How to stop my period to postpone my period for a few days

Hormones, as established in the female body, biological cycles, rather fragile thing. A rough implementation in the production of hormones never go unnoticed. Of course, in life there are different circumstances. Not always the decision about how to stop your period is comfortable to spend a holiday by the sea.

There are jobs which by the nature of its activities require women to delay my period for a few days. To this category include athletes, astronauts, artists for whom the question of how to stop or to move sand

Modern medicine makes it possible to delay my period for a few days or for a longer period by applying drugs as well as relieve unpleasant symptoms with traditional medicine. Any intervention in the hormonal system requires a realistic assessment of possible consequences, which are often not justified.

What to do when heavy menstruation?

Excessive secretion during menstruation an unpleasant phenomenon, delivering the beautiful half of humanity physical discomfort and reducing social activity. Many in this period to think over the problem how to reduce monthly. Despite the individual characteristics of the female body, physiological rule provides for a period not exceeding 7 days and the volume to 150 ml. If they go long, too rich, then it indicates existing health problem.

The main causes of abnormal menstrual flow:

  • acute inflammatory processes in the reproductive system (endometriosis, ovarian inflammation, etc.);
  • the presence of systemic diseases (diabetes, problems with the thyroid gland and others);
  • diseases of the blood (poor clotting);
  • active sexual life during menstruation;
  • high physical load;
  • stress factor;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • interrupted pregnancy (the woman could not suspect);
  • used intrauterine devices (IUDs);
  • present tumors in the reproductive organs (tumor, polyps);
  • abnormal extension of the uterine cervix observed in the erosive ectropion;
  • formation of hormones in puberty.

Visit to the gynecologist if you experience heavy flow days on the background painful condition is a necessary event. An experienced doctor will conduct a diagnosis using laboratory and instrumental examination methods and advise how to make the monthly less abundant.

Effective drug that strengthens the blood vessel walls, promoting the formation of platelets, is Did. It is indicated for use when the observed blood loss with the purpose of correction of menstrual flow by thickening the blood. Of healing have been successfully used among patients suffering from intense blood secretions. Prophylactic use of the drug for 5 days prior to the onset of menstruation and continued for the next 5 days two tablets three times a day will adjust the cycle to accelerate blood clotting by stimulating the release of Mature platelets.

Speed styptic and vasoconstrictive actions depends on the form of drug application (in the form of tablets for oral use, ampoules for intramuscular or intravenous administration). If heavy bleeding occurs, the drug is rapidly administered intravenously.

Dicynone is used in gynecological practice, with the appearance of abnormal discharge or spotting placental abruption in pregnant women.

A similar effect has domestic drug Etamsylate (Etamsilate-Verein). Using these drugs, we should not forget about the existing side effects. These include:

  • allergic reaction fast and slow motion in the form of swelling, rashes, itching, the appearance of erythema;
  • unpleasant symptoms of the digestive system (pain in the epigastric region, heartburn);
  • violations of the autonomic nervous system (hypotension, headache, dizziness);
  • be wary appoint patients with existing thrombophlebitis, thromboembolism.
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No less popular drug used in gynecology, I believe Menadione. It is a synthetic water-soluble analogue of vitamin K. This hemostat is used for heavy bleeding in women in the premenopausal period, as well as the young girls entered puberty.

Act Menadione starts after 12 hours after the injection. The treatment consists of two periods (3 – 4 days) with an interval of 4 days. The daily dose divided into 2 – 3 doses during the day. Therapy is performed in a hospital under the strict supervision of a physician. Tablet form is recommended with less pronounced symptoms.

Many people are worried about whether you can stop your period taking Menadione before surgery? This drug really used before scheduled surgery for 2 – 3 days before the planned date. Analog of Menadione is the drug Menadione (vitamin K 3). Both drugs are generally well tolerated. Side effects are similar to Dicynodon.

A hemostatic effect has also hemostatic tranexam on the basis of tranexamic acid. However, the drugs of choice are listed above. The use of drugs that increase blood clotting, should be mandatory to coordinate with the gynecologist. It will tell you how you can quickly eliminate (prevent) bleeding.

How to stop periods with medications?

The only drugs that can terminate or stop your period are hormonal. Only a fundamental change in hormones will stop your period. How to delay periods without harm to health with the help of hormones, gynecologist decides in each individual case. Medical ethics medical staff does not allow advertising of hormonal drugs to delay the onset of menstruation. Evaluating the forthcoming real danger, doctors do not recommend to delay menstruation unnatural way. Your doctor may prescribe hormonal medication to postpone period, or immediately to adjust the intermittent period.

The Vitrum is a widely used drug on the basis of dydrogesterone, allowing to correct (reduce) the menstrual cycle. The mechanism of action is due to the late exclusion of the mucous layer of the uterus. Suppressing the excessive activity of the endometrium, antiseptic reduces the amount of menstrual flow. The classical scheme use of Antiseptic involves taking tablets (5 mg) in a week 4 times a day. Taking the antiseptic from 11 to 25 day cycle at a dosage of 10 mg twice a day, it is possible to eliminate the intensity of menstruation. In the treatment of Vitrum need to remember that it does not affect the process of ovulation and is not a contraceptive.

