Ectopic pregnancy: signs in the early stages

Classic pregnancy is a normal physiological condition in which a woman carries in her womb a child. Pregnancy developing outside of the uterus, is approximately 3% of all quantities. Signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages does not differ from mounting the embryo in the uterus, but are hazardous to health and the reproductive system of the patient. The ability to diagnose the anomaly in the first weeks after conception, when you can spend gynecological surgery with a low risk for a woman of her health and future conception of offspring, unfortunately, no.

General information

A characteristic factor for the birth of a healthy child without threatening the life his mother is a successful fertilization and placement of a fetus in the womb. In rare cases there is a violation and a failure, and pregnancy starts to develop in other genital organs. It is important to know about the first signs of pathologies. Timely operation will help to reduce the risk of serious consequences, death and infertility.

Ectopic pregnancy refers to a pathology where the fetus develops outside the uterine cavity. Signs of ectopic pregnancy after a delay period of 7 days is no different from being normal. Localization of the fertilized eggs can be other reproductive organs of women:

  • abdomen;
  • pipe;
  • ovaries.

This pathology is not the end of natural childbirth. To save the woman’s life and to eliminate the consequences, you need to interrupt the pregnancy and the sooner the better. This will help gynecologists and women to quickly deal with the situation.

The causes of pathology

  • Inflammatory processes of the reproductive system of women in the chronic form. They lead to the formation of adhesions and patency of the tubes. Therefore, the attachment of the fertilized eggs will be in the place of formation of adhesions.
  • Congenital abnormality of the fallopian tubes. When the fallopian tube has a sinuous and irregular shape, it leads to a narrowing of the pipes and the inability to go it fertilized the egg.
  • The failure of hormonal background. This may be due to a disruption in the endocrine system, use of oral contraceptives, IUDs.
  • The formation of malignant and benign tumors in the fallopian tubes. The more the size of the tumor, the stronger it narrows the passage through the tube.
  • Surgery can lead to the development of pregnancy outside the uterus. Each subsequent operation in the genitourinary system increases the risk of abnormal pregnancy.

What are the signs of ectopic pregnancy are characteristic for a certain period of time can tell the gynecologist at the reception in the antenatal clinic.

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Professionals do not always, just a little will be able to diagnose pathology, which can lead to serious complications for women’s health. What are the signs the most characteristic for the development of pregnancy outside the uterus, should be familiar to all women. For the first time the occurrence of anomalies, the patient was identical features that are characteristic of normal pregnancy:

  • absence of menstruation;
  • toxemia;
  • discomfort and soreness in the Breasts;
  • frequent urge to urinate;
  • the basal temperature may slightly increase.

Signs of ectopic pregnancy 5 weeks after conception:

  • gonadotropin is low rates that do not correspond to the period of the fetus;
  • test is negative or weakly positive for pregnancy;
  • from the vagina is bleeding;
  • there is a slight pain in region of uterus and ovaries;
  • blood pressure decreases;
  • appears dizziness;
  • increase temperature;
  • on ultrasound not in the presence of the ovum in the uterus;
  • on examination, the gynecologist notes the small size of the uterus, which does not corresponds to the period of pregnancy;
  • in the clinical analysis of blood increases the level of leukocytes.

All of the above signs and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy at an early stage will help the doctor establish the diagnosis and time to carry out surgery. There are several factors that show the danger of the occurrence of conception outside the uterine cavity:

  • the woman may die with significant blood loss;
  • such a condition will not lead to the birth of a child;
  • spontaneous termination of pathological pregnancy may be exercised at any time and under a particular situation;
  • the most common is a tubal ectopic pregnancy;
  • quite often, the fertilized egg increases in size and leads to rupture of the pipe;
  • the result is massive bleeding in the abdominal cavity.

Signs of tubal rupture

  • At survey of the gynecologist the uterus is very painful;
  • there is pain in the abdominal cavity acute, generally by the rupture of the pipe;
  • skin women pale, and a certain marble shade the face;
  • occurs profuse sweating;
  • indicators pressure;
  • fainting;
  • from vagina blood.

