How quickly can you get pregnant after your period

Pregnancy is the condition of the woman, resulting in the birth of a new life. Depending on which psychological state a woman’s pregnancy for it may become a long-awaited or undesirable. Pregnancy is associated with many myths, one of which is the fact that getting pregnant immediately after your period is impossible. Whether so it actually?

Proven absolutely safe days at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, which are 100% guaranteed by the possibility of conception does not exist. Therefore, in order to know how to protect yourself, you need to understand all the nuances of the female body. There are women who would like to get pregnant as fast as possible and they care about the most pressing issue is how fast to get pregnant after your period and in General if this is possible.

Insight into the physiology

  • Normal menstrual cycle lasts 21 to 35 days.
  • The monthly period called the menstrual phase. Normal menstrual bleeding lasts 3 to 7 days (related to the individual characteristics of women).
  • Ovulation may not always be on the same day, this is more of a “floating” period and it can vary depending on external factors. Stress, medication (especially antibiotics), decrease and increase in weight are all factors influencing the duration of the menstrual cycle.
  • In fact, pregnancy can occur only after ovulation when the egg meets sperm. In a normal 28 day cycle ovulation occurs on the 13th – 14th day. After ovulation the egg only lives 24 hours. At this point should be conception. If the meeting with the sperm, the egg dies. The conception of a child in the second phase of the cycle after the death of the egg is not possible.
  • Male sperm live in the genital tract of women up to 7 days. Intimacy that occurred a few days before ovulation can lead to conception of a child. Less than the total duration of the cycle, the higher the probability of pregnancy when having sex in the first days after menstruation.
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After reviewing the above factors to accurately say that ovulation occurs at a certain period of time is impossible. It is impossible to bind to any number, so if there is a need to avoid pregnancy, just use contraceptives, the choice of which to date is huge.

To understand can you get pregnant after your period, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Regardless of age, it is necessary to control the duration of your menstrual cycle and understand how it is stable, so as not to be in an emergency situation.
  2. If the woman lives a regular sex life while both partners are healthy, but pregnancy does not occur, you must seek the advice of a doctor.

    Tips on how one can get pregnant after menstruation

    Pregnancy is a physiological process, but in order to have such opportunity it is necessary to exert maximum effort. This requires, at least, become more calm and tune in to what you will succeed.

    • No need to pay attention to external stimuli, just everything that is required of you – peace of mind.
    • This period must be made a complete rejection of alcohol beverages, of tobacco smoke (we’re not talking here about Smoking, as it is completely forbidden, but even to inhale tobacco smoke, the doctors do not advise).
    • Family relationships play an important role, so surround each other with warmth and care, you should support each other in any life situation.
    • After the calculated ovulation period and you have not abandoned your desire, give the male body a little rest. Don’t need to have sex at least two days before the period of possible fertilization.
    • The best time for intimacy – from 7 to 14 days of the cycle (cycle length 28 days). These days, the chances of conception.
    • After sexual intercourse is completed, the woman should within half an hour to lie down in a calm state. To raise the legs in a pose of birch.

    What to do woman who wants to get pregnant as quickly as possible, after the first time can you get pregnant, these questions may be addressed to the gynecologist-endocrinologist. This doctor can give you a number of recommendations that could be rather effective, because the possibility of conception to a greater extent may depend on the hormonal background.

    If consultation of the gynecologist-endocrinologist did not help, you need to visit the local gynecologist, he will appoint the necessary tests, through which you can test the organism for the presence of infectious diseases.

    Why contraception fail

    Every adult woman knows that after ovulation, in the next two weeks, she occurs a new period of the cycle is menstruation. If that happens, then most likely, there was a hormonal imbalance or a pregnancy. Learn about pregnancy will help drugstore test or a blood test for HCG.

    Favorable days for conception

    If pregnancy is not planned, a woman not taking contraceptives, must calculate their “dangerous days”, during which may occur fertilization.

    There are three possible period of pregnancy:

    1. Note the formation of the menstrual cycle. If it is small, the egg Matures very quickly and the period of possible fertilization occurs at the 7 – 8th day. This period of ovulation is common in one cycle is 21 days.
    2. The period of 28 days ovulation occurs on the 13th – 14th day after the first day your period started.
    3. In the event that a period of menstruation before menstruation is not regular, then ovulation is constantly changing and then to calculate something it’s simply impossible.

    If the cycle is not established and is floating with constant change in the number of days, then ovulation can occur any day and anticipate it’s not possible. If this is the situation, then you need to consult a doctor for examination or to purchase a test through which you can check the ovulation period.

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