Herpes during pregnancy what is dangerous and how to treat

The long-awaited offensive pregnancy is happiness. But happy pregnancy can spoil different circumstances, among them positive for the herpes virus. In fact, the herpes virus infected about 90 percent of people all over the world. This virus can normally exist in our body without causing harm, except in circumstances when the body weakens, then the infection enters into the active phase. What types of herpes are there? What is herpes during pregnancy? Dangerous herpes during pregnancy? How to treat herpes during pregnancy? The answers to these questions are discussed below.

General concepts related infection

Herpes HSV-1 (occurs mainly on the lips) is a virus able to multiply in the cells of the human body. Infection is expressed in the characteristic lesions in the oral region, the lips. The lesions are kind of transparent vesicles grouped together. Over time the bubbles burst with the formation of crusts. After the aggravation pass without leaving a trace.

Herpes HSV-2 (genital) – similar to the virus of the first type, only the ulcers are formed primarily below the waist in the genital area, rectum. The healing lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. Despite the fact that the sores heal, the virus remains in the body. Often people are not even aware of the existence of the disease, because it occurs without symptoms. This virus is transmitted sexually, through unprotected intercourse.

Herpes zostera virus that causes the following diseases:

  • Varicella (primary infection).
  • Shingles. Reactivation, which is expressed in the form of a rash on any part of the body along the nerve trunks.

There are two stages of infection:

  1. The primary stage of infectionischaracterized by acute response to the low immunity. Is expressed in the form of elevated temperature, General malaise, rash bubble.
  2. The secondary stage of the virus (recurrent) is characterized by a latent course, with recurrences during the period of lowering of the immune system. Once the immune system returns to normal, the symptoms fade away.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection of a family of the herpes virus. Transmitted sexually, through everyday life, through saliva, during pregnancy through the placenta, through breast milk. Sick with this disease almost all people, it is dormant, weakened immunity aktiviziruyutsya in the form of catarrhal symptoms. Threatens the child with a primary infection of the mother during pregnancy.

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Epstein-Bar — latent infection of herpes family viruses, promoting the development of mononucleosis and other serious consequences, manifested against the background of reduced immunity. The infection is transmitted in three ways: the contact-home, blood-contact, airborne.

Pregnancy is marked on the herpes virus

During pregnancy herpes recurs because of physiological low immunity. This measure on the part of the immune system does not allow to reject the child from the mother’s body. It is no secret that during this period aggravated all chronic diseases of women, and herpes is no exception.

To identify the virus and its type helps the blood, or the scrapings from infected ulcers tissue. Genital herpes can be dangerous for the development and birth of a baby. How dangerous is herpes during pregnancy?

Symptoms and effects of genital herpes during pregnancy

The characteristic signs of genital herpes during pregnancy:

  • Skin ulcers on the labia, the external skin of the genitals, the incidence of sores of the vaginal walls, the cervix.
  • Liquid watery discharge from the vagina.
  • General weakness, muscle, headache.
  • Increased temperature reaching 39 degrees.
  • Burning, itching in the genital area.
  • Painful urination.
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the groin area.

Relapse of herpes may last for ten days. To the disease can manifest up to 2 times per year, in the best case, and 1 time per month in the worst.

Genital herpes is more insidious virus that is passed to it in fifty percent of cases child. To find out a recurrence of herpes it is possible for two weeks before giving birth – pregnant need to be tested for the presence of virus.

The baby gets infected during birth, so it often happens that the delivery ends by caesarean section. But also possibly natural childbirth, subject to antiseptic treatment the birth canal. But in this case the infection can not be excluded, as infection could occur in the womb during contact with amniotic fluid.

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To eliminate this threat and to lower the risks, doctors drug therapy is prescribed after confirmation of the diagnosis.

The dangers of sexual herpes:

  1. Increased risk of spontaneous abortion: a miscarriage, missed abortion.
  2. Most likely a defective child development: mental and physical abnormalities, pathology of the brain (microcephaly, hydrocephaly), visual and auditory systems. Depending on how far along the infection has arisen, depends on the outcome of pregnancy.
  3. The potential of the child’s illness: heart defects, viral pneumonia, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, deafness, blindness, hepatosplenomegaly.
  4. Death at the time and immediately after birth.

The situation when the woman is a carrier of the virus is not so terrible for a child. The risk in this case is 5 – 7 percent. The mother’s antibodies protect the baby.

Important point: the danger to the child is primarily genital herpes. Rash on lips not usually affect the pregnancy and the fetus.

Treatment of herpes

The presence of lesions in the mouth area or herpes on labia pregnancy to provide a basis to inform the doctor. To cure herpes infection impossible, we can only send it to sleep. Treatment of herpes comes down to drug therapy. Using drugs to suppress the active phase of the virus, strengthen the immune system. For these purposes, doctors practice: vitamins, herbal preparations of Echinacea, Eleutherococcus, ginseng.

Antiherpetic drugs Acyclovir,Famvir, he needs therapy with valtrex, Denavir. Actively used antiherpetic ointments and creams.

Taking medication without consulting your doctor do not let.

Traditional medicine as a Supplement to the basic treatment offers to treat sores with rosehip oil, sea buckthorn, fir. For the benefit of a hot drink tea with honey, viburnum: they enhance the immune system.

Prevention of the disease

All the preventive actions related to the strengthening of the forces of the body and can not guarantee 100% result. These include:

  • A healthy lifestyle, eliminating bad habits.
  • Lightweight exercise, hardening, walking in the fresh air.
  • A full balanced diet.
  • Intake of vitamins.
  • Before pregnancy to donate blood for the presence of herpes virus and to be prepared.
  • Before pregnancy to conduct therapy with antiviral and immunomodulators (at detecting infections in the acute stage).
  • The exception of contact with infected people.
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Treatment of the infected baby

Symptoms of infection of the infant become apparent after two weeks after delivery. They are expressed in the form of rashes on the skin, mucous membranes. Often the herpes infection affects the brain. Timely treatment can save lives in fifty percent of cases.

Treatment for infants drug used Acyclovir, use it within three weeks. For eye prescribed Idoxuridine using Immunostimulants increase the body’s resistance to the virus.

Herpes is not a sentence

Anxiety for the life of the baby overcome the mother from the moment of conception. Confirmation of diagnosis is not the end of happy motherhood. Women with this diagnosis are quite capable to bear and give birth to a healthy baby. Full information about this disease and the exact fulfillment of the doctor’s recommendations will help to cope with the problem and avoid complications.