Genale — reviews gynecologists contraceptive pill

Modern Russian drug with a name similar to French – Genale – is the most controversial among the specialists, and those who have already managed to take this pill emergency contraception. To evaluate the cure of such a plan by two parameters: the efficiency effects and the degree of harmful effects on the body.

Gynecologists began to recommend reception Genale due to the fact that this drug is not hormonal. According to their logic, if the medicine does not contain hormones, so taking it will not have such harmful effects as when using hormonal methods. However, physicians are faced with numerous complaints on this drug. We will understand why this is so.

Why Genale called a new generation product

Jenale the active ingredient is mifepristone. It is believed that it “kills two birds with one stone”, affecting not only the endometrium, thinning and weakening it, but a fertilized egg, not allowing it to attach. As a result, she can go with the closest periods. Due to this property, the contraceptive drug remains effective when taken within 3 days after unprotected sexual intercourse, whereas has long been known “Postinor” and “Escape” you need to take in for the first night.

This property set Genale in a number of more advanced medicines. However, the mifepristone known for a long time, it is part developed for medical abortion, which again shows the impact on the body. The dosage in the pill, compared with the means for interrupting the pregnancy which has already begun, greatly reduced that gynecologists consider it a great progress.

By its nature, is a steroid drug based on synthetic. To say unequivocally that he is more useful than hormonal medicines cannot: side effects Genale also sufficient.

Who typically “assigns” women Genale

Gynecologists noted that women often turn to him not for advice on contraception, and has a bunch of side effects caused by the adopted tool. Partly to blame was the nature of the drug: it is designed for emergency exposure already accomplished after sexual intercourse. Where to run the woman immediately after a stormy night? Of course, to the pharmacy, because to the gynecologist need to be written, foremost to defend, but the argument to write for an urgent appointment in this situation is not there for sure.

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The pharmacist will recommend a medication that:

  • considered modern;
  • is available;
  • subject to leave without a prescription from the doctor;
  • gives bonus material assigned by the vendor for each sale.

Staff of pharmacies is also well-versed in medicine people, but they have no idea about the condition of the body turned to them to client. Because the drug is taken in special cases, women may not develop opinions about the portability it active and related components. When the issue should be resolved quickly, hardly anyone will read in the instructions for use of the medication, but in vain: it describe the side effects and restrictions apply. Studying this information is simply not time because you need to “strike while the iron is hot”. Due to my savings, which manufacturers print accompanying paper in very small print. Without a magnifying glass – not read, but where to get the optical device in the drugstore?

The situation with the doctor’s visit is also not the best. If a woman feels well, she once again appears on the verge of a gynecological office. Lead to either pregnancy or health problems. It turns out that the local gynecologist rarely sees the patient, and therefore knows nothing about the accompanying diseases.

Even hormones frequently given by gynaecologists, without information from:

  • endocrinologist;
  • therapist;
  • the hematologist;
  • neurologist.

Medical map in female consultations – its, and to submit for review a card from the registry local clinic impossible because it is prohibited by the instructions. Instead, it is proposed to extract from the card of a therapist. Another room, another time, another negligence on the part of the patient… and the gynecologist prescribing the medicines at random. And then complain of the condition after taking the drug.

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What bothers women after taking Genale

Some patients complain that the drug did not work. However, any birth control pills one hundred percent guarantee is not given. In addition, the gynecologists noted that some women take Genale after the 72-hour period when the drug can no longer be effective.

The most numerous complaints on the failure of the menstrual cycle, and pain in the lower abdomen. But is just described as side effects of the drug. Scheme his work is such that it causes a sharp change of the endometrium, partial rejection, which often gives unpleasant sensations in the pelvic area.

There are other effects accompanying the reception Jenale:

  • temperature rise;
  • diarrhea;
  • dizziness;
  • headaches;
  • weakness;
  • nausea;
  • skin rashes;
  • spotting.

At the same time in the instructions there is a lengthy thing as exacerbation of chronic inflammatory processes. So, the problem may occur in almost any organ.

A doctor will never recommend to take more than one pill, but it is believed that when fat body this amount will not be enough to achieve the desired effect.

Not listed as side effects irritability, because the drug is not hormonal! But the facts say the opposite: after the reception there of unjustified anxiety, anger, tearfulness etc.

Before you use the drug, you should be familiar with contraindications

Is better to do it at the last moment, and in advance, because the list of diseases and conditions in which it is undesirable to use Ginale, impressive:

  • kidney disease and liver;
  • a pregnancy previously unprotected intercourse;
  • breast-feeding;
  • porphyria;
  • extragenital pathology;
  • anemia;
  • insufficient activity of the adrenal glands;
  • an Allergy to substances contained in the drug.

Buy in pharmacies Genale not only physicians, so they may not be aware of what “extragenital pathology”. By definition, this term refers to pregnancy, or rather to pathological conditions in this period, not caused by gynecological diseases, therefore, it is not clear why this concept is highlighted as a separate item.

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There are also unfamiliar the word “porphyria”, meaning really rare blood disease, compared with anemic conditions. But even the latter cannot always be identified by doctors at the time, so, making the decision to protect this medication even occasionally, you need to know what is happening in the body.

When the medication is prescribed by a gynecologist, then it is a big responsibility for the subsequent condition of the patient. So the doctor should know all about chronic diseases of women, but now the practice is such that even hormonal contraceptives are appointed for only one indicator – the number of years! This approach is a reason to consult another doctor, more attentive to each patient.

Is it dangerous to take Genale

The verdict of gynecologists is that the drug has many contraindications and side effects, so even with all its effectiveness, you should make an appointment with great care. If the medication recommends the pharmacy, he must let the woman read the instructions to then she not have any major complications. Perhaps she is more suitable proven Postinor, and then it is better to buy this tool.

With regard to efficiency Genale, reviews gynecologists here is positive, especially due to the fact that women have more time for medication. In General, the question is not so much in danger of the drug itself, as in the knowledge of the side effects, contraindications, and actions.