How to delay the onset of menopause and prevent complications

The gradual process of aging of reproductive function in women is called menopause. This period noticed a strong hormonal changes. Constantly observed drastic disruptions of the menstrual cycle. Changing the metabolism, which can significantly decrease the health outcomes. Menopause can last from one to two years. Often begins in women aged 40 to 55 years. After this cycle, the body enters into a stage of menopause. At this time the woman loses the ability to reproduce begins rapidly aging. Visible spots, but the lack of hyaluronic acid affects skin elasticity, making wrinkles more noticeable. Menopause can delay, but not prevent.

There is a simple way to delay the onset of menopause

How to identify the approach of menopause

To determine the onset of menopause can be for a number suddenly appeared symptoms:

  • sudden increase in pulse;
  • a sharp decline or increase in pressure;
  • increased sweating;
  • fatigue and emotional exhaustion;
  • brittle nails and hair;
  • speedy weight gain;
  • the tides;
  • the deterioration of the skin.

Causes of menopause

Sometimes the climax comes earlier, when the woman turns 35. It is fraught with serious complications and a sharp deterioration in health, both physical and emotional. Therefore, the question arises about the immediate decisions in order to avoid problems.

For starters, you need to understand for what reasons menopause may come earlier than that provided by nature. And that affects the occurrence of premature menopause. Here are some examples of factors included in the risk group:

  • oral contraception. Birth control pills affect hormones blocking the reproductive ability of the body. This cheats natural processes and triggers premature aging, muting the hormones;
  • developmental pathology of the ovaries and uterus. Defects of the reproductive system and accelerate the onset of menopause in women;
  • the genetic factor. Early menopause can be hereditary, handed down from mother to daughter;
  • Smoking and alcoholism. Bad habits affect not only the hormonal disorders, but also on the entire body. The most affected internal organs;
  • a sharp decline in the immune system;
  • disorders in the endocrine system;
  • diseases gynecological in nature. Every disease leaves its mark in the urogenital system, with possible recurrences;
  • infections of viral origin;
  • hormones;
  • poor environmental conditions and bad climate;
  • obesity;
  • high stress and shocks;
  • irregular sexual life.
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When the climax occurred ahead of time need to be screened no less than every six months. You must visit a gynecologist who will assess the General condition of women’s health. Oncologist as possible the emergence and rapid progression of cancer. Also not discussed the appointment with the endocrinologist. The lack of hormone production by the thyroid gland directly relates to the transition of the reproductive function of women in peace and its early infertility.

Как отсрочить наступление климакса у женщин и предотвратить осложнения

If menopause came early, need to go for checkup to the doctor every six months

Possible complications from menopause

Menopause does not come alone. With the onset of this period, there was a failure in metabolism women. Absorption of vitamins and minerals decreases, and the immune system is not able to protect the body as before. Health deteriorates, resistance to diseases decreases. Risks of acquiring various illnesses, such as:

  • the skin becomes dry, loses its elasticity. Becomes more susceptible to external stimuli;
  • the development of obesity. In such areas as the hips, thighs and buttocks becomes more deposits. Also suffers and stomach, deforming the shape;
  • the load on vessels and the blood clots increase the likelihood of heart attack and strokes. The possible emergence of blood clots;
  • difficult to prevent breast sagging, loss of elasticity;
  • the risks to fall ill with diabetes. The body loses the ability to take insulin in the proper size;
  • osteoporosis. Bones and joints are more prone to injuries. Bones become thinner, become brittle. This leads to frequent fractures and difficult movement;
  • disturbances in the cardiovascular system;
  • the appearance of age spots on the skin;
  • the decline of intellectual abilities;
  • impaired memory, confusion.

Как отсрочить наступление климакса у женщин и предотвратить осложнения

Diabetes in women often manifests itself as menopause

Ways to delay the onset of menopause

In any case it is impossible to start treatment on your own. You can not take into account many factors and to make it worse. Highly recommended visit to a doctor after the appearance of the first symptoms of premature menopause. Women are recommended to take a full cancer screening, tests for hormone levels and thyroid function. After that, the doctor will give advice and show you how to postpone menopause.

This files most often assigned treatment on a grassy basis. It can be pills, suppositories for vaginal use, gynecological spirals and patches.

Do not forget about the improvement with the help of healthy diet and sports loads. Jogging and exercise will help to strengthen the body and muscles, which of course facilitates the flow of menopause. Speaking of food, it is necessary to balance and remove all harmful products, especially fatty foods. In the diet to include more soy products. Also on the health of women positively influences swimming.

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Как отсрочить наступление климакса у женщин и предотвратить осложнения

Sport during menopause effectively relieves its symptoms

Medicine to prevent menopause and contraindications

If there is a question about how to delay the onset of menopause, here own is still not enough. After all, menopause is not a disease which can be cured. This should help in proven tools prescribed by the doctor after detailed examination. Push back menopause will help these drugs:

  • klimaton. Herbal preparation. Reduce the power of unpleasant symptoms;
  • livial. The main ingredient is tibolone. Acts as a Deputy of hormones;
  • final. Increases productive functions, increasing female sexuality;
  • vitamin medicines.

Before taking medication you should read carefully the user manual. Categorically you should not take medicines if you have these contraindications:

  • liver disease of a chronic nature. To them include liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, hemochromatosis, etc.;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • tumors and growths on the skin;
  • thrombophlebitis. Blood clots that lead to clogged veins. Accompanied by severe pain and inflammation.
  • varicose veins. Violation of circulation of blood through the veins because of faulty valves.
  • mastopathy. The growth of connective tissue in the breast, leading to the seals. Have painful.

Как отсрочить наступление климакса у женщин и предотвратить осложнения

Breast in any stage is a contraindication to the use of drugs against menopause

Traditional methods of treatment and pregnancy

Traditional medicine is not as effective, but not inferior to the accessibility and low cost. And in the case of pregnancy causing minimal harm to the body. It is important to remember that it can be taken only as a Supplement to the basic treatment, not a primary source of solutions to problems. When rehabilitation methods of people are accepted inside herbs. Mint, BlackBerry, horse chestnut, Melissa, hawthorn, rosemary – all that will go to health improvement.

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Also there are recipes infusions for improving physical condition:

  • the shells from chicken eggs dissolved in lemon juice is taken once a day, for better absorption of calcium and other minerals.
  • beet juice with honey. Part of beet juice for part of the honey. Drink no more than one glass a day.

The possibility of pregnancy at the initial stage of menopause is, but not great. There are risks to the life of the baby and the mother’s body. So it is necessary to consult a doctor.

In Western countries, has long been practiced fertilization in the period of aging. But mostly with the help of artificial fertilization of an egg by a sperm donor.

Following the above recommendations, will no longer have to look for the answer to the question «how to postpone menopause?». Delay the aging alone is not difficult. A small effort and a woman will be healthy for many years, and menopause will pass unnoticed for the body. The mode of the day, normalized diet and moderate exercise – the key to a healthy, productive person.