Gone monthly, how to recover a month after weight loss

Amenorrhea is the disappearance of menstruation in women. Periods or menstruation is a physiological process, the regularity of which reflects the health of the woman.

The causes of lack of menstruation

If there is a delay of a cycle or completely gone monthly, you need to find the reason of such condition. What to look for the causes of breaking the cycle? The reasons for the absence of menstruation is different and only a doctor can determine lost the woman period on the background of the disease, hormonal changes or sudden weight loss.

  • Pregnancy – the main cause of absence of menstruation. If a positive test result the next nine months of menstruation in women will not. Nature provides that a pregnant woman does not ovulate (the maturation and release of an egg) and menstrual bleeding is absent. To assume the beginning of the first trimester of pregnancy by using pharmacy test, blood test for HCG or ultrasound.
  • Breastfeeding. Itself pregnancy and childbirth is a strong jolt to the body, not only physical but also hormonal. The menstrual cycle is restored each woman individually. Prolactin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland when breastfeeding suppresses ovarian function. Menstruation does not occur before the hormone levels fall. If a woman is breastfeeding and she has enough milk, the menstrual cycle is restored. Some nursing mothers first period come in six months, others after 12 months or more. Sudden cessation of menstruation after their return to the postpartum period suggests the occurrence of a new pregnancy.
  • Weight loss when losing weight. The body is in stress due to the loss of nutrients. All efforts are aimed at maintaining vital functions. Rapid weight loss and attempts to lose weight at any cost threaten amenorrhea – delay of menstruation for an indefinite period. Menstruation returns when the woman’s weight returns to normal.
  • Puberty. In adolescent girls with fragile hormonal in the first few months my period are irregular. In this case, nothing needs to be done. Treatment is not carried out. Up to 12 – 18 months, the cycle will become permanent.
  • Strong physical exertion. Under heavy loads there can be a delay of menstruation. Often menstruation disappear in athletes and women, too fond of strength training. To restore the cycle, it is necessary to reduce the intensity of your workouts and not take anabolic drugs.
  • Some contraceptives. Mainly on the regularity of the cycle is affected by oral contraceptives. To take any hormonal pills only after consulting your doctor.

  • Stressful situation. In the organism everything is interconnected and if a woman is in stress, it can affect the regularity of her period. On the background of stress and nervous tension menstrual period can suddenly stop.
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism in women is often manifested by scanty menstruation or complete cessation. Independently conceive on the background of diseases of the thyroid gland is difficult.
  • Cysts and tumors in the ovaries. Amenorrhea – a symptom of benign and malignant tumors of the ovaries. In the absence of proper treatment the consequences can be sad. Some ovarian carcinoma (including cancer) threaten a woman’s life.
  • The onset of menopause. Menopause is a natural process for women after the age of 45 years. If menstruation stopped regularly to come at an earlier age, it is necessary to pass survey at the gynecologist.
  • Infectious diseases. Inflammation of the uterus and appendages can lead to amenorrhea. This condition is accompanied by bleeding, fever, pain and discomfort in the abdomen. Green and yellow discharge from the vagina, itching and burning on the background of amenorrhea clearly talking about infection and require a doctor’s consultation. The reason for the delay of menstruation may be banal thrush (candidiasis).
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Weight loss and monthly

Not always the reason for food restrictions is dissatisfaction with appearance, sometimes it is directly connected with health. Diet in some diseases it is necessary. Strong restriction in the diet sometimes leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle. In order not to face the fact that my period will disappear once a woman will adhere to the diet, you need to carefully consider all the options.

Choice of meal plans for weight loss should be solid and better if coordinated with a nutritionist. Special attention is paid to diet during menstruation. At this time due to bleeding, the body loses large amounts of trace elements. So to lose weight you need taking into account the needs and characteristics of the state of the body during menstruation. The diet should not be hungry. You need to stick to regular, up to 6 times per day eating. Better if it will be small portions and the food will be varied.

