How to calculate a monthly cycle, calculate menstrual cycle

Each girl, under the age of adolescence, faced with the fact that her periods start. The beginning of menstruation indicates that a girl’s body Matures. Many women believe that the duration of the menstrual cycle is only the time during which the go period. Actually it is not, and the menstrual cycle is counted from the date of the first day of menstruation until the day of the new lunar bleeding. If you want to monitor the health of your body, you must learn how to calculate your female cycle.

Why is it necessary?

Despite the fact that the woman knows roughly when she start of menstruation and is based on the first day of menstruation, you must find out the reasons for each lady simply must maintain your individual calendar. This article will help to learn how to count menstrual cycle.

  • The main purpose of women is motherhood. This is the main function of the body, thanks to which every woman can feel the charm of carrying a baby and birth him into this world. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to determine the monthly cycle, including to determine favorable days for conception. In this situation it is recommended to focus on the definition of the first day of the cycle and ovulation.
  • The tracking cycle, you can calculate for intimacy and eliminate unwanted pregnancy (only effective in conjunction with MCI – a recognition method of fertility).
  • Correctly calculated the cycle is a guarantee balanced operation of the body and its health. If he lost, it means that something in the body went wrong, so it is necessary to consult a doctor.
  • Calculating duration of menstrual cycle, a woman can accurately determine the date of conception.

Calendars for monthly

The menstrual cycle in women, individual and lasts different amounts of time. It is therefore very important to know when periods start and how many they are. The entire period can be divided into the favorable and unfavorable days for conception.

Example: taking your individual calendar, you can calculate the optimal day for conception and plan for intimacy at this time. If a woman does not want to become a mother, during this period, she should abstain from sex or use an adequate contraception.

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It is impossible to say that the menstrual cycle is all the same. Women are all different, and the normal cycle can last from 21 to 35 days. In order to properly calculate it, you need to maintain a calendar for one month, six months or a year.

The calendar should indicate:

  • start date of critical days;
  • duration of menstrual bleeding.

Some modern online calendars and programs for various gadgets allow you to specify other options: the health of women, the basal temperature, volume, and character of discharge. All these data can be useful in planning a pregnancy. If correctly calculate the start of menstruation, to know how to calculate duration, it is possible to identify the optimal period for conceiving a baby.

How to count period

Before you begin counting your menstrual period, you need to decide what it will be. Some women are calendar on a computer or in a notebook, others prefer to write in your diary or mark days of the cycle on the back of the pocket calendar. Regardless of which method is chosen, the main thing that the selected option is always at hand and not lost in a pile of papers. The owner of the modern gadgets can install free program on your smartphone and use the electronic device at any point of the globe.

When calculating your monthly cycle, you need to understand that the interval between the first day of the last menstruation and the first day of real. With proper calendaring is necessary to note regularly the first day of menses (monthly) and count the interval between these days. It would be the right example the calculated length of the menstrual cycle. With precision you’ll know the following day of the month, when will my period what days should protect themselves or to plan a pregnancy. Forecast more accurate than longer held control over the menstrual cycle.

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Example of calculation of monthly: if you have your period in December, went 6, and January 5, the loop in the following way. In December, 31 days from that date, subtract the first number is the beginning of the month in the current month and add the number next month. So— 31 – 6+5= 30 days is the cycle of your menstruation.

Violation of the cycle as the problem

Please note that to calculate the cycle in advance is impossible, since the female organism can give failure. For this with precision you need to know when beginning and the end of the month.

Delay in menses can be associated with the following reasons:

  • once a woman becomes a mother, and some time feeding the baby, her cycle can be “floating” and long time to recover;
  • hormones are not permanent, and if it fails, then the monthly cycle becomes irregular and strays;
  • in adolescence it is impossible to accurately calculate how long the cycle is, as it for a long time can not be restored, so the girl to the beginning of menstruation must always be ready;
  • it is impossible to calculate a cycle during menopause, since there is a decrease in the level of hormones;
  • if a woman loses or gains weight, the cycle slips and the exact duration is not possible;
  • to calculate monthly when possible problems of the reproductive system (infections, tumors and other gynecological diseases) is also quite difficult, and this issue is best addressed after the treatment;
  • given the characteristics of the body, even stress can affect your period and in this case it is also impossible to calculate with 100% accuracy.

How to calculate the cycle, we have already decided. If you had a one-time thing, panic was not necessary. A woman’s body can’t work like a clock. Even if in the course of a month to recover normal SARS, it is likely that my period will go later and much more plentiful than usual. Therefore, to address this question to the doctor is not necessary, restoration will occur on their own.

A woman should know your menstrual cycle so she can calculate the time that is favorable for pregnancy.

For example:

  • 38 days (the longest) — 18 days = 20 days
  • 24 (the shortest) — 11 days = 13 days
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On this basis, the most favorable period for conception is the period from 13 days to 20 days. These figures are not too accurate because ovulation lasts only 24 hours. Women with irregular cycle to calculate ovulation calendar is quite difficult.

Thus, the calendaring allows you to:

  • to know probable day of the onset of menstruation;
  • to calculate your expected time of ovulation;
  • to monitor violations of the cycle;
  • to calculate the days favourable for conception;
  • know the safe days when you can have sex without fear of getting pregnant;
  • time to detect a delay of menstruation.

For reliability you should additionally conduct the schedule of basal temperature, recording the daily measurements in the table. All changes can be recorded in a special online apps. Not be amiss to keep a diary of health in various days of the cycle (including PMS). This method is particularly relevant for women planning a pregnancy and trying to catch ovulation for a speedy conception.

Self-test! Choose the correct answer.

The cycle time must be considered:

  • the first and last day of menstruation;
  • the average time;
  • for the duration of menstruation.

If you read the article carefully, the problem with answering this question you will have.