How old to use tampons

Every adult woman may choose hygiene products that are suitable for her individual parameters. Adolescents, given their pace of life, their mobility and restlessness, don’t want to lose as much as 5 days of active life every month when there is heavy menstruation, and use the strips are not very convenient. So they are wondering from what age you can use tampons as it is a very handy tool that absorbs liquids inside the body.

Tampons are a great invention of mankind

This absolutely unique tool, made of very soft high quality cotton material. Is a small cylinder of compressed cotton wool, covered with silky cloth, facilitate easy introduction of, at the end of a rope for safe removal. After the introduction into the vagina, gradually absorbing menstrual blood, the tampon swells, retaining moisture in itself. If tampons are used correctly, not one drop of blood will not find it outside. Under proper usage means:

  1. Neat introduction (during the bending of the vagina).
  2. Hand hygiene and external genitalia.
  3. Selection of the type (mini, normal, super) in accordance with the amount of released blood.
  4. Usage of tampon (2-4 hours).

All the positive properties of the tool and cause an immediate desire to have girls more likely to start to use it, because it is very convenient to move when you do not interfere from the outside, and is not felt inside. You can practice your favorite sport without stopping the training these days, go to the beach or even a swim. But the question is, at what age can you use tampons, there is no accident. A barrier to the introduction of the tampon becomes the hymen. In this regard, there is a natural fear that will not be damaged.

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Hymen — what is it?

The hymen (Latin) is part of the mucous membrane similar to the eardrum. She closes the vaginal entrance. Normal all girls are born with its presence. The gap or deflowering usually occurs during their first sexual intercourse, and is accompanied by discharge of blood.

The hymen is often the only opening for the outflow of blood accumulates in the vagina during menstruation. Quite a large percentage of girls have a few holes. Depending on their number and location of the hymen is a ring-shaped (single hole), lattice (few small holes), cloisonne (opening is divided by a partition) and others.

The purpose of the hymen is a protective feature that prevents the ingress of pathogenic microorganisms in the young fragile body. After defloration, the vaginal flora changes significantly.

Question, what age can you use tampons, be of a rhetorical nature, the exact answer is not there. The first menstruation begins in girls 12 – 14 years old, a year is the installation of a cycle, and further repeated monthly during the entire reproductive life. Deprivation of virginity at all happens at different ages. The best age is from 16 to 18 years.

Deciding to use tampons, you should consider the following factors:

  • The little girl, still not examining his genitals, careless, clumsy movements can damage the delicate film. Even if the tampon fits easily into the vagina, then the absorption of the secretions, it will increase in size, and the hymen can be damaged when removing.
  • If the membrane has a few small holes, the tampon can just login to one of them or be damaged by persistent introduction.
  • Given that the function of the hymen is to protect from unnecessary germs when the introduction of a tampon of this barrier loses its meaning, the girl deliberately intrudes into the clean environment of the vagina, populating it with microorganisms.
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Why not use tampons Teens

To avoid unnecessary complications adolescents not recommended to introduce myself tampons. To protect your health and psychological peace of mind, do not rush to start using this hygienic product. There are many varieties of pads, allowing the girl to choose for themselves the most convenient form.

If there is an acute need of using tampons virgins, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist to determine the appearance of the hymen, its density and elasticity. If it has a sufficient hole diameter, it is allowed to use tampons like a mini. Also, the gynecologist will show you how to correctly insert the swab will tell you what time of day it is necessary and what is not, how many hours must pass before its replacement.

Prudence is a wonderful quality

In the human body there is nothing accidental, and the presence of the protective film structure of the genital organs of a young girl, speaks for itself. Why destroy this barrier and invade there, it’s closed by nature, if it is not yet time? It is better to start to use tampons when sexual life, when there is no danger of accidental damage to the hymen, and the microflora of the vaginal mucosa has changed. You can safely use this great tool, follow the application rules.