Femoston early menopause: effects on the body

Femoston is a substitutionary remedy, supplying the missing hormone in the female body. Dr. it is prescribed for early climax or in connection with the removal of the ovaries. The drug not only supplies the body with the necessary hormones estrogen podsoblyaet the work of all organs and systems in General. From-for deficiency of sex hormones in women at menopause, accompanied by various disorders. The drug is able to effectively deal with problems related to sexual pathology, and to promote, easier to survive difficult period of your life.

Femoston facilitates the course of menopause

Varieties fimiston

Femoston is a combined drug composition, which includes the estrogenic element and dydrogesterone. Today there are three kinds of medicines: femoston 1:10, 2: 10 and 1: 5. All types are produced in tablet form and differ from each other by active elements. Consider the difference:

  • Preparation 1: 5 in pack has 28 pills, and contains 1 mg estradiol and 5 mg dydrogesterone. The tablets are round, orange-pink color.
  • Preparation 1: 10 in the pack has 28 pills, fourteen of which are white, the remaining half of gray. White tablets contains 1 mg of estradiol, in the gray of 1 mg estradiol and 10 mg of Gidrostroy.
  • Drug 2: 10 is in the packaging is the same as its predecessors 28 pills, two different colors: pink and yellow.

Фемостон раннем климаксе: действие на организм

Femoston 2: 10 contains multi-colored pills

The therapeutic action of the drug

All kinds of drugs have the same therapeutic effect on the female body. The activity of hormones and different doses selected for each patient individually. This medicine is combined with modern means, which includes estradiol and dydrogesterone. These components are identical to the natural elements of produced in the normal rhythm of the female ovaries.

Therefore, when the early menopause there is an insufficient production of the hormone pills to make up for their deficit.

How does femoston on the body women with early menopause?

With regular intake of femoston, the normalization of hormonal background. Replacement of estrogen helps to cope with unpleasant symptoms and manifestations in menopause. What are the medicinal properties of the tablets, what they can do?

  • slow down skin aging and hair loss;
  • eliminate dryness during intercourse;
  • prevent atherosclerosis;
  • help easily transfer hot flashes;
  • excessive sweating;
  • struggling with low mood, depression and headaches.
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In addition, femoston diminishes the risk of formation of malignant tumors of the endometrium.

The main indications for the use of the drug is a natural or artificial menopause, also pill can be used for preventive purposes, in the destruction of bone tissue. It should be noted that in addition to the above action of the drug, it actively normalizes the level of cholesterol in the circulatory system, has the ability to increase or decrease the LDL in the blood.

Фемостон раннем климаксе: действие на организм

Femoston helps to slow down skin aging

Instructions for use of the drug

Femoston 1: 5 at menopause should take daily one pill. After the bottle of pills were to be used, then proceed to the next, without rest or break. If for some reason the tablet was not drunk, but it took at least 10 hours, then the pill should be consumed as soon as possible. If 10 hours has expired, the medication is to implement the next day in normal mode. A complete rejection of the use of the drug may provoke bleeding.

The period of use of femoston is determined by the doctor after a series of surveys, individually for each organism. Minimum time of taking the pills is not less than 4-6 months. At the request of patient 1: 5 can be taken continuously for several years.

Femoston 1: 10 and 2: 10 at menopause is taken, one tablet every 24 hours. When the pill pack ends, you should start a new pack without a break and pass. If the patient promptly forgot to take your medicine, and it’s been 10 hours, the tablet should throw it away and start taking the next pill on schedule. These drugs are suitable for continuous use. The duration of medication determined by the physician individually for each patient. It all depends on the body, how quickly it normalizes its activity in menopausal period of time.

Фемостон раннем климаксе: действие на организм

Femoston 1: 10 is used at one tablet per day

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Contraindications and side effects to the use of femoston

All three of the drug is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women. If the patient was on the pill and suddenly become pregnant, ought immediately to halt medication. Continuation of the pregnancy is discussed with the attending physician, as estrogen contained in the medicinal product, contribute to the appearance of puffiness and fluid retention in the female body. Before you begin to receive Femoston must undergo a thorough medical examination of reproductive system and mammary gland. The drug is contraindicated in women suffering from:

  • kidney disease;
  • weak heart failure;
  • chronic liver disease;
  • benign tumors of the uterus or ovaries.

Also worth noting, in case of femoston there were seals in the area of the breast immediately need to go to the doctor. If the drug is applied, the woman brought diseases such as thromboembolism, breast cancer, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, asthma, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy should be every two months to visit a specialist to have the symptoms of these diseases began to progress and the increased risks of complications, that is quite possibly going through a course of hormone therapy. The medicine contains estrogen, and they contribute to the development of endometrial cancer, and mammary glands. Therefore, women with a healthy uterus, you need to be extremely careful, timely visit a doctor and perform the necessary examinations.

Some women in menopause have to abandon the therapy of the drug because of several side effects such as:

  • swelling;
  • failures of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • regular migraines and dizziness;
  • seal and pain symptoms breast;
  • modification of weight.

Фемостон раннем климаксе: действие на организм

Weight gain can be a side effect of Femoston

Is it possible to combine femoston pregnancy

Lately doctors are often prescribed to women receiving femoston in combination with antiseptic when problems with conception. This medicine does not cure infertility, however it is normalizes hormonal balance and increases the thickness of the endometrium, which greatly increases the possibility of pregnancy. How the drug promotes the advent of pregnancy?

In the composition of femoston contains large amounts of estrogen and progesterone of hormones that make up for the shortage of natural estrogen. This compensation contributes to resumption of ovulation, and incremental doses of progesterone to improve endometrial growth, making it downed and filled. Therefore, the fertilized egg will attach itself to the endometrium quickly and reliably.

Especially the use of femoston will help conception women who have a thin endometrium and a shortage of estrogen.

However, the opinion of gynecologists disagree. Many doctors believe that femoston does not cure infertility, since the drug is no ovulation. In addition, the drug caused some side effects that are painful and poorly tolerated. Experts believe that the use of femoston valid only in the second half of the cycle.

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Фемостон раннем климаксе: действие на организм

In some cases, Femoston can help to get pregnant

Are there analogues of Femoston

In the frequent cases in period of early menopause in addition to gormonozawisimogo medications prescribed and other drugs. Major groups can be considered homeopathic estrogens: remains and Estravel also prescribe antidepressants and anti-epileptic means. The doctor examines each patient individually, guided by tests and General health, may appoint a number of drugs symptomatic treatment. They all have separately positive and negative features, which to some extent affect the female body by supplementing estrogen.

Femoston is a medicinal drug that is indicated in the period of early menopause. Opinions of doctors differ. Some believe femoston one of the most effective drugs that is effective struggling with climacteric syndrome. Other doctors are wary of hormone therapy. Every woman before you start taking this group of funds should undergo a thorough examination and weigh all of the pluses and minuses of the therapy.