How to get tested for hormones at menopause

At a certain age in a woman’s body start to change which can be attributed to the early and natural aging. This period is called the menopause, and to establish its occurrence requires analysis of certain types of hormones.

With the onset of menopause need to take a blood test for hormones

What blood tests for hormones to take during menopause. Qualitative changes in hormonal levels. The importance of hormones in menopause

Menopausal changes in a woman’s body cause her hormones changed beyond recognition. There is a gradual ovarian failure, and by age 50, a woman’s body is completely in menopause. The beginning of menopause marks the end of menstrual cycle. But the absence of menstruation can be caused not only by the entry into menopause, but:

  • Diseases of the endocrine system.
  • The metabolic disorder.
  • Pregnancy.
  • The presence of tumors in the reproductive system.

Therefore, the appearance of changes in the cycle, the woman must create analysis on hormones, which will give the exact answer to the question about what is happening in the body processes.

Какой сдать анализ на гормоны при климаксе

Endocrine diseases can give similar to menopause symptoms

What to check in the body during menopause?

Not all the hormones produced by the female reproductive organs, have a qualitative value to the body after menopause. But there are some hormones that directly affect the continued functioning of the body. These include estrogen (estradiol), hormones FSH, LH, progestins.

Estrogen plays a big role in the female body:

  • Forms a female type figure and is responsible for the distribution of adipose tissue.
  • Responsible for the proper operation of the reproductive system.
  • Contributes to the renewal of the epithelium of the uterus and vagina.
  • Prevents aging of the skin, hair loss and brittle nails.

And progestins are responsible for the quality of the epithelium in the uterus, maturation of the follicles in the ovaries, directly control the menstrual cycle.

These sex hormones are synthesized in the body, due to the development of the pituitary hormones FSH and LH.

Therefore, to determine the onset of menopause in a woman’s body, it is necessary to hand over a blood on hormones:

  • Estradiol.
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone.
  • Luteinizing hormone.
  • Delivery of these tests will give the doctor full information about menopause and staging of treatment for the relief of unpleasant symptoms.

    The majority of women asks a question about what tests must pass when entering into menopause. If the body symptoms of pathological menopause, you may also have:

    • A study of ultrasound of the pelvic organs.
    • Examination of the thyroid gland.
    • Advice mammologist.
    • Analysis to determine the presence of osteoporotic changes in the structure of bone tissue.

    But since the body of each woman individually, what you need to pass tests to eliminate the symptoms of menopausal changes, she might tell the doctor after the examination.

    Какой сдать анализ на гормоны при климаксе

    The results of the blood test the doctor will prescribe treatment of menopausal symptoms

    Changes in the composition of hormones

    Qualitative changes in the hormonal background of the show itself:

  • During the onset of menopausal changes in the body there is a gradual extinction of the functions of the appendages. Aging the follicles for the release of the egg occurs and less to 45 years to stop completely. This time, progesterone, which is necessary for the formation of the follicle is greatly reduced in concentration. As estrogen begins to be produced not by the ovaries and synthesized from the adipose tissue. The total level of sex hormones drop.
  • Significant reduction in the level of estrogen production leads to increased pituitary function. Gland starts producing the hormones follicle stimulating hormone (promotes maturation of follicles and the onset of ovulation) and luteinizing hormone (controls the normal functioning of the reproductive system) in emergency numbers. But such stimulation does not result in ovulation because the follicles not already managed this type of hormones.
  • Hormones how much will be present at the beginning of menopause in the body, depends on several factors:

    • Genetic predisposition. Hormone levels can decline at the twins, resulting in menopause in women twins comes much earlier.
    • Moved to diseases of the reproductive system.
    • Lifestyle directly affects the production of sex hormones and at the time of menopause.

    Hormone FSH, is produced in the pituitary gland affects the production of estrogen. His rise says about the violation of the ovaries or menopause. In this case you need to get tested for the FSH level in the blood to determine the possible disruption of the reproductive system or to identify the onset of menopause.

    The hormone estradiol is the main estrogen the sexual hormones, and its sharp decline in the blood during the menopause can affect a number of factors:

    • Lack of physical activity. That is why during menopause, patients are advised to increase your physical activity to enhance the growth of estradiol in the blood.
    • The use of drugs that depress the function of the ovaries. Such drugs include the antibiotics.
    • Wrong way of life. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption leads to a decrease in the level of estradiol in blood and the onset of menopausal changes significantly ahead of schedule. And the aggravation of habits during menopause triggers a failure of all hormonal.

    Какой сдать анализ на гормоны при климаксе

    Sport facilitates the flow of menopause

    What a woman feels when hormonal changes

    Disturbances in the production of sex hormones entail not only the end of the menstrual cycle, but also the emergence of new women’s symptoms:

    • A characteristic symptom of menopause are hot flashes. A surge is a short-term hot flushes to the head, chest and hands. This symptom of menopause is the most unpleasant and breaks the habitual way of life of women.
    • Excess perspiration. This symptom of menopause is caused by disorders of estrogen. The brain sends the body false signals about overheating and the body responds immediately to the strong emission of sweat.
    • Disorders of the blood pressure. A woman can note the pressure surges during high tides, and in their absence. On blood pressure is also affected by the level of the hormone estrogen.
    • Heart rhythm abnormalities. Most often this symptom can be noted at the onset of the tide.
    • Emotional instability. The level of estrogen in the blood affects the production of serotonin-the hormone of happiness. The decline in the body occurs abruptly, so the woman said mood swings.
    • Dry mucous membranes and structural changes of the skin. Insufficient level of hormones of the reproductive system causes thinning of the mucous membranes of the vaginal epithelium and uterus. Such violations lead to the appearance of dryness and itching in the perineum. And drying out the mucous membranes of the organs of the excretory system leads to the appearance of pain when passing urine and incontinence.
    • Bone tissue loss. The disruption in production of estrogen and progesterone, entails the risks of developing osteoporosis, as the body lowers the amount of calcium.

    Какой сдать анализ на гормоны при климаксе

    Bone health after menopause: left is normal bone, on the right — the loss of bone mass (osteoporosis)

    What rules must be observed before testing

    Preparation for blood sampling for determination of hormone levels for each type are the same. The only condition is testing on an empty stomach.

    Try the day before the tests to exclude:

    • Sex.
    • Drinking alcohol and Smoking.
    • Try to limit yourself from stressful situations.
    • If a woman is taking HRT drugs, before testing, you must consult with your specialist about the cancellation of therapy for some time.
    • You want to exclude going to the gym and any heavy lifting.

    To determine the onset of menopause in the body, the woman must take the tests on different days of the cycle. This is especially important when the blood follicle-stimulating hormone, as it should take twice.

    If you see significant changes in the menstrual cycle and are unable to calculate its exact onset, some tests will need to pass again.

    When the body women reach the menopause, disturbances occur in the hormonal background are the result of changes in the number of any one hormone. But to detect possible abnormalities, the doctor may prescribe the surrender of several different analyses.

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