Erosion and ectropion of cervix what it is

A cervical ectropion is a pathological condition of the body. A characteristic feature of the disease is eversion of the mucous tissue of the cervical canal into the vagina. Alkaline characteristic of the endocervix, is changed to acid, which leads to disruption of the cervical glands and protective functions of the cervix.

With the development of the disease, the vaginal microflora gets into the mucous tissue of the cervical canal, which in turn causes inflammation. In most cases, the pathology develops in the lower part of the cervix. The disease may be complicated by cervicitis and endometritis. If the inflammation for a long time remained without adequate treatment, the disease may be other pathological conditions complicating it.

The causes of the disease

In some cases the young women have never given birth and who had no previous pregnancies may be diagnosed with cervical ectropion. This disease is considered congenital. Pathology contribute to the hormonal changes amid the development of primary disease or General malfunction in the body.

To the development of acquired ectropion of the cervix, which is called post-traumatic result of the following factors:

  • obstructed labour, childbirth large fruit, rapid labors, in which the cervix is torn, unable to open up;
  • inept management of labor, not enough high-quality stitching of lacerations of the cervix, after the extraction of the fetus or the manipulation of the application of the obstetric forceps;
  • abortion or premature labor in the later stages;
  • surgical procedures.

After mending the damaged cervix, there is a growth of scar tissue, in consequence of which the disturbed blood supply to the tissue. In the cervical canal occur pathological changes, and formed a twisted mucous tissue of the cervical canal.

Symptoms and diagnostic methods

In some cases, the condition may not cause women concern due to the fact that the symptoms of the disease show no symptoms. Discomfort begins to emerge with the addition of inflammation. The woman begins to disturb unusual in appearance, consistency and amount of discharge, intense itching. Discharge, containing blood, after sexual contact can talk about the development of post-traumatic ectropion. In some cases, symptoms are menstrual irregularities and pain in the lower abdomen.

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To detect the disease, the doctor conducts the examination in the chair. While on the neck (usually in the front part) visualized the areas in red are the fabric of cylindrical epithelium. In the case of congenital ectropion, smoothly lined with epithelium reminiscent of fir-tree branches. When acquired epithelial tissue are arranged in a chaotic manner. Noticeable change of the cervix, the throat, turned to the vagina, is open.

The detection of congenital disease in women checks ovarian function, as well as take a blood test for research on hormones. For specification of the diagnosis it is required to further study the tissue with the affected area on a cellular level (Cytology). Cells of the cervix examined by PCR method and using the direct microscopic and bacteriological analysis.

After taking all the tests carried out colposcopy. The procedure is quite simple and does not cause painful sensations. This method helps to determine the width and depth of throat, number of folds, as well as set the disease is congenital or acquired. If you were diagnosed with erosion, to confirm the diagnosis, do the biopsy procedure is unpleasant, but painless. This is done in order to eliminate eroded ectropion of the cervix and prevent cancers.


After an accurate diagnosis – cervical ectropion treatment starts with elimination of all associated diseases and inflammation, normalization of vaginal microflora and restore the natural structure of the body. When you restore normal physiological structure of the cervical canal and restores its protective function. Therapy is prescribed, considering different factors: age, condition of the reproductive system and the results of the tests.

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Methods of treatment:

  • Young women with congenital disease, the treatment is carried out by the method of radio wave surgery. If this method does not give results, then resort to surgery.
  • Inflammation treated with antibiotics. Sensitivity to some drugs is determined by the result of the test. In addition to antibiotics patients prescribed immunomodulatory drugs. If the acute phase has passed, then carried out local treatment. The cervix is treated with a special composition, for example, a 3% solution protargola.
  • To restore the normal vaginal flora, probiotics prescribe and recommend tools for daily intimate hygiene.


Acquired ectropion are treated surgically. In doing so, a cone biopsy, which can be performed by the following methods:

  1. Laser. The affected area of tissue is exposed to the laser beam. Method is not used if dysplasia second and third degree, in the presence of significant scar erosion and cancers.
  2. Electroconization (loop cone biopsy). Used in most cases.
  3. Radio wave conization. When exposed to a radio wave on cloth, its coagulation, which prevents the development of bleeding. As a result of treatment there are no scars and does not damage healthy tissue.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The resulting piece of fabric is sent to a laboratory for detailed studies. If after surgery there were large tissue disorders, it is cosmetic surgery on the genitals.

After the procedure is issued by the hospital sheet for a period from one to two weeks. Sexual life it is recommended to start no earlier than 30 days after the procedure. A woman is obliged to observe safety precautions: do not use tampons, do not swim in open water, pools, the bath, douche.

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Questions and answers

If a cone biopsy of the cervix performed nulliparous woman, in the future she may have problems with miscarriage and childbirth. Cicatricial deformity leads to disruption of blood supply, which means that the neck is in labor will not open. This is very dangerous, because the rupture of the neck will move toward the uterus. In this case it’s an emergency caesarean section.

Erosion and ectropion of cervix is not typical for a specific group of women. The development of pathology are equally likely to be young girls and older women. For timely prevention, women should regularly visit the gynecologist, because the disease’s symptoms for a long time, as not to manifest. Only a doctor can prescribe an appropriate treatment, and to pick up hormonal preparations which will protect from unwanted pregnancy, to prevent abortion.

If the disease is diagnosed in women during pregnancy and there is no suspicion of cancer, its termination is not necessary. Treatment can begin after birth. Other cases require individual consideration and advice of experienced professionals.