How to calculate the duration of pregnancy

With the development of pregnancy counting is one of the types of diagnostic examinations of the developing fetus. To calculate correctly the duration of pregnancy will help the gynecologist during the production of pregnant women on the account in female consultation. In addition to the classical methods of determining the probable date of conception, many women use other calculations, equally popular methods online. They allow us to determine the pregnancy at an early stage of development prior to visiting the gynecologist.

Classical methods of determine gestational age

To calculate the duration of pregnancy using an obstetric or gynecological counting techniques.

If a woman knows the exact date of conception chances of correctly determining the period of pregnancy is quite significant. In this case, from the alleged day of conception takes three calendar months and add 7 days.

For example, if conception occurred on April 20, 2016, probable date of childbirth according to estimates falls on 27 January 2017. In medical terminology, this method of diagnosis is called the formula Negele. However, with 100% certainty that the pregnancy in this period is impossible.

Even if the menstrual cycle lasts 28 days strictly, and the woman did not observed any abnormalities in the duration, there are several days when the egg is traveling from the fallopian tubes into the uterus.

Late ovulation also reduces the chances calculate pregnancy by weeks. If the menstrual cycle lasts for 32 days, the probable ovulation date expect approximately 16 day.

Medication can affect ovulatory function. In most cases, late ovulation observed after the use of hormonal therapy, including oral contraceptives. If you do not follow the regimen of the drug, the pregnancy can come at the most inopportune moment.

Obstetricians often consider pregnancy month. This is a more viable option of counting as the start day of the last menstrual period a woman remembers. How many weeks of pregnancy and exactly when to give birth, you can calculate in a simple way. Just enough to add to the first day of your last period 40 weeks.

The embryologists determine the length of time for embryonic development, which for 2 weeks is less than the above. In fact, doctors are practicing two ways to determine gestational age, with maximum precision to determine the date of childbirth.

The definition of pregnancy in the last month combined with instrumental research method – an ultrasonic diagnosis. If the date is not correctly determined, then ultrasound examination of the uterus will help to establish what the current week of pregnancy in a woman.

The question of how to define the term occurs in women who have undergone the procedure of in vitro fertilization. Many of them wonder how to calculate the estimated date of the onset of labour, if the uterus has undergone the developing embryo. However, in this case, follow the method of counting for of the last menstrual period.

Diagnostic methods in the home

At home date of birth is calculated by woman alone. Use the following methods of calculation:

  1. Pregnancy calculator. Today it is the most popular method of determining pregnancy. The calculator will automatically determine the probable date. You may enter the date of the last menstrual period. Other than the day of birth, the online system determines each week of pregnancy with the description of the relevant deadline for indicators of physiological development of the fetus. The good example can be found on the website.
  2. The definition table is not less common way how to find out expected delivery date. This technique was widely used before the advent of pregnancy calculator online. The table also indicates the probable sex of the child, calculated from maternal age and the month in which conception occurred.
  3. Women who first learned about his new position with a strip test, often keep it as a relic in the family album. It is a memory about the most exciting moment in their lives.

    Control of physiological parameters

    Laboratory and instrumental methods of research used in pregnant women, allow you to control the physiological state of the developing fetus. In the complex diagnostic procedures include the following:

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