How to tell the guy that I’m on my period

Today many women find it difficult to speak on the subject of menstruation, despite the fact that society has long been free to discuss any problems. When it comes to menstruation, girls feel uncomfortable, they’re nervous and trying to speak quietly, because in the world had the impression that monthly is always dirty and bad smell. Menstruation is a usual week for every woman, they should not be ashamed of. Talking to the opposite sex of the critical days is difficult, but if a relationship with a man of the road, it is necessary to talk about menstruation. And so most of the girls are asking the question: “How to tell the guy that I’m on my period?”

To the guys of different ages need a special approach, and sometimes, girls are too liberated with inexperienced partners, which confuses the latter. This conversation needed to a guy was offended that the girl avoids sexual contact or act aggressively towards him. The guy needed to be ready for that time when his beloved will come critical days.

A conversation with a young guy

Before talking to a guy about periods, you need to consider the duration of the relationship. With people, with whom the girl know for a long time, it is easier to share personal problems. Take into account the costs and the possible reaction of the guy. If in the past he had to embarrass the girl or he shared these questions with your friends, then you should refrain from talking about menstruation.

Must be the reason she wants to tell the guy about menstruation. She should ask the question about whether it is somehow their relationship, if she can control your emotions and not be angry at the guy. If the answer to these questions is Yes, the conversation should definitely conduct to the young man knew that his guilt is going on there.

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An inexperienced partner is carefully and gently to talk about menstruation. When talking need to explain that once a month the girls happen abdominal pain and abrupt mood swings. Teenagers especially should not talk in detail about women’s physiology, especially to use scientific terms or euphemisms (“guests came from Krasnodar”, “red days of the calendar, the Red army arrived”) — the guy won’t understand this, it is necessary to speak very simply and naturally. Some experts advise not to report the loss of blood, but it depends on the degree of confidence in the young man.

During the interview it is important to maintain peace and goodwill. Rudeness and aggression will cause the guy has a sense of guilt for something that he is not guilty. Many girls get angry due to the fact that their beloved doesn’t know about periods, and it often offends the guys.

There is nothing strange if a guy will be embarrassed and will avoid continuing the conversation, it is not necessary to this offense. For young and inexperienced guys this topic is very sensitive, as for many girls. But if your partner starts to behave rudely and the girl says hurtful words, you need to put him in his place and explain that menstruation is not a crime, and it indicates good health.

If during a conversation a guy wants to learn more about monthly, but she will hesitate to tell you should offer him to read the information on the Internet.

How to behave with an experienced partner

Adult guy it is easier to talk about periods, especially if before he had a relationship with a girl who probably told him about the critical days. It is desirable to know in advance what to tell the guy, prepare for the conversation. Not infrequently, girls begin to worry and stumble, barely picking up the words. During the conversation, you need to feel confident and not be shy. Psychologists say that discussing these topics, couples become closer, their trust in each other grows.

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There are several ways to report monthly:

  1. To say that without describing the details of menstruation, the experienced guy takes one sentence to understand it.
  2. Allowed the use of euphemisms, even a phrase like: “I Have these days,” you give the guy enough information and it will not be rened.
  3. If the girl and guy have a long relationship, they should come up with a code word that will signal the start of menstruation.

It is especially important to tell your partner about menstruation when the girl and the guy are already having sex. Sexual intercourse is not prohibited during menstruation, although it is considered dirty and sloppy, so a guy could be against it. Equally important is the attitude of the girl to have sex during this period. If the touch cause her irritation, it is better to wait until the critical days and to abstain from sexual intercourse.

Sex can be replaced with kisses, hugs or other sexual pleasures. It is important not to do anything you don’t want to. Adult partner is easier to explain that in this period there are some limitations in sex. Many couples prefer not to wait until the end of the month and continue to have sex, because during sex she feels less pain she feels at the monthly.

During sex we need to continue to protect themselves. Menstruation is no guarantee that the girl won’t get pregnant. Sperm remains in the woman’s body for 3 to 7 days, so there is a possibility of fertilization (especially with short menstrual cycle or hormonal failure). The use of condoms will prevent contamination and infection: during menstruation the risk of transmitting the virus increases, as the volume of liquid which is in contact with pathogenic microorganisms is increasing.

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Monthly is normal

For girls, menstruation is a normal period of her life, indicating her transition into adulthood and good health. Therefore, there is no shame in menstruation and scary to share this with loved ones, especially with a loved one. Negative reaction to menstruation is possible, but in this case, the girl not worry, because this is not her fault.

If still thinking about what to tell the guy about menstruation, a feeling of fear and shame, then this indicates that the pair is not enough trust and intimacy. The girl should think about it and why she’s still afraid to talk about menstruation.