How to lose weight during menopause diet for women after 50 years

One of the most difficult periods in a woman’s life is menopause. It’s filled with mood changes and problems in the mind and other areas. However, the most common question for a lady 48 years is: “How to lose weight during menopause?”, as a result of hormonal changes during this period, many women get fat.

The solution to this problem exists. With the right diet, exercising, healthy lifestyle, it is possible to lose the extra weight gained in premenopause and after menopause. Not excluded the reception and some pharmaceuticals.

Physiological processes in the body during menopause

One of the most visible external manifestations of menopause for most women over forty is the weight gain and the deposition of the treacherous appeared pounds on my stomach and hips and also sides. Such imbalances lead to maloestetichny changes in the figure. In addition, the skin in problem areas is strongly stretched, because with age the skin’s elasticity decreases. The fullness of women over 40 have become so familiar that few set of questions: as it should be and whether or not the lady can not lose weight fast?

In the reproductive sphere that the most significant changes during menopause. The ovaries eventually cease to perform his functions, and menstrual periods stop. If the last month has been more than 12 months, women are considered in menopause.

Weight gain during menopause increases the risk of aggravation of old and appearance of new diseases in women. That’s why it’s so important to fight obesity and to prevent the deposition of adipose tissue on the thighs and abdomen.

Causes weight gain at menopause

The woman after 48 years starts powerful hormonal changes in the body. Disrupted decades the prevailing hormonal balance. Estrogens and progestins almost cease to be produced, and the follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones, in contrast, are produced in excess. The hormone estrogen produced by the ovaries, is used in the body not only for monthly metroidvania, it is also meant to give the skin elasticity and mucous membranes to keep in shape.

Estrogens stimulate and regulate the metabolic processes in the body. The breakdown of fat – carbohydrate compounds, vitamins and minerals derived from food, and their assimilation at the cellular level is with certain speeds. In menopause the production of estrogen drops, so there is violation of speed and change principles, the assimilation of these food items. Failure occurred in the hormonal system leads to the fact that the woman begins to gain weight, even if eating a normal meal and does not increase its quantity and its calorie content.

Another reason that weight increases during menopause — fatty substances — lipids capable of producing estrogen. Decreasing the production of the natural hormone in the ovaries, the body tries to equalize the quantity you want and “extract” the missing of lipids, lipid storing fat in all the possible places on the body. Weight gain during menopause tied to the changes in hormone levels and therefore fight obesity in this period is quite difficult.

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The situation is far worse for those women who until menopause have had problems with excess weight, for them there is a threat to score even more unnecessary body pounds until the occurrence of obesity of different degree. In this case, without the use of drugs for weight loss not do.

Sometimes the weight gain during menopause can be caused not so much by the inhibition of ovarian how much eating habits of women. For instance, an addiction to fatty and salty foods, a variety of pastries and other unhealthy food. If a woman leads a sedentary and inactive lifestyle in the period of hormonal changes, she will inevitably begin to recover. Very harmful for the digestive tract also the habit of “seizing” stress something “tasty”.

Sudden weight gain may start before the arrival of the menopause – after about 35 years in the body start the process fat deposits to restore estrogen levels, and previous diet for weight loss no longer apply. The onset of the menopause over 10 and 20 years depending on the individual characteristics of the female body.

Features measures weight loss during menopause

Every woman who wishes to lose weight during menopause, you must first set yourself on something that will have to be patient and be fighting for their own mental and physical health. You have to understand that menopause is just a certain period of life, due to the functioning of the female body. Every woman can do to get pleasure from each and every day, and not think constantly about how to deal with excess weight.

For weight loss during menopause you should not rely on miraculous diets that allow lose weight in my younger years, now they can have a negative impact on the gastrointestinal tract and even lead to depression.

There are a number of products, the use of which is highly desirable to avoid those who think about how to lose weight during menopause. Menu women should be adjusted to reflect these recommendations:

  • First of all, it’s all alcohol, fatty prepared sauces like ketchup and mayonnaise, seasonings, inciting unnecessary now appetite, and pastry based on yeast dough.
  • Diet during menopause should include street food, fast food and sweet drinks, and cured meats and high-melting fats (most of the lamb).
  • In the “black list” should also include butter, lard, ice cream and chocolates. These products can provoke such diseases as diabetes, which threatens even greater problems and limitations.

Whether it is necessary to struggle with excess weight, whether it is possible to effectively lose weight when hormonal failure? Many people mistakenly believe that hormonal shifts can not do anything, to be attractive in appearance is not desirable, and fat is needed to sort of maintain the level of estrogen. Passive to argue about whether it is possible to lose weight during menopause is not necessary, and should come to grips with their health, learn from trusted experts what to do to lose weight with hormonal failure.

