How to get over abortion depression after a forced abortion

Pregnancy sometimes he is overshadowed by different circumstances. A necessary measure may be the artificial termination of life originated. It is hard to recover after this procedure, not only physically but also mentally. With the problem of how to survive the abortion, faced by almost every woman after operative gynecological surgeries for abortion.

The psychological aspect of abortion

It is hard to imagine a woman who after surviving abortion, is not experiencing guilt, fear and remorse. If the physical condition of the girls can recover in a few weeks, the psychological aspect of the incident may worry the patient for quite a long time and even bring to serious mental disorders. This is due to the fact that the long hormones are in imbalance, and emotional condition of the woman is unstable.

Initially it concerned with the question of how to live after abortion, how to get rid of the obsessive feelings of guilt. It occurs even during a conversation with a partner or physician. Alone the thought of abortion evoke the irresistible depression. The statistics show that depression after abortion is on the 5th place for appeals to women psychologists. Even if the girl are unable to have an abortion, she will still feel guilt for what I allowed myself to admit such thoughts.

Suicidal tendencies

Often the consequence of interrupting the beginnings of life are suicidal frustrated mother. After all far not each woman is able to survive such stress, especially if it is accompanied by the loss of a loved one or a betrayal. Sometimes a man can disappear from life and girls after the incident, as she is unable to forgive the cause of all her pain and anguish. Family or relationship without marriage deteriorate and come to nothing. This is despite the fact that, perhaps, these two came to the decision about abortion. Joint life with the man because of or with the consent which had to abort the child, loses all meaning.

The most difficult is getting the believing women and girls who have decided to have an abortion. Indeed, sometimes it is a forced and necessary measure, but for believers in God this action will involve killing an unborn person. It’s a sin hard to live, especially in Orthodoxy it is believed that an aborted fetus affects subsequent childbearing. All subsequent children will have suicidal tendency, fear of life, experience constant guilt and fear and even suffer from infertility.

All the above condition can easily lead to post abortion syndrome (PAS) from which to get out yourself pretty hard.

How to cope with the psychological consequences of abortion

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Only a woman who survived an abortion, can understand how painful mental anguish after it. The decision about the need to terminate the pregnancy, is given to each girl hard. After the plunge, there comes a time when the question “how to live after an abortion” becomes unbearable. And pain does not depends on how it was induced (for medical reasons, a separate solution) or spontaneous (miscarriage).

The woman can take various States. If it is not able to cope with aggression and anger, not perceive what happened in reality, it is quite possible that we are talking about the emergence of post abortion syndrome.

The syndrome may include a variety of manifestations:

  • apathy;
  • uncontrollable anger and tears;
  • resentment;
  • suicidal tendencies;
  • a sense of irreparable loss;
  • avoidance of society;
  • fear of the future;
  • a negative attitude towards the male sex;
  • the fear of new relationship;
  • nightmares;
  • insomnia;
  • the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

PAS is often accompanied by multiple signs and it is easy to confuse with depression. However, there is one obvious difference between these two States. With depression the woman understands what is happening and tries to forget or solve the situation. The syndrome is characterized by massive thoughts about what never happened, the girl as if trying to escape from reality.

To help cope with the manifestations of forced can family, friends and professionals. The woman should go through several painful stages alone with his subconscious. First and foremost you need to understand that the woman made abortion, the murder of a living child, and not the usual standard for a surgery. To recognize that emotional pain and worry through her tears. Loss will affect the rest of their lives and this need to be measured. If someone insisted on the murder of the fetus during pregnancy, forgiveness, this person will be an important step towards the exit from post abortion syndrome.

After acceptance and forgiveness, it is desirable to repent before God, confess. A conversation with a priest sometimes is the best incentive to start a new life. But this does not mean that it will not place the lived situation, it will now go hand in hand with a woman all the way. The situation must change, awareness and acceptance of the act should lead to new positive phenomena, oddly enough. We are talking about those acts, when the girl is engaged in charity, becomes mother to an abandoned baby from the hospital, helps the poor etc Everyone chooses to further the mission, which helps to compensate for a sinful act.

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Professional help of a psychologist or psychotherapist is the following:

  • to help the woman to acknowledge what happened and to react properly, to grieve for the offense;
  • to bring to women, the abused child is still a part of her family;
  • to help in forgiveness of participants in abortion.
  • to receive forgiveness from God and the child;
  • suggestions for the substitution.

Helps in psychological practice technique “a Letter child.” Indeed, many women for whom pregnancy is wanted, speak to your baby. Usually this conversation is interrupted at 21 weeks, when the ultrasound and tests show pathology incompatible with life. Therefore, a woman can through letters to pour out all the bitterness, resentment and repent to an unborn baby.

The technique of “Diary of events” helps move everything that’s happened, that helps to effectively “pull” from women all the pain and resentment, to probality their grief. After all, not everyone is able to have a Frank conversation with a stranger, even a therapist. This form of monologue in the form of a diary of events throws all feelings out and helps to transfer accumulated through writing. The psychologist is not necessary to read everything that describes woman enough for those moments in which she shows emotion.

Loved ones can provide support in a difficult period. Typically, a woman out for their post-abortion syndrome is not able to accept the situation and agrees to help. Here starts the main role of friends and relatives, who in all possible ways must insist on and assist psychological intervention. Professionals know how to quickly and correctly to bring people out of emotional stress.

How to cope with depression

There are several ways that will help to cope with mental anguish. The most effective of these – recourse to a psychologist. It will help to create awareness of what is happening. Because it is often made of the abortion causes the girl to be a murderer, there are thoughts that she will never have children, or her sin will affect descendants.

Because of the constant and unbearable atageldy life thoughts, the woman’s trying to forget the situation or convince himself that nothing happened that fundamentally wrong.

Suspension is happening only exacerbates the situation and strengthens the recovery process in the long term. The psychologist will help you accept the situation for what it is and how to survive it and move on.

An appeal to the Church and repentance can also help, but to turn to God is only after the fact, when the situation is lived and understood. There is a special prayer for the souls of children lost from abortion. In any Church the priest will accept and listen to the anguished soul, help advice. Many women through prayer and appeal to God to come to repentance and peaceful life.

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Forgiveness of self is an important stage in post-abortion period. No soul can find solace, if you ever be torturing yourself and torturing. In this situation it is necessary to understand that abortion, of course, sinful or negative thing, but maybe it’s a sign that the woman or girl is not yet ready to be a mother and be responsible for a new life. Still nothing back, and self-flagellation to no good result. Take time to realize what happened, analyze why it happened so, forgive yourself and tune in to what ever this situation will not arise in life.

Most importantly, remember that alcohol and drugs are not the way out of depression. They help to step back from the situation, but even more destroy the mind and the General condition of women. No girl are unable to recover from alcohol or drug addiction, associated with depression. She somehow lays an indelible imprint on health, contributes to loss of life and complete apathy.

Need to think a million times, when a young girl faces the choice of abortion just because of the fact that it is too early to have children. You need to understand that the procedure of abortion takes a short time, and mental confusion, despair and guilt can last for years. Also you should be prepared for the fact that making abortion, you can then face serious complications.

Women who have undergone abortion for medical reasons, need to experience the grief with the help of a psychologist or on your own. Most importantly, do not hide in the four walls and do not stay alone with your feelings. Do not be afraid of contact. They are in order and are working to help people in difficult life situations. Family and friends should always be there to support emotionally repressed woman. Then to survive the abortion will be much easier.

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