Drugs at menopause: hormonal and non-hormonal

Menopause is a period of hormonal changes of the female body as a result of the extinction of follicular function of the ovary. This is a difficult period, manifested by unpleasant symptoms, mental and physical discomfort. Correctly selected drugs in the menopause help you go through this time span as comfortable as possible. What drugs to take during menopause? Among a large range to choose most effective? These questions are highly relevant.

Stages and symptoms of menopause

The natural extinction of the reproductive function of women goes through three stages:

  • The premenopausal women (preklimaktericheskom phase) – gradual reduction of level of sex hormones is accompanied by hot flashes, sweating, irregular blood pressure, mood change, decreased libido and other symptoms. Disturbed menstrual cycle, periods come irregularly.
  • Menopause – last women menstruation. Installed after the fact.
  • Postmenopause – the rest of your life after menopause. Sex hormones are not produced. Menstruation does not come.

To help a woman to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of menopause are prescribed medicines, phytopreparations and biologically active additives (BAA). The acceptance of these drugs allows you to live an active life despite age and natural changes in the body. Many drug products administered to premenopausal women, few can delay the onset of menopause, enhance immunity, and have several other useful properties.

What to stop a choice

To ease menopausal symptoms and prevent possible complications modern pharmaceutical market offers a wide selection of products, each of which has specific effects. Opting hormonal or non-hormonal remedies for menopause should be performed only by the attending physician, analyzing the General condition of the organism, its individual characteristics, existing complaint and other factors.


HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is one of the methods to get rid of the symptoms of menopause. Medication during menopause on hormonal basis – the most effective. They contained hormones and synthetic origin (estrogen, progestogen) are similar to natural. Hormonal pills can contain one hormone, or a combination of several. Combined monophasic, biphasic or three-phase hormonal preparations are shown women with preserved uterus and appendages. If the ovaries are removed, then prescribe medications based on estrogen. Each group of drugs has certain types of hormones with a narrow specificity of action. For example, in the composition of vaginal candles, gels and creams include estriol is quite effective in the treatment of urogenital, but neutral in relation to the prevention of osteoporosis and disorders in the cardiovascular activities.

Gormonoterapii medications in addition to good therapeutic effect have a number of contraindications and limitations to their use. To evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of hormonal medication will help their detailed analysis.

Advantages Disadvantages and contraindications
Pronounced effect Loss of therapeutic effect after discontinuation of
Blockade of bone loss and osteoporosis Requires long-term treatment from 3 months to 5 years (individually)
Can be used for early and artificial menopause A lot of side effects (allergic reactions, the appearance of edema, uncontrolled weight gain and rapid weight gain, delay of outflow of bile, headaches, digestive problems, and others)
The diversity of forms of production (candles, tablets, capsules, drops, gels, creams, ointments, skin patches, subcutaneous implants) The presence of thrombosis (thrombophlebitis) may prevent the use of funds gormonoterapii
Increased libido and the elimination of dryness of the vaginal mucosa Diabetes mellitus (especially severe forms) is a contraindication to the use of
Reducing the formation of cancerous tumors, endometrial hyperplasia The presence of malignant tumors depends on estrogen (cancers of the breast, endometrial and others)
Slowing the aging process Diseases or functional disorders of the kidneys
Effective in the treatment of fibroids and other gynecological diseases during menopause The presence of bleeding
Suspected pregnancy
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Hormonal products of new generation are characterized by low levels of the hormones with fewer negative characteristics. Modern low-dose hormonal agents do not affect the change in body weight, do not violate the metabolism. But the advantages do not rule out a number of limitations. Their use requires continuous monitoring of the condition of the reproductive system, mammary glands, common clinical manifestations of menopause, periodic histological examination of tissue for presence of cancer cells. It is possible the development of Allergy to take the drug.

The choice of the hormonal preparation should be treated particularly seriously. Dosage installs only the doctor for every female depending on the concentration level of sex hormones and individual characteristics of the organism.

  • A synthetic analogue of estrogen contain: Sigetin, Proginova, Estrofem, Divigel and others. They can also choose those who have urogenital pathology, devoid of the uterus.
  • Combined synthetic analogues of the hormones estrogen and progesterone contains: Klimonorm, Klimen, Divina, and others. They are effective in the treatment of hyperhidrosis, hot flashes, emotional instability and for the prevention of atherosclerosis, endometriosis. Occupy a high place in the ranking of hormonal methods in terms of price and quality.
  • After the cessation of menses and menopause recommend: Digitran, Kliogest. They not only increase the level of estrogen and prevent osteoporosis.
  • Particularly effective in removing emotional deviations are: Atarax, Grandaxinum. They are used in pronounced climacteric syndrome (chronic stress, frequent dizziness, reactions from the vascular system). Have a slight sedative (hypnotic) effect.
  • Practically do not have systemic effects on the body Vagifem, Ovestin. Produced in the form of suppositories, ointments or vaginal tablets of estradiol analogs eliminate disorders of the urogenital system (urinary incontinence, vaginal dysbiosis, pain during sexual intercourse). Effective with beginning menopause.

Hormonal therapy included in the complex treatment of many diseases in the menopause. Often hormones are assigned before surgical treatment of fibroids and hyperplastic process of the endometrium. The treatment plan is developed individually by the attending physician.

Despite the ambiguous attitude to the hormone therapy, domestic population, it is successfully practiced by Western gynecologists and endocrinologists. Prices for hormones differ in different pharmacies. If you need to find a cheaper alternative or to change the drug you need to consult a doctor.

