Gynecological examination of the vagina on the chair

A pelvic exam consists of several stages, the most important of which is an internal examination of the vagina using mirrors. This procedure allows to detect many infectious diseases, pathology of vagina and cervix at an early stage and prevent potential complications. In addition, the use of modern disposable mirrors reduces the likelihood of pain and discomfort.

Examination of the vagina

Annual preventive examination by a gynecologist is mandatory for all women of childbearing age, regardless of complaints. Unfortunately, many patients neglect their health due to fear of certain medical manipulations, in particular, inspection of the vagina in a mirror.

However, modern methods of examination reduce the risk of unpleasant or painful sensations to a minimum, while allowing not only get rid of existing diseases of the reproductive system, but also to prevent the emergence of new pathologies and their undesirable complications.

Sequence of a pelvic examination

The procedure of examination in gynecology consists of several stages:

  1. The conversation with the patient, including collection of anamnesis (complaints, age of menarche and onset of sexual activity, presence of chronic diseases and other information).
  2. If necessary, measurement of height and weight, blood pressure control, visual inspection and breast palpation.
  3. Inspection of external genitals in the gynecological chair for the exclusion of various tumors, inflammatory processes, infectious diseases and other abnormalities, and assessment of the inguinal veins and perianal region. For this, women need to undress completely from the waist down. This part of the study has important diagnostic value and allows us to detect many pathologies. For example, hypoplasia of the vagina, dryness or discoloration may indicate a hormonal imbalance, ulcers and ulcers – the presence of inflammatory diseases.
  4. The diameter of the mirror varies from 14 to 30 mm and is selected depending on the age and physique of women. Often used plastic disposable tools. Research is always carried out with sterile gloves.

    Removing the mirror from the packaging directly before use, its contact with any surfaces is unacceptable.

    The cervix is at maximum extension of the valves of the device, then the latch is slightly weakened. In this position, the gynecologist evaluates the appearance of the vaginal walls and features selections. When all necessary manipulations are made, folds the mirrors are closed, the device is carefully removed and immediately disposed of. Reusable steel mirrors can be sterilized immediately after use.

    Gynecological examination of the vagina in the mirrors is not carried out in the presence of a hymen. In this case, the gynecologist is carried out only by manual examination through the wall of the rectum.

    Some patients say after the procedure, minor pain. After taking a smear for several hours can be observed for the allocation pinkish color or streaked with blood. If after attending a gynecological office appear profuse discharge of blood, fever with chills or deteriorating General condition, you should immediately consult a doctor.

    Preparing for the visit to the gynecologist

    If a woman will visit, you must:

    • the day before a pelvic examination to exclude sex;
    • for 1 – 2 days to stop taking medicines in the form of a vaginal candles or tablets (with the approval of a physician);
    • to unsubscribe from douching, use different deodorants or perfumed personal hygiene;
    • for 2 – 3 hours before the inspection to conduct hygiene with warm water without soap;
    • to choose comfortable clothing that allows you to expose only the lower part of the body;
    • to empty the bladder immediately before visiting the doctor to ease the palpation of the internal genital organs.

    Excessive intimate hygiene complicates the diagnosis, since the allocation may look different or be absent altogether. In addition, frequent cleaning and douching disrupt the vaginal flora and lead to various diseases.

    To do a complete waxing an intimate area, not necessarily enough to remove the part of the hair from the labia to facilitate their visual inspection. To reduce the likelihood of pain during insertion gynecological mirror, it is recommended to relax and to breathe deeply and slowly.

    You need to know the start date, duration and specifics of the last menstrual period. In order that the doctor could efficiently carry out the inspection and, if necessary, to prescribe effective therapy, not allowed to hide any details relating to sexuality or comorbidities. Young girls should remember that regular visits to the gynecologist is not only the key to women’s health, but also contributes to the birth of a healthy baby in the future.

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