Groin in women — where is it?

In the female body, the groin is located in the lower abdomen. Through the inguinal canal are the major blood vessels and the round ligament of the uterus.

Structure of inguinal region

Inguinal region include:

  1. Pelvis – there are the internal organs of the urogenital system. The pelvis consists of two hip bones, coccyx and sacrum. During labor, the pelvis plays a role of channel for conducting the fruit to the outside.
  2. The bladder is included in the genitourinary system, the main function is the accumulation of urine and its excretion via the urethra.
  3. Urethra – the body that represents the tube. In women the tube has a length of from three to five centimeters, and performs a single function – drain urine from the body. Short length and width of the urethra contribute to the ingestion of pathogenic microorganisms causing inflammation.
  4. The rectum is the last organ of the digestive tract. The main functions of the rectum is the formation and accumulation of feces.
  5. The ovaries are paired glands of the reproductive system in women, they develop follicles and the oocyte, produces hormones. The dominant follicle is formed in the ovary each month, inside it is the development of the egg. When the follicle bursts, the egg: the process of ovulation. Subsequently, the egg passes through the fallopian tube to the uterus. Unless the birth, women start menstruating.
  6. Fallopian tubes – a pair on, which is a tube whose main function is the excretion of eggs into the uterus.
  7. Uterus – a muscular organ of the female body. The uterus is the receptacle of the fetus and during birth draws it out. One of the functions is menstrual, provoking the excretion of the mucous of the body.
  8. Vagina – muscular-fibrous tube, reaching lengths of six to ten inches. The vagina serves as a protection, keeping the security organs of the reproductive system. Vaginal discharge are the norm, as they are needed to moisten the mucosa and prevent drying out. A healthy selection of white color, transparent, mucous membranes and do not possess a nasty smell.
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In addition to the above organs in the groin area inflammation affected ligament, nerves and lymph nodes.

Groin pain: what caused

The most common cause of pain in groin in women are inflammatory diseases of the sexual sphere. General condition of the woman deteriorates, increasing the temperature of the body, there is pain, if you touch the belly.

One of the most frequent pathologies appendicitis is manifested by severe pain in the right groin. First, a throbbing pain occurs in the epigastric region and eventually down below. The patient begins to feel worse during motion and pain when lying on left side. Other symptoms of appendicitis are nausea, vomiting, problems with a chair.

Cystic masses affecting the internal sexual organs, causing pain in the groin. They are characterized by pulling pain when rupture of the cyst become more acute in this patient, the General condition worsens, there is vomiting, increasing body temperature, falling blood pressure.

Severe pain in the groin worried woman with an ectopic pregnancy. The pains have the colicky and stronger.

Bowel disease cause pain in the groin. In addition, pain contribute to malignancy, bowel obstruction, diverticulitis. The main symptoms of these pathologies: distended abdomen, problems with the chair.

The stone lodged in the ureter, produces pain on one side of inguinal region. Pain I have a burning and sharp in nature and lasts a few minutes, and during the day. Localized pain in the lumbar region, and irradiation is the groin.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes in the groin, pain near the affected area. Observed seal node, it becomes large.

In rare instances, painful sensations arise due to inguinal hernia, as in a female body crotch gap is not as wide as in men, and stronger fabric.

Muscle pain in the groin is mainly observed in athletes after heavy exercise or competition. Muscle suffering from those who are engaged in volleyball, tennis and basketball. Nagging pain or aching, but when injured they become sharper.

Pain in the groin area during movement caused by chronic form of the disease hip joint. The symptom appears on one side of the groin, can begin during the walk and eventually disappear, but appear again for a long walk.

Groin pain appear in pregnant women, they develop for the following reasons:

  • the weakening of the cartilage due to hormones;
  • the fetus puts pressure on the pelvis;
  • stretching and weakening of the ligaments that secure the uterus to the walls of the pelvis;
  • increased tone of the myometrium and the threat of interruption of pregnancy;
  • a deficiency of calcium and magnesium.

In addition to disease, provoking pain in the groin area, the symptom occurs due to menstruation. Pain have cramping and aching in nature and start several days before menstruation. After completion of menstrual flow pain syndrome disappears.


In the groin region is the many organs and structures for this reason, different diseases can cause pain, most of them greatly affect the female body, therefore, require early treatment to the doctor.