How to insert vaginal suppositories

Vaginal suppositories are the most common form of the medicine for topical application with proven efficacy. In the absence of a generalized infectious and inflammatory processes in the body, local therapy is recognized as the most rational method of dealing with sexual infections.

In addition to the therapeutic effect, the candles can be used as a contraceptive agent. So the drug produced the maximum effect, you need to follow the recommendations for its use. How to insert vaginal suppositories, described in detail in the attached to the drug instructions. However, this is not a reason to abandon further consultations of the gynecologist.

Dosage form

Candle making pharmaceutical companies use cosmetic fat, mainly palm oil. However, in recent years has increased the trend to use sea buckthorn oil. In addition to the good physical characteristics of the vegetable fats, sea buckthorn has long been famous for healing effect on the epithelium. Suppositories made on the basis of sea buckthorn oil, anti-inflammatory effect, accelerate epithelialization and tissue regeneration.

Every pharmaceutical manufacturer as a marketing move trying to appeal to the consumer form and is produced of the drug. Vaginal suppositories may be slightly different in shape and volume, compared with other counterparts, but are mainly represented in the following versions:

  • cylindrical;
  • torpedo;
  • rounded.

The size of the candles depends on the number of active drugs included in their composition. Some preparations additionally contain an applicator, which is very convenient when using. The applicator not only protects the vaginal mucosa from injury due to long nails, but also promotes deep introduction of the candle. Candles with applicator slightly more expensive but more convenient to use.

In most cases, the package contains one or two plastic blisters, with instructions for use. Each of them shows the number of contained active ingredients and shelf life. The need to use only the drugs with unexpired expiration date. Otherwise, the drug is not effective, can cause local allergic reactions.

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Those women who first use this dosage form can face some difficulties in the introduction. Do not worry about it. Having studied in detail the recommendations of the manufacturer, you can begin the process of introduction. In any case, consult with the attending physician will dispel all doubts. The doctor will explain how to use vaginal candles which you need to enter.

Guidelines for a proper introduction

The effectiveness of the drug depends on proper use. If you’ve met all the manufacturer’s recommendations, the advice of a gynecologist, a carefully chosen scheme of treatment, the chances of successful treatment are high. Before using the product, you need to ensure the rationality of its application according to the testimony.

The amount of active substance included in the composition of the candles, usually designed for one or two doses throughout the day. The drug is administered in the morning and evening or only at night. Need to prepare in advance sanitary pads for daily use, to prevent staining of underwear.

Before you enter a candle in the vagina, you need to thoroughly wash hands and to hold the usual toilet of genitals. Gynecologists does not recommend the use of alkaline cosmetics for care of intimate areas in order to avoid reducing the effect of the medication.

After the introduction of candles you need to lie down for 20 to 30 minutes to dissolve the drug is maximally absorbed. A drug used before bedtime, is more effective, as the main part of it remains in the vagina. You can not say about the procedure done in the morning. Resulting residues of the drug cause a feeling of discomfort like excessive moisture, itching intimate area. In this case, you can use the sanitary napkins.

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During the use of candles necessary to observe following recommendations:

  • the restriction of sexual activity during the treatment;
  • treatment of sexual partner equivalent in the form of a cream, gel lubrication of the glans penis (in the presence of STIs);
  • a decrease in physical activity during therapy;
  • refusal to attend public facilities (bathhouses, saunas, pools);
  • regular consultation with the attending physician – the main rule.

Indications for use

Despite the availability of purchasing the candles in any pharmacy to use the drug should consult a gynecologist. The decision on self-treatment threatens not only the absence of a positive result, but the progression of the inflammatory process, the transition of the disease into a chronic form.

Indications for use of vaginal candles are the following:

  1. Infectious-inflammatory processes of the vagina and the cervix (colpitis, cervicitis). The treatment regimen and course of therapy determined by the attending physician based on these test results.
  2. Local application of suppositories included in the complex treatment in the presence of systemic diseases of the urogenital area for maximum effect.
  3. Before surgery (abortion, establishment of intrauterine contraceptive).
  4. Surgical procedures carried out in the vagina, cervical canal or on the cervix. To put vaginal suppositories gynecologists suggest after surgical treatment of erosion, cervical dysplasia.
  5. The complex antiviral therapy in cases of herpes, the human papilloma virus.
  6. Prevention of infection with pathogenic flora in unprotected intercourse. The maximum efficacy of the drug noted in the first two hours after copulation.
  7. Local contraception. The drug is administered for 5 – 15 minutes before sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy.
  8. In cases where the systemic use of the drug is contraindicated. Means of the local actions contain a lower concentration of active substance, compared with systemic drugs. Penetration into the systemic circulation is insignificant.
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Special attention should be given to the use of candles during pregnancy and lactation. Before you light a candle, need to be mandatory to consult with your doctor. In most cases, candles are used by the doctor if it is impossible to apply system tools. However, before therapy is necessary to ensure no allergic reactions to the drug. Using the drug on the advice of the doctor strictly adhere to its recommendations.

When is the best time to begin treatment

Women often question how to enter and can you use vaginal suppositories during menstruation? Gynecologists does not recommend starting treatment if began menstruating, because of the reduced effectiveness of the drug. The therapy is started after the complete cessation of menses. However, in some cases, the doctor may insist on regular use of the drug according to the scheme drawn up.

Intravaginal use of candles in observance of manufacturer’s recommendations and the attending physician contributes to the achievement of the maximum effect. Timely diagnosis and regular consultation significantly increase the chances of success.