Headache at menopause symptoms: dizzy

After a certain age all women coming menopause. Associated this expression with the fact that hormonal changes, and adjusted the functionality of the reproductive systems. Menopause occurs after the age of 40. When this happens is unknown to anyone.

Headache often appears during menopause

What is the climax

There are signs, through which is determined by the onset of menopause:

  • The tides of weakness.
  • Headaches during menopause.
  • Loss of sleep, insomnia.
  • Mood swings, irritability, forgetfulness.
  • Frequent urination.
  • During menopause see 3 periods:

  • Predklimaktericescom. Starts after forty years. At this age the level of this hormone, as estrogen is reduced in the next 10 years, the menstrual cycle becomes irregular.
  • Menopause. Estrogen levels can fall further and menstruation ceases. The duration of this period is one year from the date of the last menstrual period. It begins after the onset of fifties, depending on genetics.
  • At the expiration of the period of menopause begins menopause. And it continues until the last days. This period marked the complete extinction of reproductive functions of the female body.
  • Головная боль при климаксе симптомы: кружится голова

    Menopause is accompanied by a deterioration of sleep

    Causes headaches

    The entire period of reproductive decline in abilities accompanied by a prolonged symptoms for several years. The main manifestation is pain. Why it occurs? The reason is to reduce hormone levels. The pain in my head causes discomfort. When persistent manifestations which creates a feeling of hopelessness.

    Painful symptoms in the head are observed over the whole period, as long as the body can not be reconstructed completely. At this time it is human nature constant inner tension and depression.

    Why is this happening

    To determine the reasons for this state of the body, it is impossible because of a large number of specific characteristics of a person. Often preceded by the following factors:

    • Change of a hormonal background. Can occur due to reduced amount of the hormone estrogen.
    • Muscle fatigue. In this period women are advised not to experience feelings and hard exercise.
    • A sharp narrowing of vessels (due to age-related changes and hormonal background of a person).
    • Hypertension.
    • Hypoxia. The lack of oxygen, manifested by shortness of breath, insomnia, or sleep deprivation.

    Головная боль при климаксе симптомы: кружится голова

    Sports for menopause should be done in moderation

    Signs of menopause

    As important indicators of such changes, including estrogen deficiency, which exerts a peculiar influence on the behavioral aspects of the organism. Manifestations of menopause are divided into three types:

  • Initial symptoms, which include vasomotor symptoms: fever, sweating, increased pain in the head, the development of hypertension or hypotension, irritability, loss of memory and attentiveness.
  • Srednerazmernye symptoms that occur a few years after the cessation of menstruation. Manifest discomfort during intercourse, vaginal irritation, changes in the structure of the nail plates heavy hair loss.
  • Late metabolic disorders, manifested cardiovascular changes or Alzheimer’s disease, a change in appearance or the appearance of angina, or constant emotional stress. Vascular dystonia occur in 80% of the fairer sex.
  • Why is the woman angry? Maybe it’s the discomfort? During menopause there is a significant change of the emotional state of the person and his appearance. It happens unconsciously: tense the muscles of the face, it looks malevolent, malicious, faster, develop wrinkles. Given this, women just need at this time to support your appearance, you have to use cosmetics, to resort to folk medicine, etc.

    Tense shoulders, neck, and even depression, anxious feeling and this is not just to get rid of with pills, because taking them may increase the pain, to provoke a migraine attack.

    Headaches during menopause appear at any time and is felt in the frontal or temporal lobes of the cerebral cortex. Unexpectedly may occur darkening of the eyes, and begins to feel dizzy. Sometimes a change of emotion without explaining, fluctuations in mental status, and possible dryness in the throat. All these symptoms are caused by constant irregular level of hormones in the blood.

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    Climatic period occurs with different symptoms and may continue for who knows how long. The main feature are painful sensations in the head area, which appear after reducing the amount of estrogen. In women there is a feeling of hopelessness and you may have a nervous breakdown.

    During this period, there are cases surges in blood pressure, which only increases the pain. Because of this, women become irritable, sometimes even without a special occasion can be frustrated and yell at the person next. You have to avoid in order not to hurt loved ones (the man withdraws into itself).

    Headaches are characterized by signs of complication and squeezing the upper body. It seems that the head grows heavy, and the head is too sensitive. May cause nausea, occurring at the time of emotional stress.

    Often women in this period are the favored anesthesia, using pills to stop the attack. Because of body changes, hormonal changes, it is necessary to maintain the functionality of his own body and to adjust its activities.

    Common symptoms indicating the onset of menopause:

  • A sharp unpleasant sensation in the frontal and occipital areas.
  • The darkening of the eyes.
  • Frequent changes in emotional state.
  • Sensation of dryness in the mouth.
  • Sweating.
  • Головная боль при климаксе симптомы: кружится голова

    Headache at menopause is accompanied by a feeling of tightness

    Ways to get rid of pain

    To help the body to withstand such changes, to eliminate the symptoms of menopause, you need to apply vitamin-mineral complexes that replace the lack of hormones and correct overall condition.

    Hormonal medications are «Divina», «Livial», «Premarin», «Tiberon», «Extrovert», «Klimonorm», «Klimen», «Midian», «Vero-danazol» and others.

