How to go to the toilet with a tampon?

Hygienic swab submitted in the form of a compressed cotton cylinder, the size and configuration of which vary depending on the type, degree of absorbency and promotional packaging manufacturer. It is a convenient means of personal hygiene, which used to absorb menstrual flow. The tampon has allowed women to limit social activity throughout menstruation. The question how to pee with a tampon, and a number of other often more interested in the young girls who first decided to use this means of personal hygiene.

Application features

A tampon for the first time introduced into the vagina, almost always causes excitement and anxiety for the female. Despite the attached manufacturer’s manual, there are always questions about its proper application.

Tampons entered with the finger, provide a simplified outline applications:

  1. To take a comfortable position (squatting or standing, bending one leg). Subsequently, the woman will decide on a more appropriate method of administration.
  2. Pushing aside the labia, the hygienic agent is administered deeply into the vagina using your index or middle finger. Don’t worry that the tampon will not fall on purpose. Adjacent next to the urethra and anus have distinguishing anatomical features that do not involve the introduction of a tampon.
  3. If after the introduction of hygienic means the woman does not feel the presence of a foreign body, so it is used correctly. Appeared during the movement, soreness in the vagina is an indication of incorrect introduction of hygiene. In this case, the swab is removed and retry.

Models with the applicator, are two cylindrical tubes: an outer plastic or cardboard stopper and a pushing element. User-friendly design and a sliding surface facilitates easy introduction. Some models have caps and special petals at the end of the protective limiter, by which the use of hygienic products does not cause any discomfort.

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Applicator swab is introduced in a similar way. The only difference is its correct use. Each manufacturer provides specific characteristics of the applicator, but in most cases, the algorithm using the same.

The tube applicator is inserted into the vagina diagonally until you close the thumb and index finger. You then push the index finger of the ejector element, and hygiene products will easily fit into the vagina, taking the desired position.

If during the introduction of the woman adheres to all manufacturer’s recommendations, the any discomfort she will experience.

Do not worry about the strength of the cord. Contrary to popular opinion on its likely fixed at the bottom, the cord is located along the entire length of the product, eliminating the gap.

You need to remember that before the procedure you must wash your hands with soap not to bring an vagina infection.

Some girls are concerned with the question whether it is possible to write with inserted tampon and how it will affect its properties. Urination not in any way affect the means of hygiene. Wet might only be the cord. If during urination cord aside, most of it will remain dry.

Do not worry about the deprivation of virginity. The use of a tampon small size does not affect the integrity of the hymen, if no anatomical abnormalities of its structure.

What you should pay attention

Tampons should be changed no less than 6 hours even with a partial filling. Do not neglect this recommendation. Long stay hygiene inside the vagina contributes to the disruption of the natural flora and the development of inflammatory processes.

Tampons can be used in combination with sanitary pads to prevent leakage of blood and enhance confidence. The appearance of blood on the strip indicates the need to replace the tampon. Before each new introduction of a tampon, we recommend to make toilet intimate area.

If you use a tampon you have any questions, you may want to consult a gynecologist. The doctor will in detail tell about the rules for the introduction and probable errors.

The restriction on the use of hygiene products:

  • inflammatory processes in the vagina, cervix and cervical canal;
  • surgery performed on reproductive organs;
  • anomalies of development of genitals;
  • an allergic reaction to the product hygiene;
  • toxic shock syndrome in history.

Proper use of tampons taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturer and the gynecologist does not cause discomfort. If the first attempt to use a failed, do not despair. Over time, this procedure will become an integral part of hygiene during menstruation. Using this kind of hygiene, you can continue to lead active lifestyle without worrying about embarrassing moments.