Intense exercise during menstruation it is better to replace a light stretching or yoga. Sports should be under the supervision of an experienced coach. You must avoid lifting heavy objects and overexertion. In the daily diet should include foods rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Nutrition and exercise should be well planned and balanced in accordance with the state of the woman’s body.

Important is drinking enough fluids. Usually dieticians advise to drink two liters of clean water per day.

Absence of menstruation after diet

If we keep the diet strict, with a low amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates, this leads to a hormonal imbalance in the body. When rapid weight loss lack of cholesterol leads to a decrease in production of female hormones. Lost period due to low progesterone levels. Absence of menstruation associated with a diet, is accompanied by the following signs:

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  • flat out hair;
  • nail plate breaks easily;
  • the skin becomes dry;
  • a blood test shows a decline in female hormones.

Especially dangerous vegetable mono. Lack of fat leads to a decreased ability to absorb iron, a lack of calcium and lack of vitamin E. Regular monthly following a diet can change a lot. Necessary to monitor change in the state every day.

How to restore my period after losing weight

If after a diet of menstruation there is a month or more, an urgent need to stop the diet and then act according to the scheme:

  • First, the correct will, in the absence of menstruation after weight loss, consult a doctor. It will help to rule out other causes of menstrual irregularities and to select drugs for the normalization of hormonal background. Why is it important? Female sex hormones are responsible for women’s health. Under normal hormonal background in women there are no health problems, not exacerbated chronic diseases, psycho-emotional background is improved, as well as appearance.
  • Second, what you can do if after a diet has gone monthly, without hormone therapy? Typically use the recipes of traditional medicine. Used decoctions of medicinal plants, for example, a decoction of wormwood. Taste the broth bitter, so it must be drink. Drinking a teaspoon before meals to normalize the cycle. Another popular recovery tool, menstrual cycle is a decoction of parsley.
  • Third, we must carefully apply to the selection of food. The most effective way will be to start a diary in which to reflect all that was eaten for a day and counting calories. So it will be easier to adjust your diet. It is also necessary to monitor the amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins.

Amenorrhea occurred on the background of infectious diseases and a strict diet that requires a special trip. The first step is to get rid of pathogenic microorganisms. With this purpose, appointed the following drugs:

  • antibiotics and antifungal medications inside;
  • local funds (candles, vaginal tablets, creams, ointments, gels);
  • drugs to restore the normal microflora of the vagina.

The choice of drug will depend on the identified pathogen. In most cases, appointed by broad-spectrum antibiotics. When Candida infection are used capsules inside (Flucostat and analogues) and candles in the vagina (Zalain, Pimafucin, Candide, Gino-Peveril, etc.). After getting rid of the problem and decrease in acute stage of the process should go menstruation in the near future.

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How to lose weight without harm to health

There are a few simple rules, observing that lose weight with minimum effort and without damage to health. Prevention of amenorrhea with a diet includes:

  • Eliminate foods that zachekanivajut the body. Is a pastry, buns, sausage, mayonnaise, crackers, soda.
  • Do not apply strong restrictions in food. Just reduce daily calorie intake by 500 calories.
  • Regular moderate exercise. Dieting to three times a week to exercise for one hour.
  • To help the body cope with the unusual load of vitamin complexes.
  • Time to treat all diseases of the reproductive system, including emerging and recurrent in the background diet.

To accelerate metabolism need a lot of walking in the open air (including before bed), replace coffee for green tea, use water and dairy products. And there are also many vegetables and herbs rich in fiber and to use in cooking spices.

Following these simple rules will help not to ask after weight loss question: how to regain your period? After all, if the pounds will melt gradually, and the hormonal background will change smoothly. And this change will not affect KD. To the process of losing weight was safe and effective, you need to not lose more than 3 pounds a week.

Weight loss should not be associated with discomfort. The body is experiencing stress, will resist rapid weight loss. It will affect the health and mood of losing weight. Good mood, sports and adjusting your diet will help a woman not only lose weight but also to avoid health problems. Any violation of the cycle need to go to a gynecologist and not to self-medicate.