Non-hormonal therapy

Non-hormonal drugs in menopause – an alternative to hormonal therapy. The imbalance of hormones in the female body well restores homeopathy. Drugs at menopause vegetable origin based on extracts of plants that have specific medicinal properties. Their principle of operation is based on the action of phytoestrogens (substitutes for the female hormone estrogen). Plant hormones are assigned to the intolerance of HRT and the presence of contraindications to the synthetic hormones.

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Homeopathic remedies no less effectively cope with the manifestations of menopause. In addition to the therapeutic effect, they have practically no side effects. Maledizione natural elements gently remove the existing menopausal symptoms and restore overall tone of the body. Herbal medicines for menopause – the choice of modern women. They can be used for long periods of time without worrying about their health.

You need to realize the fact that products of homeopathy are not able to prevent serious complications. And there is also the placebo effect. Therefore, homeopathic medicines are not registered in medicine as a medicinal product during the menopause.

Large selection of domestic pharmaceutical market, advertising and availability of the application allow women to choose their own medicine. Which tablet to choose? Despite the relative safety of drugs, the priority should be the drugs prescribed by the attending physician. Application experience, the analysis of their effectiveness based on individual characteristics of the patient, the presence of existing diseases will allow the specialist to choose an effective remedy. In the list of well-proved medicines are marked: Klimadinon UNO, Klimentidis, Climaxin, Climate Hel, Cliff, Klimaktoplan, Menopaus, Remains, Limaland, Deklimans, Climatherm, Climation.

The majority of herbal medicinal products combine several natural ingredients with different properties, complemented by complexes are necessary for the reproductive system vitamins and minerals. These funds are issued in the form of dietary supplements as a complement to the basic diet. Dietary supplements have a tonic effect on the whole body, have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. Are an alternative to hormone replacement therapy in uncomplicated cases. Widely used drugs: Indole Forte, Ovarian, Tireo Support, Lifemen, life multi Factor Climatic 911, a homeopathic remedy.

  • Leading positions in pharmacy take dietary Supplements soy-based. This plant is a powerful source of phytoestrogens. Estrogen replacement feature soy helps to reduce menopausal symptoms. The exceptional feature of this plant is its isoflavones, which do not stimulate hyperplasia and the formation of estrogen-tumors. Dietary supplements can contain extract, soy protein in combination with a vitamin complex. Or in harmony with other plants: red clover, rhizome of calamus, hops, motherwort, rose hips or hawthorn. Your choice can be stopped on Feminelle, Phyto-40, Incline, Leeme, Tsimi-Climasure Klimin, liquid extract Isoflavone Soybeans. Pills during menopause soy-based eliminate hot flashes, palpitations, normalize blood pressure, improve the General physiological condition of the body.
  • Pills the menopause on the basis of an extract of Hypericum perforatum is equally effective. They contain hyperforin, piperidine, pseudohypericin that improves the state of the endocrine, nervous and urogenital system in women, hormonal tone and General condition (Deprim, Klimaton).
  • The most popular folk remedy in the treatment of gynecological diseases is recognized as upland uterus. The plant has the property of soft regulation of hormonal balance, positive effects on the Central nervous system. Upland uterus relieves inflammation and swelling in the genital area and improves blood circulation. The infusion of this plant has a strong protivoklimaktericescoe effects during menopause. Grass upland uterus can be purchased at any pharmacy.
  • Similar effect have rhizomes of Rhodiola tetramerous (popularly called the red brush). It’s a completely natural adaptogen, which leads to normal hormonal balance, harmonising the immune system. Is widely used drug for menopause at older age category.
  • From the tides during menopause helps extract broccoli, contained in the product of Stella. It can be used as a Supplement to the basic diet for an extended period.
  • Good effect seen from the use of the funds, based on the black cohosh.
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Before using any drug will not be superfluous to familiarize with the instruction and to clarify the presence of contraindications. The list of restrictions to the use of medication you can also see a gynecologist in person.

The active phase of menopause is characterized by emotional tension, depression mental and emotional state. At menopause non-hormonal medicines and biologically active additives can eliminate problems of depression. Citalopram, Stimol, Feminal – natural energizers created to non-hormonal support for women during menopause. They eliminate problems with sleep, increase stress, eliminate mood swings, harmonize the General condition of women. Fotosidan 2 (a sedative of the collection) and Evalar Bio (in the form of soothing tea) can be consumed in the evening before bed. They normalize the emotional state after a busy day, relax and soothe.

How to stay energetic and attractive

Most non-hormonal products created for women enriched with vitamin complexes. They increase efficiency, vitality during menopause. Best drugs at menopause, which include vitamin complexes is TSI-Klim Vitamins for women 45+, Filel, Femicaps easy life, Estravel. Present in them from fitokompozitsii medicinal plants soothe physiological changes. Shown in a period of stress conditions or as a tonic.

What to take during menopause to avoid aging, worries many women. Concomitant changes in the appearance (wrinkles, hair loss, dry skin and vaginal mucosa) require special attention. Age-related changes is an irreversible process, but any middle-aged woman able to prevent their increase.

Drugs menopause Faoclim, Female active Complex Formula women prolong youth. They contain estrogens and isoflavones ease menopause symptoms allow longer stay young and attractive. Astrocat, Vagifem, Ovestin, produced in the form of vaginal tablets, suppositories, eliminate urinary disorders, enuresis, atrophy of the vagina, pain during sexual intercourse. Contribute not only to the normalization of the natural vaginal flora, but also provide an opportunity to continue an active sex life.

General guidelines

Menopause requires certain changes in a woman’s life: reducing the level of physical activity, elimination of stressful situations, careful attitude towards their health. Regardless of which medications have become the mainstay of treatment, personal hygiene, healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, timely attendance of a doctor, and create the preconditions for a comfortable flow of menopause.