Popular medication to cease (to stop) is a monthly Monitor on the basis of norethisterone. How to delay my period for a week, using a Monitor, prompt usage instructions. If you take on a Monitor for 7 – 8 days before the proposed start date of the menstrual cycle and during the next 12 days, you can delay the appearance of menstruation for up to 7 days. A single dose of two tablets a day ensures efficiency.

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Pre-menstruation can begin, if in the right month to drink 2 tablets for 5 consecutive days. Then the course should be interrupted. It was a dramatic elimination of the drug provokes the appearance of menstrual bleeding. How to stop menses with the help of Monitor the task of the doctor and not their own decision. As with any hormonal agent, a Monitor has a number of side effects, which limits its reception in some diseases, hypersensitive.

Orgametril on the basis of progestogen – no less effective means of correcting the menstrual cycle, able to move (delay). Independently following the instruction for use Orgametrila, you can learn how to delay my period. The classical scheme use Orgametrila includes a single dose of tablets (5 mg) for 14 days before the intended date of appearance of menstruation.

Reduction to a 7-day application provides for the administration of the drug in the dose increased 2 – 3 times. The effectiveness of therapy may be interrupted in case of late admission (up to 3 to 4 days before your expected menstruation). In this case, periods may begin as usual.

The big danger for the female body represents a dramatic breakthrough menstrual bleeding, observed in violation of the scheme of administration of the drug.

Subsequently spotting the appearance of the discharge may last for a month. Similar action has Exluton. To regulate the menstrual cycle can be considered a modern medicine Primolut-holes. Understanding the principle of operation Primolut Nord, you can learn how to stop my period (how to delay my period for a few days).

To delay your period you should take the medicine 1 tablet 3 days before the expected date of menstruation onset. The pills should not exceed 14 days in order to avoid the negative influence of hormones. Migrated the cycle will shift by a day or two after discontinuation of hormonal drug. In the subsequent period of menstruation should go as usual.

In the case when discharge is small, appoint Pregnin (Ethisterone) under the tongue. The dosage is determined by the doctor taking into account the General condition of the patient and individual characteristics of the body. The same effect I think: Estriol, Lutein, Calotropis.

Correction cycle with the help of traditional medicine

How to suspend monthly at home? Folk remedies in the form of medicinal herbs used in abundant monthly to gently adjust to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of the menstrual cycle.

Hemostatic, regulate the blood selections, consider plants such as nettles, shepherd’s bag, water pepper, upland uterus, red brush, parsley roots, berries and other natural products created by nature.

Drinking nettles should be in the form of infusion, made with 5 tablespoons of dry raw material and 0.5 liters of boiling water. Since ancient times, is known about hemostatic characteristic of this plant. Eating the infusion a few days before menstruation and in the period of their appearance, it is possible to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms, relieve pain. A similar effect has shepherd’s purse, upland uterus. To prepare the broth needed 2 tbsp. spoons of dry grass to 0, 5 liters of boiling water. Boiled for 5 minutes in water, insist 1 hour. Take a quarter Cup 2-3 times a day.

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Tincture of water pepper purchased at a pharmacy, take a few days before menstruation 5 ml three times per day to reduce their volume. The infusion made from 2 tablespoons of fresh chopped parsley and 1 Cup of boiling water, taking before menstruation to weaken the function of hematopoiesis.

Frequently asked questions gynecologist

Question No. 1: How can I stop my period with hormone replacement drugs at a young age?

The answer is: the Change of a hormonal background at a young age, beginning with puberty, threatens negative consequences for not formed of the hormonal system and the whole organism. Immediate hasty decision can dramatically change the cycle, the recovery which can take months and even years. As an alternative you should consider tampons. The duty of every physician to convince the young patient of the incorrectness of the decision. Puberty is not the time for experiments.

Question No. 2: the media often write about the effectiveness of the use of lemons before the beginning of the cycle. Is it possible to drag (slow down) menstruation, eating every day a few lemons?

Answer: the Use of lemons, containing a large amount of vitamin C is helpful to ease menstrual syndrome. But the evidence of the latency cycle due to their use there. Besides it is fraught with violations of the digestive system. Alternatively, you can use green pepper, currants, strawberries, kiwi, berries.

Question # 3: How to stop the bleeding at home?

Answer: Any bleeding threatens the development of complications. If the discharge is abundant, to postpone the visit to the gynecologist is not worth it. Timely consultation with a specialist significantly improves the chances of successful elimination of the disease.

Question No. 4: How to reduce (as to push) monthly means of homeopathy?

Answer: the Only effective drugs that can regulate the menstrual cycle, consider hormonal. Homeopathic medicines are used symptomatically and nothing more.

Question No. 5: How to stop my period for a long period with pills, if they have already started?

Answer: Daily use of the drug has Lybrel during the year, able to completely remove the periods in this period. Such emergency measures are applied in case of specific indications (diseases blood).

Taking the decision to change the natural cycle, it is necessary to remember about possible negative consequences. The search for alternative Troubleshooting method without the use of hormonal drugs will help to protect yourself from a reckless act.