Homocysteine in pregnancy planning, instruction manual

The human body is a complex biological system, normal functioning of which depends on many factors, primarily the amount of minerals coming from the outside and substances synthesized within the system itself. In other words, to support the functioning of the human body, it is necessary to provide the optimum level of vitamins and minerals.

One such micronutrient is the amino acid homocysteine, which is formed as a result of processing of methionine. The level of homocysteine rises with age, but for a healthy person it is not dangerous. If the excess is significant, it should be analyzed, because in this case increases the risk of atherosclerosis, strokes, heart attacks and other diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

The most dangerous homocysteine when planning a pregnancy and during it – from the level of this amino acid depends on the intrauterine development of the fetus, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

It is very important to know the level of this amino acid that is in the planning stage of pregnancy (approximately 6 months) to have enough time to correct the situation in case of deviation from the norm. It is worth considering that the risk is just high levels of homocysteine during pregnancy, as it can cause fetal malformations, premature birth and even fetal death.

On the background of elevated homocysteine levels in pregnant women may develop the disease is hyperhomocysteinemia, which has a very negative effect on the fetus, resulting in can suffer nervous system of the child. In addition, the high concentration of this amino acid increases the risk of thrombosis, which contributes to the emergence of various gynecological and obstetric pathologies. This is especially true of women who have had similar experiences with previous pregnancies or who have relatives who have suffered heart attack, stroke or thrombosis.

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The level of homocysteine is influenced by several factors and knowing about them, you can adjust your lifestyle and nutrition to get good results.

The reasons for the increase of homocysteine in the blood

  1. A deficiency of vitamins of group B.
  2. Smoking and drinking alcohol.
  3. Excessive coffee drinking.
  4. Too low levels of physical activity.

Based on the above factors, we can conclude that to bring the homocysteine levels back to normal is not so difficult (if elevated levels of amino acids not associated with any chronic diseases) – it is enough to give up alcohol and Smoking, often spending time actively outdoors and to eat more foods rich in vitamin b For women planning pregnancy, this is the most important and useful habit if she wants to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby.

A decreased level of homocysteine during pregnancy and threatens danger to life and health of the fetus, but it can affect the health of the expectant mother is fatigue and weakness are major symptoms of low levels of this amino acid. To little to remedy the situation, the doctor may advise the use of a small amount of coffee in the morning.

With increased homocysteine levels when planning a pregnancy or during it, the doctor may prescribe medication, but taking B vitamins in the form of tablets, capsules or intramuscular injection.

One of the most popular drugs prescribed for the treatment of deficiency of vitamins of group B, is Angiovit – multivitamin preparation containing vitamins B6, B9 and B12, which the body needs during pregnancy. While Angiovit when planning pregnancy will be useful for men – it improves the qualitative composition of sperm that leads to successful conception.

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So, what are the benefits Angiovit and vitamins contained in its composition, for the health of the baby and the expectant mother?

Use Angiomata during pregnancy

  • B6 – controls the synthesis of a sufficient amount of amino acids required for protein production, and build the Central nervous system of the child; reduces the symptoms of morning sickness and irritability.
  • B9 – prevents defects of fetus development, associated with lack of oxygen and other important nutrients (malnutrition, neural tube defects, cleft lip).
  • B12 – prevents anemia.

Welcome Angiovit when planning a pregnancy appoint only a doctor, he also paints the regimen and duration of treatment. Despite the fact that Angiovit though is vitamin drug to self-medicate with it, not worth it.

The scheme of this drug is very simple and is described in detail in the instructions for use once a day, regardless of meals for 20 to 30 days. In individual cases, this scheme may be adjusted by the physician to increase the dosage or length of time, depending on the patient records. It should be noted that chew the pill or all the beneficial properties of the drug will disappear.

To appoint or to renew the drug is strongly not recommended – though contraindications he doesn’t (except for individual intolerance), adverse effects in overdose still occur.

Side effects Angiovit

  • Allergy in the form of swelling, hives, itching, redness, and other manifestations.
  • Headache, migraine.
  • Dizziness.
  • Insomnia.
  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract as nausea, vomiting or flatulence.

Welcome Angiovit reduces the level of homocysteine during pregnancy and nourishes the female body with the necessary vitamins of group B. It can be used and after conception, if not of the above side effects. If discomfort appear, you should consult your doctor to he appointed alternative medication or special diet that provide the body with essential vitamins and no medication.

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Healthy mother – healthy child

To the question of pregnancy planning should be approached very seriously and before you decide on such a step, the woman must first restore order in your body is clean of toxins, get rid of bad habits, bring order to the lifestyle and diet. Only in this case, the body will be able to maintain a safe and healthy pregnancy, which will result in the birth of healthy and strong baby.