffer from hypertension.

A similar effect has the drug Jess. It also comes with drospirenone, but the share of ethinyl estradiol is reduced to 20 micrograms. Jess is suitable for young nulliparous females. If the background of the use of the drug are noted intermenstrual spotting, you must replace the tool with a higher content of estrogen.

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Drospirenone is derived from spironolactone. The drug is prescribed in diseases with hyperandrogenism hormonal:

  • Androgenetic alopecia – occurs due to increased level of the male hormone in the blood. The main symptom – hair loss. The disease of this nature is often diagnosed in women.
  • Acne (acne) – rash on the skin. Outside of puberty observed in women with excess of male hormones.
  • Seborrhoea – increased sebum secretion of the scalp.

Based on the conducted research, the doctors say that the normalization pressure, and weight loss occurs already at 4 months of treatment. Significantly reduced risk of developing cancers of the bowel and endometrial cancer in women after menopause.

Hormone does not show estrogenic or androgenic activity, did not reveal glucocorticosteroid actions. Does not affect the body’s response to insulin and glucose. If you apply the drug during treatment, the patient significantly decreases the level of cholesterol and lipoproteins in the blood. Increases the concentration of the source of cellular energy – triglycerides.

Who is the drug?

Doctors prescribe the drug:

  • As a hormonal contraceptive (combined with estrogen).
  • For the treatment of hormonal disorders in women of reproductive age.
  • With its PMS.
  • When acne diseases of the skin.

When you can’t take

  • When allergic reactions to drospirenone;
  • In the case of porphyrin disease;
  • In various diseases of the liver;
  • Lactating women;
  • In severe thrombosed formations;
  • Vaginal bleeding;
  • If a woman develops cancer of any stage;
  • It is forbidden to take pregnant.

Negative effect on the body

  • You may receive an Allergy to the drug, dizziness;
  • Formation of thrombus in the pulmonary artery or the blood vessels of the brain;
  • Blood clots in the retina;
  • High blood pressure, regular headaches;
  • Inflammation of the gallbladder;
  • Psychological instability;
  • The secretion of milk not associated with breastfeeding,
  • Nausea;
  • Pain in the milk glands;
  • Intermenstrual spotting;
  • Reduction in sexual energy;
  • Increased pigmentation of the skin;
  • Varicose veins.
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How to take

The manual clearly States that to take drugs on the basis of drospirenone should be every 24 hours, once a day, at the exact time. For contraception drug use for 21 days, followed by a break. Perhaps the use of COC scheme 24 + 4.

During treatment, you can immediately replace the old hormonal agent for drospirenone, it is possible to make after cancellation of the previous one. Reception it is important to coordinate with your doctor. The duration of treatment depends on the individual characteristics of the patient, the problems with which he fights and the effectiveness of the previous therapy.

Important notes

Detailed studies of drug action on the body has shown that it can cause venous thromboembolism. Women who have a predisposition to this disease, drospirenone can not be accepted.

In the course of therapy, the patient may develop a tumor is malignant or benign nature. If the patient has symptoms, treatment immediately cease.

Before treatment you need to consult with your doctor.