All these signs may indicate the need for surgery. Type and technique of gynecological operations is determined by the doctor in the operating room. It depends on the following factors:

  • the location of the embryo;
  • the condition of the patient;
  • the amount of blood loss;
  • individual characteristics of women.


There are following types of ectopic pregnancy:

  • abdominal;
  • tube, with subsequent rupture;
  • other less familiar varieties.
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In these organs the mucous membrane, which can attach a fertilized egg. Such a pathological pregnancy leads to increased body size. The fertilized egg destroys not only the fabric but also the capillaries. The intensity and the time of the destruction directly dependent on the location of the ovum, but always lead to strong bleeding and poor character. It is therefore very important to diagnose the first signs of ectopic pregnancy at an early stage and a surgical procedure without the development of tubal rupture.

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

  • Basically, the pain develops from the side of the affected tube;
  • the pain increases with movement of the trunk and walking;
  • appear of bleeding;
  • dizziness;
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • the increase of basal temperature.

Test method for the determination of an ectopic pregnancy is not reliable and may be negative or weakly positive.


To assist in the diagnosis will help the following methods of examination:

  • Analysis of blood and urine on the content of gonadotropin, which should correspond to the level of a specific pregnancy.
  • Ultrasonography. Ectopic pregnancy in the uterine cavity will be absent the gestational SAC.
  • If you suspect a pathological gestation, the woman should be referred to the hospital and to monitor the dynamics.
  • The purpose of the clinical analysis of blood. Ectopic pregnancy is characterized by increased leukocytosis.
  • Hold the puncture the posterior fornix of the vagina. The result can be negative or serous fluid mixed with pus.
  • Ultrasound signs of ectopic pregnancy are essential in the diagnosis.

The consequences

There is no woman who would be a hundred percent protected from the development of the fetus outside the uterine cavity. Signs of ectopic pregnancy before the delay of menstruation may be drawing pains. There are some factors that lead to the development of abnormal pregnancy:

  • air pollution and low level of ecology;
  • bad habits;
  • frequent abortions;
  • chronic processes in the female reproductive system;
  • stress.

Ectopic pregnancy is considered dangerous pathologies to the female reproductive system. Many women experience the fear of second pregnancy if the first ended in a tubal rupture and surgery. As a result, the woman cannot relax at the time of conception and all the muscles spazmiruyutsya, including pipe, which hinders the passage of the fertilized egg into the uterus. When you delete a pipe segment or it may develop infertility. But in most cases a woman can get pregnant with one fallopian tube.

Modern medicine offers IVF, in vitro fertilization, which gives good results, and the woman in any pathology will be able to become a mother and give birth to a healthy baby. According to statistics, the first pregnancy outside the uterus increases the chances of re-pathology.

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Planning after the first failure

Second pregnancy and its planning should be under medical supervision. To defer conception should be at least 6 months to allow your body to recover and gain strength. Gynecologists recommend in this period, use of oral contraceptives. They are reliable and tested that have minimal side effects. Before the next conception, it is necessary to pass the examination. The ultrasonic method is considered as one of the reliable and will help to detect disruption in the female reproductive system.

Pregnancy which occurs outside the uterine cavity, complex pathological issue that may lead to risk of danger to the patient’s life. It is therefore very important to diagnose pathology in the early stages. Every woman should know how to identify intrauterine pregnancy in any of its manifestations immediately see a specialist. This will help to reduce the risk of infertility and a surgical procedure without heavy blood loss. If the gynecologist during the inspection have a suspicion that there is pathology, then the woman needs to be hospitalized and to lead her dynamic observation.

One of the reliable methods in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy is the ultrasound. The result of the study is to be seen whether in the uterus the fetus. Ectopic pregnancy can result in pipe rupture and cause heavy bleeding, so it is important to diagnose the symptoms in the early stages and in time to eliminate the disease and save the woman’s life and reproductive functions. Many planning experts recommend not before six months to give the opportunity to the reproductive system to recover and your body to get stronger and to gain strength. Re gestation should take place under the supervision of a specialist and more tests.