How to recognize the birth for a week

Fully vyneseno pregnancy is considered term from 37 to 42 weeks inclusive. Know when childbirth will take place, is possible only on the counting of weeks, but the exact date can not be found. To determine the impending childbirth can be on several grounds.

Signs of early births

  • The first sign — the abdomen goes down. To describe it seems to be that the head has dropped down, thus the bottom of the uterus is also omitted. This increases pressure on the bladder, which contributes to the frequent walking to the toilet. The promotion heads down frees the diaphragm, and the woman begins to breathe a full breast. Because of this it changes gait, straightens the back and shoulders is completely gone ago.
  • Before the generic solvability of the woman slightly reduces the weight. It is possible to describe the fact that water decreases and the liquid ceases to linger in the body of the mother.
  • Uterus appear long and nagging pain. Begins to occur extension of the pelvis in order to release a child into the world. Frequent walking to the toilet as usual, and often signals the coming birth.
  • Discharge tube: the tube can move away completely, and can move parts. It is similar to mucus with blood specks. The discharge tube can occur for a few hours and a few days or even weeks before the birth. Multiparous women tube usually comes out before the birth.
  • Discharge of water is an urgent signal that the birth is about to begin and in order that they took place without complications, the hospital should go immediately.
  • Always appear before birth contractions. They can be training or prenatal. Real contractions should be regular, increasing with time. The true interval between contractions gradually reduced. The contractions are accompanied with a pulling pain in the abdomen and in the lumbar region. Medical supervision is necessary for determining the disclosure of the uterus.
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When the waters departed, it is not recommended to take a hot shower as possible the risk of infection. You can rinse with warm water. You need to dress up and dial an ambulance to quickly get to the hospital.

Despite the fact that they give birth after nine months, the bag with the birth supplies should be ready after the seventh month of pregnancy, and should be ready to wear that you can wear in case of unexpected fights.