Drugs for the contractions of the uterus for a miscarriage

Often girls are wondering how to provoke a miscarriage? Rejecting the option of surgical termination of pregnancy, women use drugs that cause miscarriage, is used even traditional medicines. The decision to resort to taking pills that promote abortion, you should carefully study the manual and learn side effects.

Consultation with a qualified doctor will help to avoid dangerous consequences, as medical abortion can cause the development of pathologies of the body.

What drugs are allowed to use for abortion

Medical abortion in pregnancy up to 6 weeks cause minimum harm to the body. Reception should be carried out according to the rules in the instructions. The effect of the pill is not always so, as promised by the manufacturers.

Drugs for pregnancy termination is represented by several species, are sold in tablets.

Experts identify a number of tools operating safely and efficiently:

  1. Postinor;
  2. Escape;
  3. Penkrofton;
  4. Mifegyn;
  5. Mifolian;
  6. Mifeprex.

Any drug causing miscarriage, has a strong influence on women’s health, changing the vital processes of the body.

Postinor popular contraceptive, but it is not effective in already established pregnancy. Tablets should be taken after unprotected sex within 72 hours. Manufacturers of the pills claim that their product has several features. Components Postinor block the ovulation process, affecting the process of fertilization, and prevent implantation of the already fertilized egg. After taking Postinor observed bleeding, rejection of the mucous layer of the uterus along with the dead embryo. A similar effect has the drug Escapes.

Packing Postinor contains two pills containing levonorgestrel. The first pill should be taken within two days, twelve hours is receiving a second. Properties Postinor resemble the abortion, the drugs are very strong, the drug should be taken no more than once per menstrual cycle (according to the manual). Gynecologists does not recommend often use this tool in conjunction with a high risk of hormonal failure.

The use of the drug in the late stages of childbearing is dangerous for health.

Penkrofton is taken not more than three tablets. Experts recommend after this to use Misoprostol, provoking increased action of the first drug.

After 36 to 48 hours the woman needs to be examined with ultrasound to confirm the miscarriage. After 1 – 2 weeks is recommended to pass the inspection again.

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The drug is contraindicated in women who are allergic to components of pills, kidney disease, liver and blood. Among the side effects are also called dizziness, pain in the lower abdomen, nausea, vomiting, bleeding and dyspepsia.

Effective medications include Mifepristone, Mifegyn and Mifeprex. These tablets are used during pregnancy, which must not exceed 42 days. If you drink the drug later, a high probability that the fetus will survive, but will be born with significant deformities. Interruption of the pregnancy within 8 hours.

How to protect yourself when taking drugs

Despite the effectiveness and popularity, the drugs for medical abortion can’t be bought at the pharmacy. In pharmacy item is available only emergency contraception pill (Postinor, Escapel)

Supplementation is carried out only in medical facilities for performing abortions. Before the procedure the woman will undergo a medical examination, which assigns the ultrasound and blood tests urine. It is necessary to exclude the presence of ectopic pregnancy, which makes it impossible for a medical abortion.

Carry out the procedure for abortion is permitted within 42 days from the last menstrual period.

During the procedure, the patient takes the prescribed medication, resulting in a miscarriage. After that, the woman should be seen by a doctor within a few hours, then go home. Some pills need to be taken twice: the woman is not required to return to the clinic, but the house should remain close to the person, in the event a problem occurs to call an ambulance for hospitalization of the patient.

Complications can occur when taking any of these drugs. Dangerous consequences provokes not only the drugs but also self the procedure at home. Often in the woman’s uterus are part of the fruit, which begin to rot and promote inflammatory process: this not only leads to the inability to get pregnant in the future, but also to death. For your own safety, women are recommended to go to the clinic, where she will help.

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After medical abortion is there a possibility of getting pregnant again after two weeks, so the woman should take care to use birth control.

Safety is paramount

Often women decide to terminate a pregnancy without consulting a doctor, which is very dangerous for their health. Many tablets have a strong effect and entail terrible consequences. Harmful to the body take the drug in the later stages: after the sixth week of pregnancy pills not have the desired effect, this technique may fail for women fatal. Therefore it is safer to provoke a miscarriage in early pregnancy.

No less dangerous for a woman to induce abortion with help of medicine. Most of the methods that you find online, not only help to safely cause a miscarriage, but causes significant harm to the mother.

With the intention to take pills for abortion the woman should understand that yourself to do a medical abortion dangerous: it is necessary to consult qualified specialist, who will appoint examination and required medication.

You need to consider the fact that abortion becomes a cause of diseases of the adrenals, ovaries, pituitary and thyroid gland.