    Products, presented on the shelves of pharmacies, similar in composition, but they must choose taking into account the individual characteristics and after visiting a specialist. Only a doctor can accurately prescribe the right treatment can relieve a fine half of mankind from diseases.

    Головная боль при климаксе симптомы: кружится голова

    Livial — hormone preparation

    Research scientists

    To explore ways of getting rid of unpleasant feelings in such a delicate life-span, scientists began recently. But had to develop special drugs to synthetic, which received the application of substitution therapy with hormones.

    Group of drugs containing phytoestrogens, have shown themselves from the best side. They affect most of the symptoms in a difficult period, thereby, facilitate the lives of women. Such hormonal means written a lot of accolades. This treatment, with the use of these funds is used as prophylaxis in disorders or abnormalities of the course of menopause from the standards established in the laboratory.

    The researchers found that with this method of treatment may of the adverse changes, so when choosing a drug should consult a doctor and do not be amiss to periodic monitoring over the changes of the human condition.

    Such drugs are used. At this time, the doctor visited every six months. With the appearance of serious diseases of organs and systems, these medicines cannot be used. Not unimportant is the fact that in the group of data means to get rid of the problem is the content only estrogen, but there are those which are progesterone and estrogen. The second applies to women who underwent surgery on the reproductive organs.

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    Control of a hormonal background will help to get rid of the main symptoms, but there are cases in which you cannot use favorite tools. Then the cosmetics made on the basis of phytoestrogens.

    Головная боль при климаксе симптомы: кружится голова

    A visit to the doctor in the treatment of menopausal symptoms is carried out every six months

    Getting rid of attacks

    Headaches changes in the rhythm of modern life. It is necessary to apply all possible measures to get rid of the problem. There are exercises for psychological relief. These methods are harmless and available to all. They are in a comfortable condition.

    These systems use movement and bioenergy. They have a beneficial effect on the whole body, and help to eliminate the headache, raising of good mood and a burst of energy.

    They need to start with the breath and slowly exhale all the air received into the lungs. To repeat 5 – 6 times, not forgetting the relaxation.

    It is necessary to do a complete relaxation of the body, to monitor the flow of energy, trying to open his chakras, to make it look like you are in a state of weightlessness.

    Using such methods, it is possible to comprehend the ways of getting rid of disease, or to learn how to reduce discomfort. This method will teach you how to disable the body and mind from the actual events and allow the brain to relax at any time. To enhance the effect, you can do a head massage. It should start with the temples, moving onto the forehead, nape and be sure to massage the entire scalp. The touch should be gentle and light circular taps.

    Головная боль при климаксе симптомы: кружится голова

    Head massage allows to relieve pain syndrome

    The prevention of pain

    They arise from overwork, overstrain. you must sleep at least eight hours. Women in this phase, it is not advisable to take sleeping pills. To solve the problem, you have to create a customized daily routine, important to include a walk in the fresh air. This is a great way to be alone with themselves, their own thoughts and body.

    Every day should be on the table in a reasonable amount of time. You need to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish, and avoid preservatives and food additives. Fatty, salty and smoked foods can cause pressure spikes that will cause new headaches or strengthening it. Food to take small portions, stretch on five receptions.

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    Calories and the volume should be familiar to your body. Otherwise you may see that extra weight is not a positive effect on the whole system: increase the headache and other symptoms.

    Головная боль при климаксе симптомы: кружится голова

    Fatty, salty and smoked food triggers headache

    It is better to treat the pain in the head?

    Here can save people money. For example, for prevention you can use a variety of teas and herbal teas. Most effectively help green tea, teas on the basis of rosemary, oregano, wild rose and currant, mint teas, St. John’s wort, thyme and marigold. Besides, it will help the infusion of cinnamon.

    Equally effective and fresh juice of potatoes or cranberry. They increase vitality, expand the blood vessels and additionally nourish the body with vitamins.

    When fatigue apply different kind of compresses. For example, on the basis of nettle leaves and lilac. In a pinch, you can just wet your head with warm water and wrap cloth, this will expand the blood vessels and relieve spasms that cause discomfort.

    Water treatments such as a warm bath or steaming feet will help to relax and reduce stress. They can be combined with aromatherapy, to this water add a few drops of essential oils. The most suitable oils: lemon, lavender, peppermint and pine, but you can give some imagination and try different combinations.

    If an attack of severe pain happened suddenly, could be the pulp of a fresh lemon applied to the affected area or rubbing the neck, forehead and temples using a menthol extract.

    Do not forget about the individual characteristics of the organism of each person and possible intolerance to any components of folk remedies and techniques. Therefore, before applying any of the above methods, consult your doctor.

    Headache at menopause is a consequence of the surge. A woman can not relax, it happens because of internal anxiety, which is based on the changes in the body and hormonal changes. Tension of the facial muscles extend to shoulders and neck, that turns the links of a closed chain: anxiety, depression, discomfort, exacerbating the headache. During menopause may be a manifestation of migraine – a severe headache in the forehead or temples.

    Treatment will have a positive impact on the course of menopause, but before this you have to consult with your doctor. Well-known and popular way, they will come to the rescue in difficult situations: massage, relaxation, breathing exercises.

    Appear allergies to drugs and folk remedies. In this case, immediately contact your doctor to clarify the dosage, changing medication, or assign a different treatment.

    When you use folk remedies and herbs, you need to consider the health status and the presence of cancer or chronic diseases.