Hypertrophy of the labia: causes and tips

Hypertrophy of the labia minora is enlarged inner labia, clearly distinguished from the external. All women have different facial features, type and color of the skin. There were also significant differences in the female genital organs.

The female vulva includes two sets of skin folds, or labia. Most women have labia folds are not symmetrical. It is quite common when one side is bigger, thicker or longer than the other. In anatomy there are a wide range of shapes and sizes that fall under the category of “norm.”

The symptoms of hypertrophy of the labia minora

Owner slightly enlarged labia can not even notice. However, the inner labia are much more sensitive external.

Therefore, when a strong hypertrophy have difficulty:

  • Problems with hygiene. If the labia are enlarged, they are too sensitive. In this case, women tend to avoid their touch. This leads to a good enough wash, and, consequently, can cause infection.
  • Irritation. Underwear rubbing enlarged labia. Due to prolonged irritation of micro-cracks occur in the skin.
  • The pain and discomfort. Hypertrophied labia can be damaged during exercise, especially those that put pressure on the genital area (Cycling, horse riding, yoga). Pain and discomfort can also occur during sexual foreplay or sexual intercourse.

Layalina hypertrophy can cause a noticeable bulge in clothing, especially when wearing a bathing suit.

Causes genital hypertrophy

Also, as there are asymmetry of the hands or legs, and labia can be shorter or longer. Indeed, there is no such thing as the right shape or size for female genitalia. Why increase the labia, it is not always clear.

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Hypertrophy possible because:

  1. Genetics: the hypertrophy of the labia minora in women from birth.
  2. Pregnancy: during pregnancy, the increased blood flow to the genital area can increase pressure and cause a feeling of heaviness.
  3. Infection: in some cases, hypertrophy may occur due to infectious diseases or injury in the genital area.
  4. Age: the aging women, the labia can stretch and SAG, changing the color and shape.

How is it diagnosed?

There are no special tests to determine whether women hypertrophy or is it just the structure of her body. The doctor usually diagnoses the increase on physical examination.

The length of the labia minora distinguish 4 degrees of hypertrophy:

How enlarged labia Degree
1 – 2 cm longer than the outer (lightly speaking) I degree
Are 2 – 4cm (without any discomfort) II degree
A pronounced increase of 4 – 6 cm (small labia folds are genitals, there are pain, discomfort) III degree
Increased by more than 6 cm (pain during movement) IV degree

But even given the table size, asymmetry or increased thickness of the labia may not always be considered as hypertrophy. If enlarged labia do not cause a woman discomfort, she feels psychologically and physically normal, there is no reason for concern, and there is no need to resort to medical intervention. It is not harmful to health.


Another thing, if hypertrophied labia interfere with a woman’s life and ability to enjoy physical activity and sexual relations. If so, you should consult a gynecologist and get a professional opinion.

There are no medicines or ointments to reduce the size of the genitals. The only option is a labiaplasty, that is, surgery to reduce the labia.

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What is the procedure?

Before the surgery, the patient must undergo a full physical examination, details to discuss with your surgeon. Surgical procedure can be carried out under local anesthesia or under General anesthesia. Depending on the choice of clinic and doctor performing the operation, the procedure can take place as an outpatient or inpatient. The duration of the operation averages from one to two hours.

There are three types of surgical procedures: reduction, reconstruction and modeling of the labia. When you restore you can add volume to lips of the vagina. Modeling of the labia is the correction form.

The wound is closed with a cosmetic seam, which leaves no scars.

The next after surgery four to six weeks should not engage in such sports as horseback riding or Cycling. The same applies to sexual intercourse. The wound should be regularly examined by a specialist.

Possible risks during surgery

Surgical reduction of the labia includes the total possible operation risks. Encountered during the procedure, the wound is open to infection, such as cystitis. Therefore, if there is pain when urinating, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Bleeding is also in the list of postoperative risks. Signs of bleeding, requiring a rapid treatment, is a swelling of the wound area and spotting.

You should also understand that there are cases when it is impossible to conduct such operations. After examination, the specialist can come to the conclusion that the operation is not possible on certain indicators.

So, most teenagers are worried about changes in their body. Of course, the operation can be carried out at the teenager. But doctors strongly recommend to wait until a young girl enters into puberty. During this period, the labia will not grow. Those who wants to have labiaplasty should be assessed on the maturity and emotional readiness.

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Some useful tips

Surgery is a big and not always a necessary step with enlarged labia, especially if you do not bother in this matter. The main issue that has plagued women with hypertrophy is irritation of the skin.

Paying attention to the following tips, you can minimize this unpleasant factor:

  • When washing, use only mild soap or special gel that contains no dyes, fragrances or chemicals.
  • Avoid wearing underwear, rubbing the labia or attached too tightly. Wear loose, breathable materials such as cotton.
  • Choose sanitary pads and tampons, which are odorless and do not contain chemicals or additives.
  • Use special ointments, soothing irritation.