Hot flashes at menopause: treatment of folk remedies, herbal medicine

Entering the climacteric period, a woman’s body is entering a stage of natural aging. In some women hormonal changes the body occurs without showing any symptoms, but most suffer from severe menopausal symptoms. In each case, the doctor selects individual treatment, but most often the patients attribute to the use of drugs hormone replacement therapy. Receiving any medications it’s hard on the woman’s body with prolonged use, so most prefer to arrest the symptoms of the tides with the help of traditional medicine.

St. John’s wort is one of the folk remedies for menopause

Folk remedies for the treatment of flushes in menopause. Basic Troubleshooting

An experienced doctor will always try to protect the patient from medication to hormone replacement therapy, because among doctors a lot of supporters that taking hormone replacement therapy interfere with the natural course of menopause, and contributes to the development of complications. That is why it is not necessary to break the artificial drugs, the body itself needs to be reconstructed in a natural way. But most women prevent not only hot flashes, but other symptoms of abnormal menopause:

  • Violation of the Central nervous system. Insomnia and constant irritability, frequent mood swings.
  • Violations of the cardiovascular apparatus. Tachycardia and migraines.
  • Hyperhidrosis — excessive sweating in the period of the tides, and in their absence.

Even in the period of maximum symptoms of pathological menopause, your doctor may prescribe treatment without the use of artificial hormones. This therapy can replace:

  • A herbal remedies.
  • Normalization of the diet.
  • Taking people’s drugs, which include a large number of natural phytoestrogens.
  • Homeopathic remedies.
  • Приливы при климаксе: лечение народными средствами, фитотерапия

    Hyperhidrosis is a symptom of menopause, accompanied by increased sweating

    Herbal medicine for remedy of the tides

    Medicines traditional medicine-namely herbs and infusions are used as treatment for the manifestation of the symptoms of pathological menopause. Herbal medicine is the most ancient treatment used to relieve symptoms of hot flashes. With the right use of which it is possible to achieve a stable effect and reduce the frequency of hot flashes.

    In herbal medicine can be used as: herbal teas, herbal teas, tinctures, or fresh juice of plants. Herbs contain a large number of nutrients, able to positively affect all organism generally, and has a significant impact on the reproductive system.


    Oregano — this herb, the infusion of which is used as a sedative. It helps to normalize sleep, to normalize the General nervous condition and reduce the frequency of flushes during menopause. Oregano is the most women’s herb that helps to normalize the functioning of the reproductive system of women during menopause and while menopause has not yet arrived. Oregano is well restores the usual level of metabolism, helps to normalize the functioning of the digestive system. It will be good if a woman will replace the use of black or green tea to decoction of oregano. Drinking tea must be at least 3 times a day, if not to exclude the admission of tea or coffee.

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    Приливы при климаксе: лечение народными средствами, фитотерапия

    Oregano has a positive effect on female reproductive system

    St. John’s wort

    Effective medication used in the recipes of traditional medicine, which helps in menopause to reduce the number of flushes is St. John’s wort. The herb St. John’s wort in its composition has a large number of substances that are beneficial to the cardiovascular system, a good regulatory process of hematopoiesis. The herb St. John’s wort or decoction well helps to normalize the work of digestive organs, affects the normal production of bile in the body.

    Apart from the fact that St. John’s wort can be applied in the period of pathological course of menopause to relieve negative symptoms, the herb St. John’s wort is a great General tonic for the body.

    To alleviate the condition of the body during menopause can, if you use tea from the herb St. John’s wort three times a day.

    Broth-based sage

    In the ancient books that describe tips for women, you can find recommendations on the use of decoctions of the herb sage not only as a tonic for the whole body, but also to eliminate the symptoms of pathological course of menopause. The decoction is the best remedy, which is used in herbal medicine to relieve symptoms of hot flashes and normalize hormonal levels in a woman’s body. In addition to phytoestrogens, a decoction of the plant sage is in a large quantity of linoleic acid, and substances that have a rejuvenating effect on the entire body — flavonoids. The treatment will be effective if application of the sage to combine with proper nutrition and daily routine.

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    Приливы при климаксе: лечение народными средствами, фитотерапия

    Sage contains natural phytoestrogens


    The best natural remedy which will help to eliminate negative manifestations of hot flushes in women during menopause is the hawthorn. Hawthorn can be used as: infusion of flowers and fruits, the decoction of the flowers, tincture from fruits of plants of hawthorn. Hawthorn must be dried and used as a decoction, with frequent flushes and bouts of tachycardia. Hawthorn-helps to cope with excessive sweating and normalize the functioning of the pituitary gland. Hawthorn should be taken severely it with boiling water and drink as tea twice a day.

    Hawthorn contains large amounts of vitamin C, which further accelerates the treatment of menopause symptoms and improves immunity.

    Drug charges

    Apart from the fact that the use of certain herbs in the form of infusions in the individual mind helps to get rid of symptoms of pathological menopause, doctors recommend the use of herbal. The combination of several medicinal plants helps to Supplement the healing effect of each of them and strengthen the body.

    The most effective charges are considered, which are: BlackBerry leaves, dried hawthorn fruit, all sedative herbs, motherwort, cottonweed swamp. Such funds show their healing properties already through the week.

    Приливы при климаксе: лечение народными средствами, фитотерапия

    Hawthorn is included in the fees from menopause

    Medicines folk medicine

    Most of the drugs folk medicine during menopause are used to nourish the body with nutrients and improve the General condition. As drugs can be used as tinctures, and substances are in pure form:

    • Tincture of mountain ash. This tool has long been regarded as an effective folk medicine for removing tides. To prepare this remedy can be independently: to do this, take the fresh berries of mountain ash in the ratio of one Cup of fresh berries in a glass of purified alcohol, pour the berries with alcohol and clean in a quiet place for a month. Tincture of Rowan accepted a teaspoon before bedtime. After a month you notice a visible reduction in the frequency of hot flashes.
    • Another effective tool that is used for the treatment of pathological symptoms of menopause is honey. You need to take fresh honey and mix it with fresh beet juice in equal proportions. This remedy shall be kept only in refrigerator and should be consumed a tablespoon half an hour after meals, 3 times a day. Which tool helps to regulate the endocrine system in the body.
    • Flower pollen. Treatment of this tool implies the activation of all the biological processes of the body, normalization of functions of the reproductive system, and natural increase in estrogen levels in the blood.
    • The shiitake mushroom. Treatment tincture of shiitake mushroom helps to increase estrogen levels fast due to the high content of pengastulan in its composition. Tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy (specialized national pharmacies with non-pharmacological means) or make your own.
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    Приливы при климаксе: лечение народными средствами, фитотерапия

    Shiitake mushroom is used in the form of tinctures

    Homeopathic medicines

    The use of homeopathy in folk medicine only if the patient is observed by a pronounced syndrome of pathological menopause. One of the main advantages of the use of homeopathic medicines is totally safe for the body, if the patient has no allergic reactions. The principle of homeopathic remedies based on the use of extracts from natural medicinal plants, which are used in small doses.

    Homeopathic remedies can be purchased in specialized homeopathic pharmacies. Treatment must be under the supervision of a doctor homeopath, but some drugs can be purchased and taken alone.