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The basics of good nutrition during menopause

The basic rule in food for women 50 years later is a decrease in the total number of calories consumed. Why? This condition is due to the fact that slowing metabolism can cope with only 300 of the thousands of calories consumed, the remaining 700 are the formation of fat. Food should consist mainly of protein compounds, it is desirable to have a large number of fiber and essential vitamins.

  • Diet during the menopause should be based on reducing fat and carbohydrate food. Animal fats should, whenever possible, to replace the plant.
  • The sheer volume of food eaten, it is desirable to reduce and redistribute in favor of Breakfast, making dinner the lightest meal of the day.
  • It is best to use the principle of fractional power, that is to do smaller portions, but more often to use them.
  • During menopause it is possible to have special food notebook to facilitate counting calories and completing a varied menu to lose weight and get pleasure from food.
  • Monotonous meals and all sorts of “fasting days” – not the best tool for this period of life. To hold the weight while you can mono-diet, but such a diet is bad for the General condition of women.

A very important point, which must include any diet for women over 50 years of age should be drinking at least two liters of pure water per day to supply the body’s cells. Moreover considered to be water, not soups, teas and coffee. A very useful addition will be herbal teas that not in vain is considered a great folk remedies. A glass of water, drink for a few minutes before eating, will also help to quietly reduce the amount of food eaten, as water will occupy some space in the stomach, reduce appetite, but the extra calories will bring. In addition, the body will be forced to exert the metabolism to warm up after taking the water, and this is an additional calorie expenditure.

What is

So what eat women age to lose weight? First of all, this cheese, made from skim milk and low-fat cottage cheese. They perform two tasks — and restore the body and replenish the reserves of calcium in the bones. And it’s very tasty!

Of meat recommended lean types, as well as lean fish, chicken (or better yet Turkey). These foods contain a lot of collagen — building material for cells and unsaturated fatty acids. To upgrade the body you can consume various dishes of beans and legumes. Main menu position, up to 60 percent of the diet of various raw vegetables as a source of vitamins A, B and E (the advantage should be given to green) and fruits (source of sugar), seeds and nuts (source of vegetable fat).

Black bread, hard pasta contain large amounts of fiber necessary to maintain digestive system in working order.

During menopause, it is desirable to revise and cooking methods — the preferred steam, braised or boiled dishes (or better yet, raw). This food is low in calories and contains more vitamins and minerals.

For Breakfast, for example, you can choose from:

  • cornflakes with milk;
  • boiled meat;
  • cheese toast,2 eggs and fruit;
  • pasta durum with boiled chicken and lettuce in vegetable oil;
  • toast with jam and banana smoothie.
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For lunch the menu is:

  • spinach-cheese salad, bread and baked fish fillets;
  • ragout of seasonal vegetables, bread with a piece of chicken meat (or Turkey), pasta;
  • soup of vegetables with bread, beef stew with a side dish of buckwheat or oatmeal, walnuts;
  • omelet with skim milk, a green salad with yoghurt, toast with cheese;
  • rice with broccoli and steamed fish;
  • boiled beef with mashed potatoes and soup.

For a light dinner you have these options:

  • cooked chicken and Apple salad;
  • curd mixed with fruits in season;
  • trubnye buns with yogurt;
  • vegetable salad with egg.

As a dessert you can sometimes indulge in raisins (soaked in water), marmalade, fruit marshmallows, honey, bananas and mangoes.

Menopause and weight loss — what else can be done

At menopause question how to lose weight quickly is not necessary, it may harm the health. To achieve our goals we have to gradually balance your diet. Why? Dramatically thinner body prone to disorders in the functioning of the cardiovascular system, and osteoporosis.

Help in the fight against excess weight during menopause can have and tablets, manufactured on the basis of herbs, however, pick the drugs should medical specialist. The same applies to hormonal drugs that are sometimes used in the treatment of negative symptoms menopause. Come to the rescue, increasing the level of estrogen, and some homeopathic remedies. Any treatment should be agreed with the dietitian.

Folk remedies weight loss well established vegetable juices — cucumber, carrot, celery, pineapple and grapefruit, and ginger tea, blueberry juice, cranberry, broth hips.

In addition to a balanced diet, you should pay much attention of physical activity and sport, which will help to keep muscles and bones in good condition and resist age-related changes. Very good Cycling, Hiking, swimming, gym, fitness, yoga, Pilates. Also shown are physiotherapy and relaxing massage. All of these techniques really help to lose weight and not getting fat in the future.