How to drink folic acid when planning a pregnancy: the dose and instructions

Folic acid (B9) is an essential vitamin for the human body. In the past ten years, doctors strongly recommend to take not only during pregnancy women but also at the stage of conception. Medical science has shown that folic acid when planning pregnancy is a kind of guarantee of having a healthy baby. How to drink vitamin B9 and when you need to start taking the drug?

Main functions of folic acid

Functions of vitamin B9 and its positive effects on the body:

  • provides stable activity of the hematopoietic system;
  • involved in the synthesis and cell division;
  • responsible for normalization of cholesterol metabolism of fat in the liver, vitamins;
  • provides for the exchange of nucleic acids, amino acids, serotonin, norepinephrine, neurotransmitters;
  • helps to get the appetite;
  • helps to improve the work of gastrointestinal tract;
  • prevents the development of atherosclerosis;
  • helps rid the body of toxins and poisons;
  • coordinates the exchange of proteins;
  • reduces the risk of developing cancer;
  • helps to fight depression.

The benefits of vitamin B9 for parents

During pregnancy a woman’s body uses more folic acid than before. Deficiency of B9 can lead to neural tube abnormalities, which is a threat to life of the fetus. Unfortunately, the body does not have the ability to create her «reserves» but control must.

The symptoms of lack of vitamin B9:

  1. The occurrence of megaloblastic anemia.
  2. Education of fetal pathology of the neural tube.
  3. Cause bleeding epithelial tissue.
  4. Pathology in the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Fatigue, General weakness.

To constantly monitor the levels of vitamin B9, a pregnant woman needs to carefully monitor the state of health, because its deficiency has a negative impact on the fetus.

In the first three months of pregnancy are formed the organs and systems of the baby. For brain development of the embryo is vital to have vitamin B9. Deficiency can lead to tragic consequences.

Deficiency of vitamin B9 during the planning and during pregnancy can provoke:

  • spontaneous miscarriage in the first trimester;
  • the death of a child in the womb;
  • the delay in the psychic and mental development of the newborn;
  • malformations of the nervous system.

Especially dangerous is folic acid deficiency in the first days and weeks of pregnancy. That’s why it’s so important to start taking the drug before conception of the child that is guaranteed to avoid health problems.

The benefits of vitamin B9

Timely admission of medical drugs will reduce these risks. Therefore, experts advise to start prevention during the three months before the planned conception. Folic acid when planning pregnancy is an important micronutrient, which have a significant effect on the formation of the embryonic neural tube. Its deficiency in the body women can cause of the embryo following pathology:

  • brain disease (hydrocele, hernia, etc.);
  • improper formation of the lips (cleft lip);
  • pathology of heaven (wolf), etc.

Important! Clinical studies have shown that the replenishment of the required amount of folic acid in a woman’s body before pregnancy avoids the risks of manifestations of pathologies at future child.

The presence in the body of expectant parents the required level of folic acid favors:

  • the formation of the «correct» RNA, DNA, which are responsible for transmission of genetic traits;
  • the absorption of other vitamins necessary for a favorable conception of the baby and its bearing;
  • the revitalization of the sperm in the male body;
  • the development of a healthy fetus, the formation of nerve cells;
  • to reduce the risk of natural abortion.

When planning a pregnancy, both partners doctors recommend to drink a prophylactic course of vitamin B9. In the presence of the organism in a man of his deficit, the probability of conception is reduced to zero. It not only increases sperm count but also increases quality of sperm, decreases the risk of mutation of genes. Therefore, the probability of having a child with genetic diseases is significantly reduced.

Products containing folic acid (FA)

To list all the products is almost impossible, the list may occupy more than one page. There are products containing the highest quantity:

  • nuts;
  • seeds;
  • greens;
  • the liver;
  • eggs;
  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • beans;
  • greens, etc.

Important! Thermal processing of food reduces the level of folic acid. To preserve its quantity, it is desirable to enter into the diet of raw foods.

For an adult the necessary intake of folic acid per day – 200 mcg. In pregnancy the need for vitamin B9 is increased to 400 mcg per day.

The content of vitamin B9 in food in micrograms per 100 grams.

Products The number FK (g) Products The number FK (g)
Beef liver 240 Rice 19
Cod, liver 110 Potatoes, watermelon, peaches 8
Spinach 80 Cabbage, mackerel, cream 10
Walnuts 77 Onions, carrots 9
Rye flour 55 Yogurt 7.8
Cheese from 23 to 45 Beets 13
Dry milk 30 Chicken egg 7
Asparagus 262 Salad 40
Nuts from 25 to 240 Beans 115
Liver pork 225 Green onions 11
Beans 160 Parsley 117
Lentils 180 Citrus 27

Based on the data specified in the table, it is easy to choose a diet corresponding to the required daily allowance of obtaining folic acid.


