If menopause sore Breasts: how to manifest, treatment

If sore Breasts during menopause? This question interests a woman during the onset of menopause. Going abroad at the age of 45 many people are worried that breast pain may portend the early symptoms of the tumor. Whether normal breast tenderness during menopause? How to handle it, and whether to visit the doctor?

Chest pain — a common symptom of menopause

Why during menopause, there comes a pain in your chest?

During menopause the female body is going through a difficult time. Production of hormones slows down, the body is under stress and completely changed. How did it change?

  • During menopause women’s health weakens, doctors visits become frequent. However, it should be remembered that during these periods, exhaustion and sickness of the body is the norm.
  • Pain symptoms nipple or breast is also commonplace.
  • Chest pain similar to the pain that came during menstruation. In the case of women during menstruation breast pain were absent, these symptoms will manifest themselves arbitrary hours.
  • In rare cases, the pain symptoms are very strong.

Pain and discomfort in the chest, differently it can be called mastodynia. It occurs when hormonal changes women. During menopause the reproductive hormones slowly fading away. That is why mammary glands are prone to pain, because they are hormone dependent organ.

При климаксе болят молочные железы: как проявляется, лечение

The mastodynia is characterized by severe pain in the breast

How does breast pain during menopause?

Not always during menopause there are severe pain in the chest, rather the contrary. However, every woman should be able to distinguish the mastodynia from other diseases. How sore Breasts during menopause?

  • You may feel a heaviness in one or both Breasts.
  • Can occur aching, burning or baking the pain.
  • In rare cases, pain can bear an acute (pointed or sharp).
  • Breasts can grow or swell.
  • The breast becomes very sensitive, the slightest pressure can be felt nagging pain, even wearing a tight bra causes discomfort.
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These symptoms may not occur always and not all. However, for most women, because of hormonal disturbances pain in the mammary glands regular phenomenon. These changes can disrupt the usual way of life. Brisk walking, active arm movement, exercise becomes an almost impossible mission. Besides, problems arise in the course of sexual intercourse.

При климаксе болят молочные железы: как проявляется, лечение

Chest pain seriously affects the quality of life

What kind of pain should pay attention

Some pain in the area of the breast or nipple during menopause can be a symptom of the disease. To turn to doctors need for pain symptoms that have a clear location. They can indicate the development of cysts or tumors. What symptoms should alert a woman?

  • If you change the color of the skin in the chest area.
  • When changes in the form of one breast.
  • The deformation of nipples and their color. Any secretions from the duct glands.
  • With loss of strength and loss of appetite.

If you have any of these symptoms should see a doctor mammologist. Specialist will conduct a survey for the presence of cancer, will prescribe an ultrasound and mammogram.

При климаксе болят молочные железы: как проявляется, лечение

Mammography will help to determine the exact cause of chest pain

Treatment of pain symptoms breast in menopause

Pain in Breasts during menopause are a natural phenomenon and do not require treatment. In some cases, when a woman suffers from insomnia, and prescribed painkillers. The state of discomfort can be eliminated by following some simple rules:

  • To massage the breast or to seek help from a specialist.
  • Try as little as possible to use the bra. Buy high quality underwear from natural fabrics, which corresponds to the desired size.
  • Not to neglect hygiene procedures.
  • Severe pain apply cold compresses regularly to take a warm, refreshing shower.
  • Periodically to drink herbal decoctions of the of the red clover, nettle and burdock root.
  • To exclude from the menu of spicy and spicy food, drink plenty of fluids.
  • Undergo vitamin complex tools, which are sold in every pharmacy and is specifically designed for women at the time of menopause.
  • If the pain increases to escape ibuprofen or diclofenac.
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It is also worth noting that it is very important to maintain a diet, sleep and exercise. Diet is an important factor in the cessation of chest pain during menopause. Eat as much greens, corn bread, fish, fruit and vegetables.

При климаксе болят молочные железы: как проявляется, лечение

Spicy foods may aggravate chest pain

Do I have to go to the doctor for pain in the chest

With the onset of menopause every woman should visit a doctor mammologist, who will conduct a routine inspection. Any discomfort should seek assistance from a doctor. Such techniques are conducted once in six months.

The clinic will be held on mammography made breast ultrasound, prescription drugs and made the right diet. If the doctor will be in some doubt, will appoint a biopsy, which will be held in the respective laboratory.

If during the examination no abnormalities were found, the doctor will prescribe medicines that will relieve the pain in the breast.

Timely and systematic visits to a specialist will be able to save a woman from a number of pathologies, including cancer. During menopause, many women are susceptible to oncological diseases. Therefore it is not necessary to treat the pain in the mammary glands during the hours of the menopause – not serious! In any uncomfortable condition consult a specialist.

Despite the fact that medical institutions and the majority of professionals believe that the pain of the breast is the norm, the woman should worry about your health and at the first pathological symptoms, immediately consult a doctor!