Hypertrophy — wrinkled labia that hang or different

Modern women do everything in their power to maintain a beautiful appearance, and sometimes the aesthetic appearance of the intimate area care about them more than the condition of the hair, skin or physique. Common situation of concern are sagging labia. It is believed that the labia majora should cover small to those not forward.

There are cases where the labia is very much sticking out. The phenomenon in which the outer bodies are of different size, called hypertrophy. The woman observed asymmetric structure of the organs, the skin in the “bikini area” are stretched and become longer. For this reason, the labia minora is hanging out beyond the anatomical borders. The deformation may cause discoloration of the intimate organs.

Defects of the labia

Statistics show that in the world one third of women have enlarged labia. Experts believe that it is normal when the labia peep 5 cm If the size of sexual organs greater than 6 cm, the girl should consult a gynecologist: the problem is solved with the help of surgical intervention. However, many women believe that large and small labia, protruding more than 1 cm, look ugly.

In addition, women often face a problem when they have shriveled labia: folds of skin are composed of uneven and often of different length. It is noted that this problem causes more excitement in the female.

The only treatment is surgery, but it is not always safe for health. Before taking any action it is important to know why the deformation occurred, and will not damage or correction body.

Despite the fact that some stages and types of deformation do not damage, women tend to make the body look normal. Labia large size make it impossible to wear small elegant clothes, cause complexes, which interfere with the girl to visit the beach or the pool. Hypertrophy causes problems in the sexual life.

Types of hypertrophy

In medicine there are four stages of hypertrophy:

  1. The labia are no more than 2 cm.
  2. The labia are at 4 cm At this stage a woman may experience discomfort while walking or going to the gynecologist.
  3. The skin is stretched to 4 cm, skin hanging, inconvenience arise with Cycling or seat.
  4. External agencies have increased by more than 6 cm In the last stage the woman begins to experience very strong irritation in the intimate area during movement.

There are three types of deformation that are not considered normal for the female body:

  • shape change;
  • increase or decrease size;
  • bluish discoloration of the skin of the labia.

The causes of hypertrophy

Sagging labia majora can be triggered by a sharp reduction of body weight or the onset of adulthood. With age, the skin in the perineum loses its elasticity. Wrinkling or stretching often occurs after pregnancy. Most of the increase in the volume of the labia are exposed climate of the age: the skin loses its brightness, its edges become flabby and uneven.

In adolescents and nulliparous girls rare genital deformity. However, and young found wrinkling of the skin in an intimate venue: the sagging is less pronounced and is not evident.

Hypertrophy in infants due to problems that could arise during fetal development or premature birth.

Heredity is often a cause of deformation of the skin. To determine whether hypertrophy of the genetic factor is sufficient to find out from close relatives, whether they had labia stretched or of different sizes. The deformation caused by heredity, is shaped during adolescence or after the beginning of sexual life.

The outer bodies increase due to excessive sexual activity or aggressive, long sex. Injury genitals, piercing in an intimate area and surgery can also increase the size of the skin. This may become cyanosed.

Among the diseases most often can stretch the labia inflammation. Skin in the “bikini area” is blue.

Labia deformed due to the high content in the body of male hormones.


Labiaplasty is the only way to correct sagging skin. This type of surgery is already managed to prove themselves well in women. Correction of the labia are safe, if you follow the instructions of the doctor as labiaplasty has a list of contraindications, namely:

  • inflammatory processes in the genitals;
  • infectious diseases;
  • Oncology;
  • mental disorders;
  • preparation for childbirth;
  • a minority.

If the patient has one of contraindications, it should not be performed the operation. In addition to consultation with a specialist women need to be screened. The doctors require blood tests to identify hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and take a smear on flora.

Intimate place has to be shaving for the operation. According to the patient’s doctor can make a photo lip before correcting, so she had the opportunity to compare the obtained result with the past state of the “bikini area”.

Labiaplasty is performed using local anesthesia and mild sedatives. The operation lasts less than an hour: all this time the patient is in the supine position. Legs wide spread and fixed. Peek-a-Boo lips treated with antiseptic, the skin around them put disinfected cloth. Excess skin is trimmed, this operation ends.

After birth, women may experience a change in the size and shape of the labia majora. In this case, the correction involved a plastic surgeon. Flabby tissue are cut, and the wounds are sutured using dissolving thread.

Side effects

A woman may be faced with painful sensations in the intimate area after trimming off the excess tissue. Symptoms pass within a week, the patient begins to feel normal. A month later the woman without problems back to sexual life. Sports is better to postpone for a time and return to them, subject to the approval of the doctor.

What complications occur after labiaplasty? The labia can appear scars, scars, bleeding, the skin becomes bluish. Sometimes the sensitivity of the labia is reduced, which deprives a woman to have fun during intimacy with a man. Inflammation and infection can develop after the labiaplasty.

Complications are rare, more than 90% of patients fully satisfied with the result.

Should look like the labia a woman decides for itself. If the condition of the bodies satisfies her partner and does not cause harm, in operation there is no need.

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