Hot flashes during menopause treatment without hormone effective drugs

The onset of menopause in a woman’s life is absolutely normal process. In the period 47-55 years the female body is subject to changes in hormonal balance and decrease sex hormones. One of the most common syndromes of menopause are hot flashes, which can be treated without the help of hormones. However, some doctors believe that this treatment will be ineffective, while others believe the opposite outcome. Hot flashes during menopause treatment without hormones will be effective? What hormonal drugs and vitamins will help to get rid of poor health? Will it help traditional medicine?

Hot flashes during menopause can be treated without hormones

All the advantages of non-hormonal treatment

One of the benefits of non-hormonal treatment of tides is the basis of all plant components. Taking hormonal drugs in menopause in the right dosage to avoid side effects. In addition the observed increase in weight, there is no obstacle to the development of other drugs that significantly increase the protective functions of the organism. Besides the components of the drug without hormones close to the natural processes of the body.

The basis of the non-hormonal tablets includes plants that possess the desired percentage of estrogen, lots of vitamin and mineral elements are indispensable for the climax.

Приливы при климаксе лечение без гормонов: эффективные препараты

Estrovel tool from the tidal plant based

Effective non-hormonal drugs

At this time, there are many non-hormonal drugs that effectively treat hot flashes in menopause hours. Consider the most effective means:

  • Pills Estrogel plant-based, which includes cimifuga, wheat and Yam root. The drug is endowed with folic acid, boron, vitamins and amino acids. Estravel is ideal for the treatment of hot flashes. Components replace the natural estrogens, thus improving the nervous system, strengthen immunity, reduce the psychological factors. Vitamins increase the elasticity of blood vessels and blood supply. To take the medicine two times a day, the total therapy lasts up to five months.
  • Pills Feminology are composed of a number of nutrients that promote easy portability of the tides during menopause. This remedy quickly restores emotional and hormonal balance. Eliminates headaches, migraines, cramps, inflammatory and vascular negative manifestations. The drug is one tablet three times a day with liquid. Pill to dissolve, food to wait.
  • Pills Climaxed non-hormonal medication that is different from the above means the content of not only estrogens, but Lachesis and APIs. These substances protect the woman’s body. When you receive Climaxin the body itself is struggling with the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. The drug normalizes the nervous system and heart, metabolism, combats insomnia. The drug is produced in tablets and capsules. The combination with food is contraindicated.
  • Candle Climatol — as well as effectively remove the dryness of intimate areas and discomfort. They also can prevent vaginitis, inflammation, itching, burning and infection. The structure of candles includes sea buckthorn and balm oil, which contributes to the normalization of sexual intercourse, which is very important for the mental state of women during menopause. Candles are introduced into the vagina, in the evening, in a horizontal position. The duration of treatment is at least two months.
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Приливы при климаксе лечение без гормонов: эффективные препараты

Feminology effectively smoothes the symptoms of menopause

Antihypertensive drugs at high tide

Many women hot flashes are accompanied by high pressure. In this case, you ought to acquire the most effective non-hormonal means. Very often a doctor prescribes to their patients antihypertensive drugs with homeopathic remedies in a couple.

To lower or raise pressure pills Clonidine. This medicine leads to normal eye pressure, prevent migraines, and pain symptoms frontal lobe.

Pills Captoril expand the blood vessels and relieve spasms, cardiac muscle save women from unnecessary stress, normalize breathing. Don’t forget that at high tide, menopause, heart failure and shortness of breath are the companions of the female body.

Приливы при климаксе лечение без гормонов: эффективные препараты

Clonidine smooths out pressure surges

Non-hormonal vitamin preparations at high tide

Every woman in menopause needs to get the maximum of useful vitamins. Most vitamins enter the body with food. However, not all can afford it in the turmoil of the weekdays to watch your diet. In this case, to correct the situation will help the best non-hormonal vitamins. At high tide the doctors recommend to take:

  • Vitamins Lady’s Formula is a comprehensive vitamin, which contains trace elements that enables women in menopause to arrive in good shape. Medicinal herbs significantly reduce hot flashes. The drug to produce during a meal, twice a day.
  • Vitamins Menopace made in Italy. In addition to all the useful elements, it includes Passiflora. With the drug improves overall health, increases immunity, eliminates the symptoms of hot flashes.
  • Vitamins Vitaras are a Russian drug with a high content of useful minerals. This vitamin group makes a woman more resistant to stress, normalizes the nervous system, heart and blood vessels. The recommended dose is 2 vitamins a day.
  • B age 50+ made in Russia, for patients 50-56 years of age, suffering hot flashes during menopause. In addition to the mass of various vitamins, the pills includes lutein. This substance helps a woman with age-related vision loss.
  • Vitamins Femicaps manufactured in Finland, is rich in vitamin E group and C, magnesium, evening primrose extract and Passiflora. In the moments of the tides, the drug calms the woman who actively fights insomnia, reduces irritability.
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Приливы при климаксе лечение без гормонов: эффективные препараты

Vitamins Lady’s Formula support the body in good shape

Popular, non-hormonal treatment at high tide

In addition to non-hormonal medications to treat hot flashes can folk remedies. Just a few days the woman will become easier. Before you begin to receive the people’s tinctures should consult a doctor and undergo a medical examination. Otherwise, the female body may be in danger.

Tortured tides? Will help to alleviate the painful condition — herbs such as hawthorn, mint and motherwort. They need to mix in equal parts. Then 20 grams of vegetable mixture, pour 400 grams of boiled water. Insist 25 minutes, consumed two times a day for 150 ml.

Hot flashes bother you less if you drink herbal teas, where there is a thyme, lemon balm, and BlackBerry. Grass mix, pour hot water, infuse 20 minutes, filter, use two times a day 200 ml. Drink the drug must within twenty days, then take a week break and continue make the broth. The full course of treatment is five months. This tea in a short period of time is able to free women from the tides.

Non-hormonal medications during menopause have a positive impact on a woman’s body. Also through the tough hours of the menopause will help your favorite business, self-care, visiting friends and relatives, theatres, concerts and just evening walks in the fresh air!