How long does a surgical abortion

Many women are faced with the necessity of abortion for a variety of reasons from medical reasons to personal choice. This article proposes to consider the currently available types of abortion and the duration of each of them.

Varieties of abortion

The time of the procedure of getting rid of the fetus and rehabilitation afterwards depending on the kind of abortion. Accordingly, in order to know how long the abortion, you need to have the idea about its types, which are due to the pregnancy of the patient. Distinguish between a medical abortion, as well as varying degrees of surgical intervention: vacuum abortion (mini-abortion), surgical abortion (“scraping”) and artificial birth. On the characteristics and timing of these operations will be discussed below.

Medical abortion

Medical abortion is known as the safest form of abortion, because it is done without surgical penetration into the cavity of the uterus and in most cases has no negative impact on the reproductive function of women in the future. It is performed using special tablets that contain the active ingredient mifepristone.

This type of abortion possible in the early stages of pregnancy (6 weeks) in the absence of contraindications. Absolute contraindications are not very many: drugs, abortion can not be done in situation of ectopic pregnancy. It is also contraindicated in women with asthma and adrenal insufficiency. All other contraindications are relative and can be discussed with your doctor.

After the necessary surveys and establish the valid period, the patient should consult a doctor that will give her two pills. First she uses immediately during the reception, the second — at home or during a repeat visit to the gynecologist in 2 days.

The exile takes 4 to 8 hours, but unpleasant or painful sensations can last a few days, and uterine bleeding lasts about two weeks. After 10 to 14 days after taking the prescribed pills you need to do an ultrasound of the uterus and to make sure that the inside left of the membranes of the fetus and the procedure was completed successfully.

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Vacuum abortion

Among all kinds of surgical abortion vacuum abortion is the most gentle to women’s health. It is also known as a mini-abortion, and lasts from five to ten minutes. Mini-abortions are doing at a relatively early period (before 12 weeks).

A woman can go home, moving away from the anesthesia and rested after 3 – 5 hours after the surgery. The rest of the day doctors recommend to stay in bed, but the next day most patients can return to normal, active life.

Mini-abortion is usually performed under local anesthesia (although the patient is possible and common) using a vacuum aspirator. This device is inserted into the uterus and “sucks” the fertilized egg along with the shells.

After completion of the mini-abortion, the patient should drink ten-day course of antibiotics to rule out possible inflammatory processes after surgery. After two or three weeks after vacuum abortion also need to contact your doctor to pass the necessary tests and undergo ultrasound.

Surgical abortion (curettage)

Curettage is a surgical procedure for up to twelve weeks and is performed under General anesthesia. Among all the above procedure, abortion this type of abortion is considered the most traumatic and poorly tolerated even in healthy women.

How long will it take scraping with accuracy to the minute is impossible to say: all depends on the skill and experience of the doctor, as well as the current status of the operation. The physician waits for the anesthesia, expands the cervical canal of the patient, secures the uterus and then conducts it directly to the abortion procedure is curettage. A special tool, a curette, the uterus vystavlyaetsya and removed from the embryo and its membranes.

The average time of curettage in 20 minutes, however that time may vary depending on the professionalism of the doctor and the anatomical features of the patient. For example, when the tilted uterus may take more time. A woman can return home a few hours after the abortion, but in exceptional cases it is recommended 1 to 2 days to stay in hospital for observation.

Artificial birth

This type of abortion is done in the period from 27 weeks and only for medical reasons. The procedure is similar to childbirth as such, so this type of abortion, called artificial birth. Abortion consists of several stages and can take several days, but on average the duration of the day.

Special pills intrauterine death of the baby. With medicines prepared the cervix, and then are caused by uterine contractions and the birth of the fetus. After the fetus and placenta out of the uterus is the scraping.

A form of abortion The period in which the abortion The duration of abortion and rehabilitation
Medical abortion (pharmacological termination of pregnancy) Up to 6 weeks (42 days) 5 – 6 days
Vacuum abortion To 12 weeks 5 – 10 minutes + a few hours to rest
Surgical abortion

To 12 weeks — according to the testimony or according to the patient;

12 – 18 weeks by the physician

20 – 40 minutes + a few hours to rest
Artificial birth After 27 weeks — only for medical reasons Day + observation in hospital

In conclusion, it should be noted that a wholly “painless” methods of abortion does not exist. Any intervention, be it pharmacological or surgical, can affect the reproductive function of the woman and her health in General, and the greater the gestation, travmoopasno abortion. For this reason, should be carefully considered as to their own decision to stop childbearing and the choice of the clinic with a good reputation and a professional, experienced doctors can do the operation as safely as possible.