Have chimes when planning a pregnancy, instructions for use

Sometimes when planning a pregnancy the doctor can appoint was chimes. What the product is and not whether it will be dangerous if you continue to use during gestation? Understand, what is the impact of this drug on the blood, on the General state of the immune system, and why should not accept it on the advice of a recently born girl and only on prescription.

Chimes were assigned when planning a pregnancy solely on the testimony, which include:

  • the poor state of the hemostatic system;
  • the weakness of the immune system.

Direct effects on the endometrium guidance in the instructions to the drug no, but there are cases when the drug was helping women who have previously experienced miscarriage. Patients previously diagnosed with thinning of the endometrium, which resulted in a spontaneous abortion at the earliest possible time. Women often perceive this process as a belated, though very painful periods without taking it for a miscarriage. When the reception was chimes they have improved the condition of the endometrium, so the risk of pregnancy loss decreased. The result was the gestation and birth of a child.

Also chimes when planning pregnancy prescribed to women who have a tendency to varicose veins or already have made itself felt after the first birth. The drug helps to prepare the vessels to the increased load that they will experience during the last trimester of the carrying a child. Has chimes acts as the operation, that is due to him:

  • reduced adhesion of blood cells leading to thrombosis;
  • improves capillary blood flow;
  • enhanced nutrition to all body tissues, including reproductive organs and endocrine glands.

Has chimes as an immunomodulator

Immunity is a natural function of the body, allowing him to fight introduced infection. In early pregnancy the body specifically reduces immunity to the germ, consisting of male and female gametes and is a foreign protein, can successfully engraft and not be rejected by the body. It was during this period a woman has to protect himself from unnecessary contact, because the most exposed to infections.

Has chimes provokes the synthesis of interferon, a protein responsible for body’s fight against viruses and tumor formations. The activated interferon prevents viruses, without disrupting the process of implantation and fetal development.

The impact was Chimes for morning sickness are unknown, but among the side effects caused by a drug specified dyspeptic symptoms. They are expressed in nausea and vomiting — the same symptoms as toxicity. You may receive and diarrhea. As prevention of these phenomena is not necessary to allow the slightest overdose means. It’s also important to identify allergic reactions to components of the drug.

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The composition was chimes

The main active ingredient of the drug — dipyridamole. Also, depending on the release forms for medication are added ballast substances. Chimes was produced in the form of tablets, coated tablets or solution for injection. Contained in the ampoule, the drug is indicated for intravenous administration. Tablets and dragees are wrapped, the composition of which can be found in the instructions. If the woman has an allergic reaction to the dyes and other excipients included in the composition have Chimes, it can be assigned in the form of injections. Usually the drug is well tolerated if there is to it specific contraindications.

You should pay attention to the concentration of the active substance in tablets. It is easy to determine from the name of the drug, as it shows the number behind the name “Chimes”. These can be index: 25, 50, 75 or 100, which expresses the number of milligrams of dipyridamole in each tablet. Pills there are two types, and 25 and 75 milligrams of active ingredient.


The description drugs it seems that it is extremely useful both before conception and during pregnancy. In its application instructions it is written that it is appointed with insufficient placental circulation. But behind these advantages also lies the danger of the drug in some States.

Many women in early pregnancy are suffering from hypotension — low blood pressure. Often, this is expressed by dizziness and semiconscious States. Often, it is accompanied by morning sickness. Has chimes can only exacerbate such a condition, because it dilates blood vessels and thins the blood. And no matter how good the drug was, in this situation it will most likely lead to hypoxia of the fetus, not get rid, therefore, no question of his appointment to normalize blood pressure can not be.

In defense of the drug can cause the following argument: the placenta is formed by the 14th week of pregnancy, and that women, in most cases, is the early morning sickness, and comes to normal blood pressure. If during this period the placental circulation is insufficient, then it can be assigned to have chimes.

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Not shown were chimes individuals who have present liver and kidney failure. Assign chimes were in this pathology only after the urine and blood chemistry, which will show how fused their job of kidneys and liver of the patient.

The question remains: who should not use have chimes when planning a pregnancy, not during its course? Individuals with these abnormalities — hypotension, renal or hepatic insufficiency and bleeding tendency. It is not necessary to take the drug for gastric or duodenal ulcer, as it can cause internal bleeding in these organs. One of the side effects of the reception was chimes — the occurrence of thrombocytopenia, there is a deficiency of platelets — blood cells responsible for the healing of damaged blood vessels and blood clotting.

With caution the drug can be administered to persons with heart diseases, including arrhythmic condition. The main criterion here is not the grade given to a doctor from planned parenthood, and the attending cardiologist. If the medication is prescribed by a gynecologist or Perinatology, consultation with a cardiologist for this reason will not be superfluous. Perhaps medication will be allowed, but reduce the dosage.

The work was chimes with other drugs

Among those substances which may be incompatible dipyridamole can be divided into three groups:

  • drugs of similar action;
  • products and medicines that prevent the absorption of have chimes;
  • drugs, which disturbs have chimes.

To avoid overdose it is important to identify who is not assigned if the patient analogue of the drug.

Undesirable uncontrollably have to take chimes with drugs that reduce blood pressure.

Cephalosporin antibiotics are also lead to increased antiplatelet properties.

Substances that prevent the treatment curentilor

A negative effect on the consequences of the reception was chimes can provide: strong black tea, cocoa, coffee, and sodas containing caffeine (Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, etc.). They weaken or even neutralize the effect of the drug.

Diuretic (diuretic) funds are simply removed from the body of chimes was faster than it is fully time to act on the condition of the blood. The total amount of fluid in the body is inseparably linked with what is happening in the blood stream. Lack of moisture leads to thickening of the blood, which should have to fight chimes. So, a diuretic drug, you can reduce all efforts to thinning of the blood to zero.

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Medications, which may prevent have chimes

Among these preparations called remedies prescribed for myasthenia gravis — muscle weakness. The disease, rare in the childbearing years, but it is more often seen in this age group than dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, which is also the reception was chimes remains in question because of the reducing effects of other medications.

Analogues were chimes

Full analogs were chimes is dipyridamole, persantin, trombones, lamisil, cardioflex, apricot and others.

To avoid mistakes, you need to look in the manual, what is the main active ingredient. If it as called dipyridamole, it means that you have an complete analogue was chimes. The co-administration of two drugs will cause an overdose requiring medical treatment.

Feedback about quantile

In the Internet you can find a lot of reviews about this drug when it was administered before pregnancy and during it. Most of the reviews are positive. Among the negative reviews is possible to meet complaints of headaches or General weakness. Often this is due to the lack of close relations “doctor — patient”, which must be when planning pregnancy, if earlier it was having difficulty.

If the reception was chimes be treated responsibly and comply with all recommendations of the doctor, it will not cause negative side effects. It is important to know and remember about the contraindications and to consider side effects.