How to choose tampons: harm and benefit

Sanitary fixtures that simplify the life of a woman in her menstrual period is the tampon. Harm and use are still not known to all. They are easy to use, invisible under clothing, comfortable and in compliance with rules of carrying eliminate leakage. The benefit is obvious: the use of tampons allow access to the pool, to swim the period of menstruation, is not limited to sports.

What are we talking about?

The product is made from natural materials that absorb moisture. The main material is:

  • Vata;
  • viscose.

Perhaps the use of pressed, stitched fabric.

Classic shape — oblong, cylindrical. Each piece is equipped with a durable cord, to guarantee safe removal.

Common options with absorbent cardboard, plastic applicators. The applicator is two tubes, of which the first is equipped with petals and rounded on one side. For this part the swab is pushed to the entrance of the vagina, pressing on the second, inner tube, ejector absorbent part. When using the thread remains on the outside, and the tubes are joined into one. The use of such security for the mucosa tissue is not damaged even under sloppy administration.

Choose correctly

Know how to choose tampons, you need to not harm your body.

Please note, the produced flavoured products. They are attractive, but are not recommended for women who are prone to allergies.

The most convenient are equipped with the applicator.

How many tampon absorbs, indicated on the package. To indicate the intensity of the developed international system of notation drops. The more symbols, the greater the volume of emissions absorbed.

Different brands of tampons have the same designations. Since the days of the menstrual cycle differ in the amount of discharge, the use of tangible, if every new day to choose your option. Developed a special “night” tampons.

What to look for when buying

If tampons? The woman, for the first time applying to these hygienic means, rightly feared to contaminate or harm the internal tissues inept handling of the product.

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Doctors recommend that for the first time, choose the goods marked “mini”, that is the minimum size. An overwhelming percentage of women use normal size (the token “normal”), but to investigate a particular case will have experienced by.

Small and medium-sized tampons easier to enter. The harm and benefit are directly dependent on selecting the appropriate option. When absorbed the maximum possible amount of flow for a short time and there is leakage, you should try to replace the size for larger.


If you use tampons during menstruation benefits tangible: a woman does not suffer from the characteristic odor, which eliminates the contact of blood with air.

Designed therapeutic baths. They absorb menstrual periods have a positive effect on the mucous covers, soothing them with the included herbal extracts. The use of such products is unquestionable.

Hygiene invisible. Use of the product with transparent dress, short skirt, panties “Thong”.

Tampons is a guarantee of hygiene, during menstruation comes to the fore.

Is there any harm?

For women, knowing what the tampons, the harm and benefit of these items is obvious.

When applying, first and foremost, read the manual. Despite the universality of toiletries, practicality, a particular model may differ slightly from each other.

Use visible if the rules for safe use:

  • before and after the introduction of wash your hands with soap and water;
  • apply in the first days of menstruation when copious and moderate discharge;
  • do not use tampons when you are very poor selections in the last days of the cycle;
  • replace after 3.5 – 4 hours after injection.

How long can you go in absorbent the tampon? Use tangible, if limited to 4 hours. Even if the size of the “Maxi” when the discharge volume is small, you can’t use the item longer. Otherwise, start to breed bacteria that is harmful: causes inflammation and discomfort, thrush and cystitis.

The use of the absorbent pad in the beginning and end of menstrual bleeding, when the bleeding is weak, is not recommended, it causes irritation and dryness of the vaginal mucosa.

Who should not use?

If a woman is contraindicated the use of such hygiene products, tampons harm is obvious. Restrictions are as follows:

  • inflammation of the genital organs;
  • the tendency to Allergy (do not use scented, others — carefully watching the reaction of the body);
  • individual structural features of the hymen;
  • dryness of vagina after use;
  • the treatment of vaginal local preparations (the tampon will absorb the medication).

To absorb the daily secretions outside the period of menstrual bleeding to use a tampon — to his own detriment.

It is not recommended to use them at night, as the mucous membrane when menstruation appear microscopic cracks, which healing is slowed down if the tampon is in the vagina.

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Not worth it unless you really need to use tampons virgins. Even the smallest tampon may damage the hymen. Before using a tampon do not be amiss to consult a doctor.

What is?

How dangerous is the application for women’s health, appreciate, studying the composition of hygienic products. Used in the production of:

  1. Dioxin. This is a whitening component, at an elevated concentration in the body causing the toxicity and even causing degeneration of cells in malignant. Scientists suggest that the harm of dioxin in depressive effects on the male reproductive system, reducing sperm count. In women, the chemical triggers the endometriosis.
    With regard to dangerous concentrations, here the opinions are divided. A group of scientists is convinced that even a minimal dose is harmful to humans, since the decomposition is time-consuming and dioxin accumulates in the body. Others are convinced that hygienic tampons concentration of ingredient so insignificant that about any danger of the question.
  2. Viscose. A substance made from wood and absorbs liquids. In the production of fibers processed chemical substances absorbed in matter. Viscose — a strong absorbent after removing the used subject the tiny fibers remain on the mucous membrane and components for a long time harm the woman’s body.
  3. Cotton. Use of genetically modified, causing the resistance in contact with body cells to antibiotics. Regular use of such tampons women are often faced with difficult treatable inflammatory processes.

Summing up

Some are convinced that tampons are indispensable in everyday life of modern women, the use of their application is undeniable, but the damage is insignificant. Conservative people are of the opinion that to resort to tampons is only in extreme cases.

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Choosing hygiene, remember that health benefits depend on proper use. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, wear a tampon not more than 4 hours, change time, and then we have nothing to fear.

If you are going for the first time to use a sanitary absorbent pad, choosing a product to virgin, previously consult your gynecologist.