It’s hard enough to make up for the deficiency of vitamin B9 in the human body only with food. The solution to this problem in taking specialized medications. They are divided into:

  • the drugs containing one component – folic acid;
  • drugs with multiple components – vitamin B9 as the active active substance and a complex of other vitamins.

Drugs and mineral supplements, which includes vitamin B9:

Name Release form Vitamin B9 in one dosage form
9 Months Folic acid pills 400 mcg
Manifol pills 400 mcg
Folatsin pills 5 mg
Folic acid pills 1 mg
Vitamin preparations containing folic acid
9 months of Vitamin-Mineral complex pills 424 µg
Aktiferrin Compositum capsules 500 mcg
Angiovit pills 5 mg
Askopol pills 800 mcg
Aerovit pills 200 mcg
Berocca®Plus pills 400 mcg
Biofer pills 350 mcg
Bio-Max pills 100 mcg
And Wellman capsules 500 mcg
Vitaspectrum pills 200 mcg
Elevit Pronatal pills 800 mcg
Foliar pills 400 mcg
Folio pills 400 mcg

In packaging with a preparation enclosed instructions for use. The attending physician will explain in detail how to take folic acid when planning a pregnancy (dosage and duration). You should not self-medicate! Reception of medical drugs during pregnancy and should be used under the supervision of a physician.

To clarify the cost of the drug at the pharmacy. Prices may vary depending on the region.

All drugs with vitamin B9 is compatible with hormonal products (antiseptic, cough medicine, etc.) that are assigned at the planning stage of pregnancy. It is not recommended to take vitamins with alcohol.

When to start

Once a couple has decided that they are ready for the birth of the baby, the first thing you need to do is visit the gynecologist. Only a professional after tests may prescribe a drug that contains folic acid. Properly chosen dose will help to replenish essential body normal. The doctor will explain how to take medication when planning a pregnancy and determine length of treatment.

The intake of folic acid when planning pregnancy administered to both spouses for three months to establish the fact alleged pregnancy. First the tablet or capsule you need to drink in the first day of menstruation. Then at the time of ovulation and possible conception is the body will be full of folic acid and early pregnancy safely.

After a course of treatment prevention the future mom and dad tested for the quantitative content of vitamin B9. The man planning the birth of a child, shall within three months before conception to keep track of your diet by adding foods rich in vitamin B9.

The recommended dose

The human body is different, so the dosage of folic acid when planning pregnancy are selected individually. An increased dose of the drug is prescribed to people who:

  • have nicotine and alcohol dependence;
  • adhere to a strict diet;
  • in their diet are absent or present in small amounts vegetables, herbs, citrus;
  • have pathology of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • regularly take drugs with hormones.

These people have seen a rather large deficiency in folic acid.

When planning a pregnancy, dose of vitamin B9 is 400 micrograms per day. In the first trimester of pregnancy it can be increased to 800 mcg. In cases of serious shortage of folic acid in the body of a pregnant woman, the dose is increased to 5 g per day.

How much to drink folic acid when planning a pregnancy, determined by the physician. It all depends on the state of health of the future parents. One prescribe 400 mcg per day, and another dose increased twice. The pills should be plain water.

Overdose of drugs containing folic acid, practically impossible. Vitamin B9 in large quantities do not accumulate. If there was an excess, it will be released from the body. Physicians recommend therapeutic drug not only three months before pregnancy, but during her first semester to 14 weeks.

Appointment doctor, the dose of folic acid to spouses when planning a pregnancy may vary. If conception does not occur within time, according to the test results the specialist will determine the cause. If the problem is in the man, then he will be assigned to a higher dose of the drug containing folic acid, and necessary additional medications.

We do not recommend the intake of vitamin B9

Preparations containing folic acid is not recommended in the presence of diseases such as:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • malignant tumors;
  • Allergy symptoms;
  • B12-deficiency anemia;
  • severe renal pathology.

Sometimes supplementation of folic acid causes patients the following adverse reactions:

  • vomiting;
  • nausea;
  • heartburn;
  • diarrhea;
  • muscle spasm;
  • pain in the intestines and stomach.

When adverse reactions after taking the drug should immediately consult your doctor. He will change the dosage or completely cancel the drug.

Preparing to conceive a baby is a crucial moment in a couple’s life. The amount of folic acid in their body plays an important role:

  • upon the occurrence of a planned pregnancy;
  • in preparing the female body for nurturing the baby;
  • during pregnancy;
  • for the birth of a healthy child.

Important! When planning a pregnancy should consult a doctor who will give direction to the passage of the research. According to their results he will prescribe the intake of medicinal preparations and will give the necessary advice.

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