How long are ovulatory pain?

A short pain in the lower abdomen in the middle of the menstrual cycle appear in women of any age. They are caused by ovulation. These symptoms familiar to those who have a high threshold of sensitivity observed for any physiological changes in the body, including hormonal imbalance.

The advice of experienced professionals will help you to understand the issues, how long ovulatory pain and whether they are a normal variant in each case. Expressed pain during ovulation is always a reason for an immediate seeking qualified help.

Physiological changes during ovulation

Approximately mid-cycle in the female body the process of ovulation is characterized by release of a Mature egg. It is preceded by the rupture of the follicle with subsequent minor hemorrhage. These changes are normal and do not require correction. In some cases, the release of an egg is accompanied by a rapid surge of hormones or happens on a background of inflammatory process in the ovary or in the adjacent organs. This condition rarely goes unnoticed.

Pain – a signal the body of any problems. To ignore this fact is impossible: any inflammatory process in the ovary can result in the rupture of the body with subsequent development of reproductive dysfunction.

Women with a high pain threshold can often feel the onset of ovulation. Physiological changes in the form of hypotension, headache, bloating, and other unpleasant symptoms in mid-cycle may indicate the onset of the ovulatory phase.

These symptoms are observed not in each menstrual cycle. In most cases this is due to the sensitive innervation and the characteristics of blood circulation in the pelvis. Due to the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the Central nervous system constantly monitors the processes in the ovaries and adjacent organs.

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Structural changes in tissues can be accompanied by pain. Nervous regulation is adaptive reaction of the organism to pay attention to a specific area of the body. The rupture of the follicle in the ovulatory phase proof of this. The higher the pain, the more concern a similar condition.

The factors provoking the emergence of pain

Among the main reasons contributing to the onset of the ovulatory pain, there are the following:

  1. The increase in estrogen levels observed prior to ovulation, promotes the loosening of the inner layer of the uterus for successful attachment of the ovum. However, to complete the process of fertilization is also required and other hormones: prolactin, luteinizing, follicle-stimulating hormone, progesterone. Imbalance of hormones is characterized by increased pain and the appearance of other unpleasant symptoms.
  2. Seeking medical help is required when:

    • intense cramping or sharp pain in any part of the abdomen;
    • deterioration of the General condition in the form of a fall in blood pressure, sweating, nausea, vomiting, headache on the background of bloating and pain;
    • abdominal tenderness that persists after the end of the ovulatory phase;
    • the bleeding observed in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

    The reasons for this state in the ovulatory phase can be very diverse, so a comprehensive examination of the body with the use of laboratory and instrumental methods of diagnosis is mandatory. Ignoring this rule can cause irreversible processes not only for reproductive function, but also for the entire body.

    To prevent this from occurring, observe the following rules:

    1. timely and proper treatment of systemic diseases of the reproductive organs;
    2. power correction at the time of ovulation (to minimize consumption of sweet, salty, starchy foods, dairy products, spices, beans, fresh cabbage, alcohol);
    3. rational use of hormonal drugs, including oral contraceptives;
    4. prevention of abortion;
    5. respect to their health;
    6. timely visit to the gynecologist when any unpleasant symptoms followed its recommendations;
    7. the absence of stressful situations.

    Ovulatory pain, appearing in the middle of the cycle, always need attention. Often they are a signal of development of inflammatory processes in the ovaries and adjacent organs. Respect to their health, regular consultation, timely diagnosis and competent approach will minimize the risk of possible complications.

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