Ejaculation in women — disorder

Someone who experiences this phenomenon every time during orgasm, someone never encountered. But ejaculation in women is a proven research fact, despite the fact that many people call it the false in contrast to the male. Supporters of the theory of female ejaculation believe that its source is the Skene’s gland and the composition of the discharged fluid is different from vaginal secretions and urine.

However, there are many opponents of this theory with its equally compelling arguments. The controversy lasted for several centuries, and put to them to the point it would be premature, because a small number have been revealed throughout that period of cases does not allow for any generalizations.

What is female ejaculation?

The concept of ejaculation is usually associated with men, since it involves ejaculation during sexual intercourse. Ejaculation women Squirting or a, or jet orgasm is called throwing a certain amount of liquid before or during orgasm. It is believed that this occurs at the moment the most complete or strong satisfaction.

However, in contrast to men, female ejaculation is observed far not at all women. Therefore, scientists still are unable to pinpoint the nature and source of these secretions, and their physiological purpose.

The research history of female ejaculation

The earliest mention of the phenomenon similar to female ejaculation, found in ancient Indian and ancient Chinese erotic treatises, the writings of the Greeks and Romans. Aristotle, Claudius Galen, and Hippocrates not only describe it is a female phenomenon, but also talk about the woman’s ability to pregnant.

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In the middle ages and in the modern world the fact of the existence of Squirting is no longer perceived as a given. Some opponents of the theory of female ejaculation linked him with the manifestations of neurotic or hysterical States (Sigmund Freud, Richard Krafft-Ebing), others argued that it is not that other, as urinary incontinence (William masters Alfred Kinsey).

The supporters of the existence of Squirting (Huffman, Grafenberg, Karl F. Stifter) believe that women emit a fluid during orgasm and it is a special substrate that is different from urine and vaginal secretions. For example, Dr. Karl F. Stifter believed that ejaculation is present in the lives of many women and characterized by a higher level of fun compared to the usual orgasm, but women of her shy and try to suppress it.

Proponents of the theory of Squirting often faced with criticism of feminist-minded opponents. The latter believed that this phenomenon equates women to men and, thus, violates the dignity of women.

The Skene’s gland compared with the male prostate, because the emissions of the secret contain a prostate-specific antigen, is characteristic only of the male sperm. Therefore, the Skene’s gland is also called the female prostate gland or female prostate. But unlike the male, the female ejaculate has no germ cells.

The main argument of the opponents of the theory of female ejaculation is the inability of the glands of the Skin to accommodate the amount of liquid that can throw a woman during orgasm. The amount sometimes reaches up to 50 ml.

The nature of female ejaculate

Numerous views on the composition and properties of the fluid secreted by woman during orgasm, can be summarized in 4 of the hypothesis according to which female ejaculate is:

  1. Vaginal discharge. However, the volume of these secretions is very small compared to the volume of the ejaculate, besides the vagina begins to secrete fluid in early sexual intercourse.
  2. Urine. During orgasm can occur sphincter relaxation, which contributes to involuntary urination. However, the fluid released by women during orgasm, is not consistent with the urine or the smell, nor the consistency, nor the color.
  3. The substrate produced by glands of the Skin. This hypothesis is based on the fact that the composition of the female ejaculate was discovered the prostate-specific antigen that is also present in secret of the male prostate. However, the presence of Skin glands or female prostate is not proved by official medicine.
  4. A mixture of several secrets. In favor of this hypothesis and a large amount of secreted liquids, which cannot be achieved by any one of the genital organs individually, and is quite complex chemical composition of the ejaculate.
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The study of the composition of female ejaculate is a challenging task due to the fact that the process of collecting liquid, generally not possible to obtain it in pure form. In addition, the composition, according to some scientists, it may vary depending on age and menstrual cycle women.

The effects of Squirting on women sex life

Opinion that Squirting is the highest point of orgasm in women, is wrong. Therefore, women who are not familiar with the phenomenon of ejaculation, do not worry and feel flawed. Just as women regularly experiencing ejaculation, do not worry about their inferiority.

Squirting is a normal physiological phenomenon, which does not need to be ashamed and try to repress. Sane sexual partner adequately perceive female ejaculation, so you should just relax and have fun.