If not enough iron in the body, symptoms

In order to feel good and function properly, one must regularly to obtain the necessary minerals and vitamins. Otherwise, the body will begin to “act up”. So, it’s vital to get enough iron. The lack of this element is a common problem faced by many women of reproductive age.

Symptoms of iron deficiency

Learn the body enough iron or not, with the help of the analyses, however, there are certain symptoms that can talk about it. Many people confuse these symptoms with signs of fatigue or illness. But will still be helpful to highlight a few of the most obvious “bells”, upon detection of which it would be nice to go for tests to check the condition.

    • With a shortage of iron may appear sleepy, because the body actively uses iron for production of hemoglobin and delivery of oxygen. If no iron, no hemoglobin, the oxygen needs of the body therefore the person starts feeling fatigued. It may seem that he just didn’t sleep, but it is not.
    • There are problems with coordination. The efficiency becomes smaller man hard to focus, he loses the thread of conversation, cannot follow through on the necessary work. This should seriously be alerted.
    • Due to the lack of iron impaired synthesis of neurotransmitters, it may cause apathy against absolutely everything. This condition is extremely negative, but it is usually overlooked, but in vain. The appearance of apathy is no evidence 100% about the iron deficiency, this phenomenon may be a symptom of other diseases, but pay attention to this as necessary.
    • With a lack of iron in the body starts with oxygen starvation, so then can appear the shortness of breath even with minimal exertion.
    • Due to the lack of iron reduces the blood circulation, the consequence is the excessive pallor of the skin. This may indicate that in the blood, a very small number of red blood cells.
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  • With regular sporting loads of people with iron deficiency may note that the exercises that were previously easy for him, cause difficulty and now I have to put a lot of effort to implement them.
  • When the body lacks iron, the muscles can’t recover as fast as before. Therefore after exercise the muscles are sore.
  • Iron deficiency affects the health of nails, hair. The nails can become too brittle, they appear the depression, and hair may begin to actively fall out.

If you notice such symptoms should consult the doctor and undergo a full examination by a specialist.