Features removal of ovarian cysts

Common disease gynaecological – ovarian cyst. It is characterized by lesions of the left or right of the body. Therefore, timely and competent treatment plays an important role. But not always enough to only medication. Surgery is sometimes needed.

Sometimes in order to cope with the cyst require surgical intervention

When surgery is required?

Factors indicating the need for surgery:

  • severe pain and drawing sensations;
  • increase cyst of the left or right ovary;
  • pressure on internal organs;
  • the disruption of blood flow.

There are several types of operations that makes possible the removal of the cyst. But to choose an effective method may only qualified doctor.

Особенности удаления кисты яичника

Surgery is required if the cyst increases in size

The preparatory phase

To scheduled surgery on the ovary to remove a cyst passed safely, you need to follow certain rules. This will avoid any complications and will ensure that rehabilitation will not take much time.

Competent preparation for surgery to remove a cyst should begin with weight normalization. This is because excess fat tissue in the abdominal region can hinder or make impossible the implementation of all necessary manipulations.

It is recommended to stick to food that meets the requirements of a specially designed diet. Also do not neglect the implementation of special gymnastic exercises. However, it is important to consider that physical activity should not cause pain in the right or left ovary.

Preparations for the removal of cysts requires conducting some research. The patient will be required to pass the following tests:

  • clinical and biochemical blood analysis;
  • clinical analysis of urine;
  • blood clotting;
  • HIV detection and RV.
  • Особенности удаления кисты яичника

    Preparation for cyst removal requires several studies, including blood

    Operation on the ovary or another organ is not performed without a preliminary determination of blood group and RH factor. Taking into account the data obtained, the doctor will be able to do everything necessary to eliminate dangerous complications.

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    Special attention deserves also the period associated with admission to hospital. At this time, removal of the formed cyst from the left or right of the body must precede the implementation of several procedures:

    • daily administration of activated charcoal for 5 days before surgery;
    • the use of liquid food for 3-4 days before the intervention;
    • removal of excess hair;
    • cleaning the bowel with an enema;
    • taking certain drugs (neuroleptics, tranquilizers).

    Once all the tests are passed successfully, can be treated using the selected method.

    The existing methods for removal of ovarian cysts

    Professional treatment of this disease by operation is represented by various methods. Popular today are the following:

  • cystectomy;
  • partial resection of the ovary;
  • the ovariectomy.
  • The first method allows you to delete the formed cyst without damaging the tissues of the body, resulting in complications after all the manipulations are minimized. Cystectomy can be performed through incision the abdomen.

    Особенности удаления кисты яичника

    Professional treatment of this disease by operation is represented by various methods

    The most popular method such as laparoscopy. With it, the cyst removal is done through a small hole. Before the procedure is recommended not only to pass the standard tests, but also try to determine the presence of Allergy to the gas introduced into the abdominal cavity.

    The advantages of such an operation is also attributed to the short postoperative period. Full recovery occurs fairly quickly. The patient does not feel too intense pain and can leave the hospital within a couple of days after the removal of the identified cysts right or left ovary.

    If we consider the method involving open abdominal surgery, it should be noted the longer the period required for full recovery. This treatment provides a good review of the ovary and placed it on the tumor.

    This method is applicable, after entering the contents of the cyst into the abdominal cavity. This can occur if a woman fails to react to the apparent symptoms and pain. You need to understand that only through treatment to avoid rupture of the tumor.

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    Особенности удаления кисты яичника

    Getting cyst contents into the abdominal cavity can occur if a woman fails to react to the apparent symptoms and pain

    Resection of the body

    Resection is a method requiring removal of the ovaries. Modern experts rarely choose this method. And the reason is that organ damage can lead to unpleasant consequences. Therefore, such a treatment is an emergency, and applies only in the presence of neoplastic processes.

    Properly performed manipulation keep the operation of the reproductive organ and to exclude dangerous complications. But to achieve such a result is possible only under the condition that the postoperative period is full compliance with established rules.

    Особенности удаления кисты яичника

    Resection is a method requiring removal of the ovaries. Modern experts rarely choose this method

    Oophorectomy as an emergency method

    If you remove the neoplasm with preservation of the ovary is not possible, the doctor may recommend oophorectomy. This method involves the complete removal of the organ. Previously taken all the necessary tests and on the basis of the obtained results, selected a suitable treatment that will provide optimal effect.

    Some of the consequences of such actions are very unpleasant. Obvious complications in the form of difficulties with conception and serious violations of hormonal background. Oophorectomy is usually administered in situations where there are threats to the life of the patient or other treatment is not effective enough.

    Possible consequences

    Provided that the operation was performed in strict accordance with the established rules and has taken all necessary tests, there is no doubt that the postoperative period will be peaceful. But sometimes there are some complications, causing pain. And such a state is understandable, as there is active restoration of damaged tissues.

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    Особенности удаления кисты яичника

    Sometimes there are some complications that cause pain

    To such effects brought minimal discomfort, the doctor may prescribe certain pain medications. But it should be understood that an excessive pain is a symptom of certain irregularities, which may indicate inflammatory processes.

    Complications arising after the manipulation:

    • bleeding;
    • damage to neighboring organs;
    • infertility;
    • recurrence of tumors after a short period of time.

    The implementation of surgical intervention

    Existing types of surgery have their own advantages and disadvantages. The proper choice depends on several individual factors. And to choose the really effective treatment to help all sorts of tests. We must not forget that the important role played by the period in which it was revealed the tumor.

    Treatment, produced in the earliest stages of the disease, can prevent serious complications. In such situations, you can count on the shortest period of rehabilitation. However, the recovery is the same as the treatment be performed under the supervision of a qualified specialist. Only in this case will be able to identify even minor complications, if any.

    Modern surgical procedures allow you to handle almost any problem and keep women’s health. And you just have to treat their own condition, to pay attention to symptoms such as pain and to promptly contact their doctor.