Hormones during menopause: symptoms, treatment

Hormones at menopause doctors prescribe primarily for the sake of mitigating the effects of changes in women caused by menopause. Metabolic processes suffer failures due to the fact that female hormones during menopause lose in quantity. The human body is a biological machine, the operation of which depends on each part, which are connected and responsive to the modification or termination of activities of each other.

Sometimes to treat menopause used medication

The disease is not eloquence, but drugs are treated

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms that accompany hormonal changes can Mature to complications. Here is a short list of changes and troubles that await the ladies on this stage of life:

  • Cessation of menstruation, with a gradual loss of reproductive functions.
  • Tides – periodic occurrence of strong heat sensations in the upper half of the body. In some women, attacks are accompanied by redness of the face and neck, severe hydration, sleep disturbance, weakness. Sometimes a brief loss of consciousness.
  • Mood swings, irritability, a sudden river of tears and depression.
  • The constant anxiety caused by changes in the thyroid gland, now it produces more of the hormone thyroxine than before. The bottom line: heart palpitations and fruitless attempts to sleep.
  • Abundant sweating.
  • Sensations of itching and burning in the vagina and the bladder. Pain during sexual intercourse and during urination. Frequent urge to the last one.
  • Frequent headaches, shortness of breath and dizziness as a result of changes in blood circulation.
  • Heart pain, threatening myocardial infarction.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Numbness of the limbs, atherosclerosis (increased cholesterol in the blood and narrowing of the arteries).
  • Thinning of the skin, wrinkles, hair loss. Bones and teeth become brittle, increasing the risk of fractures – now even a fall from a bed can cause death. Joint pain, lower back. Suffering causes osteoporosis or osteochondrosis.
  • Deteriorating brain that leads to Alzheimer’s disease that deteriorates memory.
  • All these troubles spoil everyday life of women, causing them to suffer physically and mentally. Depression, feeling of inferiority, the vivid sensation of approaching old age and loss of sex appeal. Many ladies believe that with the onset of these symptoms, they should forget about the active social life and pleasures. Misconception. Achievements of pharmacology will alleviate the symptoms and prevent complications caused by menopause.

    Гормональные препараты при климаксе: симптоматика, терапия

    The tides bring a lot of trouble women

    Hormone therapy: what it is and how to treat it

    FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), LH (luteinizing) and estrogens – essential hormones in menopause. A blood test for the presence of these components: an important part of rediagnostic:

  • The amount of FSH in the body determine the occurrence of the aforesaid adjustment in the body. The young lady’s follicle-stimulating hormones a little, but as you get closer to the moment of cessation of menstruation, their number is increasing. Tests claim that the FSH value is twice the value calculated a year ago. The surest sign that the climax is not far off.
  • LH produces estrogen, which becomes a cause listed in the beginning of the article ailments.
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    To prevent and to suppress the symptoms caused by lack of estrogens, using a method such as hormone replacement therapy at menopause (HRT). In the case of individual intolerance doctors suggest to use phytoestrogens. Lack of estrogen, which can make the ovaries to compensate for the likes of synthetic hormones or herbal medications.

    Medication struggling with hormonal imbalance are divided into funds consisting solely of estrogen, and drugs, including progesterone. The lack of the latter also occurs during menopause. Products containing only estrogen is prescribed to women who have a hysterectomy. The rest of the ladies write tools, including progesterone.

    Hormone therapy is prohibited for independent use, as the consequences of such an act would be devastating. Assign hormones during menopause, to pick up and buy the dosage and make the decision about the duration of their admission can only be a doctor after the examination. To track the status of the patient after the appointment of the HRT, she needs to come to the gynecologist for a checkup every six months.

    Гормональные препараты при климаксе: симптоматика, терапия

    The drug Divina — hormonal agent for short-term therapy

    The duration of hormonal therapy

    HRT, for the duration of the hormonal therapy is divided into short-term (lasting from one to two years) and long (three to five years and more). Long-term therapy is prescribed for women who are at risk of complications from menopause or when he has been going about a year, and also the lady with the uterus. Prematurely, without consulting with your doctor, to discontinue hormone therapy is contraindicated.

    The duration of therapy depends on the characteristics of the flow of menopause, the severity of his symptoms. The short course has negative consequences for women. He fights against sweating, hot flashes and other effects of menopause. Long-term supplementation may have a harmful effect on the body. Although long-term HRT slows the rate of thinning of the bones, but has an uncertain effect on the cardiovascular system and increases the risk of cancers of the breast.

    Taking hormones for more than five years, requires constant medical supervision and analysis of the presence of cancer cells.

    What to expect side effects of taking healing means? A short list is:

    • The increase in body weight.
    • Irritability.
    • Occasional spotting.
    • Digestive problems, flatulence.
    • Headaches.
    • Hardening of the breast.

    To avoid misfortunes will help exact adherence to the instructions of the attending physician on the use of funds. But if the medication schedule was changed – nothing. Solve the problem, seek the advice of a gynecologist.

