How to insert a tampon, how to put the first time

This physiological feature of the female body, such as menstruation, gives a lot of inconvenience to the fair sex. All the discomfort associated with limitation of active life or the ability to wear any clothes, not to mention the very unpleasant physical sensations.

To facilitate this period specialists-gynecologists have developed a convenient hygiene products – tampons, which are popular for decades. But despite the rather impressive age of hygiene, the question of how to insert a tampon, concerned most women for the first time dared to use it.

What are tampons

Swab – cotton, the product of cylindrical shape with a stitched centre rope for easy retrieval. Available with different levels of absorbency indicated on the package in the form of drops, the more drops, the more absorbent and the size of the tampon.

Properly inserted tampon is not felt inside the vagina and does not cause discomfort. Otherwise, you should immediately get it out and inserted new ones, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the mucous.

Where to insert and how to properly use tampons, often think young girls have not yet had sexual intercourse because afraid to damage the hymen. In fact, if you choose the right size tools, the dangers of the tampon is not responsible.

Chaff has a high elasticity, increasing in the critical days. In its center there is a hole with a diameter of 2 cm, increasing during menstruation. The thickness of the tampon for girls (marked with a mini and one drop) does not exceed 1.5 cm, so he will not be able to break the virginity, if you don’t do it on purpose. The main thing – to choose the right size and not to use the first tampon.

There are tampons with applicator or without. The applicator is plastic or cardboard tube into which is placed the pad and serves for introducing it into the vagina. If a girl inserts a tampon for the first time, it is better to use a tool with applicator, because to put a tampon with it much easier. Despite frightening first design of the applicator, it is not difficult, and how to enter a tampon with an applicator, described in detail in the instructions for each bundle.

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How to enter a tampon

How to insert a tampon, to deliver a minimum of discomfort and ensure its normal location inside?

  • First of all you should thoroughly wash your hands so not to contaminate it, and then dry them well.
  • After the hygienic procedures necessary to release the swab from the packaging and take a comfortable position – usually in a small squat slightly with her legs spread or in a position where one leg slightly above the other. You need to relax otherwise tense muscles of the vagina simply will not allow a tampon to enter.
  • If a tampon without applicator, before the introduction of the need to take it with two fingers to pull the rope and gently introduced into the vagina at a slight slope to the back, simultaneously pushing his index finger deep. Too deep to shove a tampon is not necessary – enough the length of the finger. If the tampon hurts to type or it does not enter, it means you clicked the wrong slope and repeat the procedure again. There is also a certain percentage of girls that tampons are not suitable for physiological reasons. If several attempts to insert a tool failed, it is better to consult a gynecologist.
  • With the introduction of the tampon applicator have to take it at the junction of the two parts of the tube and to enter as long as your fingers will not touch the perineum. Then gently squeeze the lower part of the tube with the fingers of the other hand to push the tampon in. Everything is ready, it remains only to remove the applicator.

Does it hurt to insert a tampon? Another question often asked by young girls.

Properly inserted tampon should not cause any discomfort or pain – he never felt. A correctly placed tampon is in the second third of the vagina, where the minimum of nerve endings. If the presence of pad significantly, he is not in his place.

Rope stitched through the entire tampon and is the basis on which the fixed layers of cotton wool and tear it is almost impossible. If doubts remain, before inserting a tampon, you can try to snatch from it the rope is to make it physically very difficult.

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Often girls and women afraid of the fact that a tampon can get stuck inside. But if you follow the instructions on how to insert a tampon, and the rules for them, none of this will happen. But what to do if a tampon stuck or the rope is still broken? First and foremost do not panic – from the vagina a tampon is not going anywhere, neither in the ass or in the uterus, as the cervix with a diameter of no more pencil stylus and the anus, the vagina does not intersect.

How to remove a tampon without a string. To start in the squatting position to stretch the vaginal muscles and try to push the tampon out. If this manipulation does not help, you should try to reach the tampon with your fingers. Owners of long nails to this method it is better not to use it – there is a risk to injure the delicate mucosa of the vagina.

If all attempts to retrieve the tampon failed, should be addressed to the gynecologist with the tools he will be able to easily remove the stuck tool hygiene.

Rules for the use of tampons

  • Tampons should only be used during the critical days, for daily hygiene, they are not suitable.
  • Do not use two tampons at the same time for better protection against leaks – in this case, you need to choose the means more absorbency, or in addition to using the pad.
  • Replacement of impregnated swab should be performed every 3 to 4 hours, otherwise there is a risk of toxic shock. If you used a tampon more than time and you have nausea, dizziness, fever or rash, you should immediately consult a doctor.
  • It is not recommended to use tampons during the whole period of menstruation – frequent use they cause micro abrasions on the vaginal wall, through which the body can penetrate the infection. Experts recommend the use of tampons during heavy bleeding or when the use of gaskets is inconvenient – on trainings, parties or other events where a woman should feel comfortable and not awkward.
  • We must not forget a tampon inside after the end of menstruation and scanty secretions – if too long exposure inside a means of hygiene creates a favorable conditions for development of pathogenic microorganisms that can trigger inflammation.
  • If for some reason the girl forgot to pull out the tampon and he spent more of the time, then you first need to visit a gynecologist and describe the whole situation. The doctor should take some tests and prescribe a course of prevention against possible infection. It does not matter how long the tampon was left inside a day or two weeks. You cannot delay the visit of a doctor with such a problem faced by many ladies, and it is better to prevent infection than to hurt in silence, or to self-medicate.
  • If for some reason enter a tampon for the first time fails, you can ask for help to your mom, older sister or another adult woman you trust. You can also seek the advice of a gynecologist – he will help not only to choose the right size of tools, but also explain in detail how to use a tampon for the first time and how to enter it.
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Remove the swab is even easier than to enter – you just need to pull the rope, relax the muscles of the vagina. Completely soaked tampon easily slips out, then it must be wrapped in toilet paper and throw it in the trash. To flush tampons is not recommended – they can easily clog sewer pipes, especially in older homes.

The use of a tampon is not particularly difficult, and the necessary skill is acquired after 2 – 3 cycles. Each pack is supplied with a detailed manual with pictures on how to insert a tampon, so afraid of this procedure is not necessary.