    Гормональные препараты при климаксе: симптоматика, терапия

    Drug Klimonorm alternatives contain synthetic female hormones

    When to start treatment?

    Consensus about when to start treatment, not developed until now. Some doctors believe that HRT should be prescribed after the first signs of menopause. Other doctors suggest ladies who have reached 30 years of age, begin using hormonal contraceptive pills. If you start taking hormonal contraceptives, the transition to the cessation of menstruation will be easier: the body will remain enough calcium and reduced risk from cardiovascular diseases.

    When women can take birth control hormonal methods to HRT, solved individually, depending on results of the analysis on the amount of sex hormones in the body.

    To enhance the effect, you should look for in a pharmacy of supplements and add calcium in the daily menu foods rich in this element: milk, cheese, cheese.

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    Before to the appointment of substitution hormonal therapy, the lady must pass the compulsory tests, as HRT is not for everyone:

    • Mammogram and gynecological examination. Also need to consult a physician.
    • Examination of the thyroid gland, abdominal cavity.
    • Analysis of cholesterol, blood clotting and the presence of cancer cells in the blood.
    • The study of hormonal, determination of the amount of sex hormones in the body.
    • Radiography, to detect signs of osteoporosis.
    • Measurement of blood pressure.
    • The patient must indicate the presence of chronic diseases, if any.

    Upon detection of contraindications from the HRT will have to give. Treatment of the consequences of menopause can be carried out by traditional methods and using of non-hormonal drugs are made of plant-based.

    Based on the results of the diagnosis, the doctor will choose what tools you should use to the patient, offer their names and calculates the dosage.

    Гормональные препараты при климаксе: симптоматика, терапия

    Drug Divigel prescribed for women undergoing surgery removal of the uterus


    Treatment with artificial hormones cannot be assigned to people suffering from the following ailments:

    • Sick cancer of a mammary gland or the uterus, or that is found to have mother of the patient.
    • After a heart attack or stroke.
    • Thrombophlebitis – inflammation or blood clots in the superficial veins.
    • If the patient has endometriosis – gynecological disease in which endometrial cells, the boundaries of the inner layer of the uterine wall.
    • Present pathology of the liver or kidneys.
    • Diabetes.
    • If there was bleeding of unknown origin from the genital tract.

    Гормональные препараты при климаксе: симптоматика, терапия

    The drug Ovestin, like other hormonal agents, has many contraindications


    Hormone treatment vary according to the method of use: inside, outside, or oral (creams, patches). Most often recommended pill and usually the treatment is carried out by them.

  • The best options when short-term therapy: drugs of Divina, Klimen, Klimonorm, Cyclo-Proginova. These drugs combine in the composition of synthesized hormones-alternatives to estrogen and progesterone. Make life easier for women by eliminating the effects of menopause can be used for prevention. Take them once in the evening, for 21 days, after which take a one-week break. This is the time to start bleeding similar to menstruation;
  • For women undergoing surgery for removal of the uterus and who were prescribed long-term therapy, the proposed treatment of such funds: Proginova, Sigetin, Gynodian Depot, Divigel. And other similar tools, which includes only artificial alternative to estrogen. Instructions for use of the funds coincides with the use of drugs for short-term therapy.
  • If big problems take symptoms such as uncontrolled urination, and discomfort the dryness in the vagina or pain during sexual activity are recommended drugs Ovestin, estriol Vagifem or manufactured in the form of vaginal suppositories.
  • To cope with the emotional consequences of menopause, has anti-stress drugs, for example – a tool called «Atarax». It calms women, helps them to cope with the dizziness, nausea, sweating, and enhances memory.
  • Smoking lady pay attention to hormonal patches, such as patch Climar.
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    Гормональные препараты при климаксе: симптоматика, терапия

    Patch Climar suitable women who smoke

    Folk remedies hormonal drugs

    Traditional treatment methods doctors questioned, not least because their effectiveness is very low.

    • From the tides help infusions of hawthorn or peony, is a universal medicine, like dill and sage.
    • Improves the health of women and normalizes their pressure infusions of red clover, carrot juice, the same dill and Royal jelly (it’s «Royal jelly», a product of beekeeping).
    • Depression can be defeated with the help of tea from oregano.

    This is not the best means to combat the effects of menopause. They can’t raise the fallen level of hormones in the body. It is better to use together with products of conventional medicine.

    It is better to prefer treatment with phytoestrogens – plant analogs of estrogen. Side effects from these funds was detected, but was seen in women using these drugs has decreased the amount of pestering their hot flushes during menopause, and decreased the level of cholesterol in the blood.

    The choice of phytoestrogens is so wide, how vast a store of hormones. Here are the most common:

    • Imaclim – made from soybean extract, fish gelatin, glycerol and iron oxide.
    • Astravel from the root extract of black cohosh and wild Yam, nettle leaf, folic acid and other useful components.
    • Klimadinon in its composition: extract of black cohosh.

    Non-hormonal remedies can cause allergic reactions. Their effectiveness differs according to the characteristics of the body different women. Phytoestrogens and hormones during menopause you should discuss with your doctor and make tests.