In some countries, abortion is banned, the ban of contraception

People, unlike animals, can regulate their own population using modern contraception. But not always the measures are effective or partners underestimate the possible consequences of refusing protection.

The main method of getting rid of an unexpected pregnancy is a termination (abortion). In most countries, women have ways of abortion as emergency contraception, medical abortion, the surgical termination of pregnancy.

But not all abortions are free and available for the masses. The question arises as to which countries abortion is banned, who headed a rating of the number of abortions? The study of the topic addressed in this article.

Classification according to the degree of the prohibition of abortion

In many countries of the world abortion is banned in one way or another. Among them are the third world countries and highly developed, prosperous country in Europe.

In some countries abortion is banned? There are three main classifications according to the degree of the prohibition of this phenomenon:

  • countries where banned for any reason abortion, and committing them constitutes a criminal offence, for example, Bangladesh, Mauritania, Egypt, UAE, Indonesia, Chile, Angola, Philippines (prohibited and the use of contraception);
  • those where abortions are performed for medical reasons, in the presence of severe disease of the fetus, in the case of rape women, for example, Israel, Brazil, Morocco, Poland, Mexico;
  • the state, which takes into account such socio-economic base in the production of abortion, the lack of funds for the maintenance of the child, the death of her husband and others, in particular, India, Finland, UK, Japan.

Along with the above, there are countries where artificial interruption of pregnancy in addition to medical and economic reasons, is a women. These include USA, Canada, Australia, several countries in Western Europe and the former Soviet Union.

World experience shows that the legalization or a complete ban on forced termination of pregnancy does not affect the prevalence of this manipulation. The prohibition of abortion leads to a lack of official statistics on abortion that fails to appreciate the extent of the problem.

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Abortion statistics by country calls the lowest levels, where freedom in this area is not limited, for example, in Iceland. However, the aging of the population in most Western European countries do not allow them to take first place ranking in population growth.


Based on the number of abortions carried out in the context of years, the number of women of childbearing age and population, and the number of abortions per 100 births.

During the last years the rating of abortions in the world are China, the United States and Russia, which produces from 9 to 1.6 million abortions per year. China is the leader of this sad statistic. High performance due to loyal policy of the state, economic crisis and social problems within society. Moreover, the production of abortion has turned into a successful business industry, generating huge income. Most women going for an abortion, choose a comfortable environment of private hospitals. The state is not interested in the loss of taxpayers in the face of paid medical institutions.

The number of abortions in Russia in relation to the number of births is higher than in other post-Soviet countries. Of course, a positive trend is present. A clear improvement began to occur, beginning in 2007. However, the separation from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Estonia and other countries that have the worst socio-economic situation, great.

The referenced chart shows the ratio of this phenomenon in the countries of the former CIS.

According to Rosstat, which can be called objective indices of officially registered abortions declined over the period from 1990 to 2014 4.3 times. Namely, from 4 million to 990 thousand.

Moreover, the researchers propose the question to take into account unofficial statistics according to which, in Russia annually occurs more than 7 million abortions.

The lowest data in this area differ in Switzerland and Germany, where abortion takes place only a few thousand a year. By the way, those are countries with democratic legislation. But even here there is no option for termination of pregnancy only in accordance with the desire of women. Taken into account medical indications, as well as incest, rape, the threat from third parties. Ongoing abortion women in Germany pay on their own. The price is about 1500 euros.

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The History Of Russia

The Soviet Union was one of the first countries who have legalized abortion by Decree of 1920. Any woman could go to a medical facility freely and free. The positive effect of this measure resulted in the reduction of mortality of women in childbirth 4 times compared to previous years.

In the 30-ies of the last century as a result of tougher laws, abortions were performed only for medical reasons. Moreover, the procedure was paid. The prohibition law was in force until the summer of 1954, when abortion was once again declared free and gratuitous.

The peak number of officially produced abortions fell to 1964, which was made about 6 million. According to the published statistics, in this period, our country became the leader in the number of abortions.

Since 2007, the number of committed procedures dropped to 1 million. Was influenced by ongoing government measures to support motherhood and childhood, effective social and economic policies in General. However, in this period, the inhabitants said that in Russia want to ban free abortions.

Today to have an abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy, you just desire pregnant. For the operation at a later date requires serious medical grounds, for example, the threat to the life of the mother or genetic deformities of the fetus. In urgent cases, the abortion is performed at any time.

Opponents of liberal abortion have long wanted to ban them, speaking with a corresponding legislative initiative. The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) even made a petition against the ban of abortion. The substance of the document was reduced to a total prohibition of abortion, prohibition of assisted reproductive technologies and to restrict the sale of drugs for emergency contraception.

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It was also proposed to provide pregnant women with additional financial support at the expense of budgetary funds. From the ROC it is difficult to expect a different relationship to the subject, as the “killing of the baby in the womb” has long recognized a mortal sin. The position of the ROC found significant support among many Russians.

Similar ideas have tried to promote many well-known politicians, members and supporters of the ruling party. In their opinion, the ban should become effective way to improve the demographic situation. However, these initiatives have not found a logical follow-up and were locked in a “long box”.


Why want to ban abortion? This problem is concerned with the society and requires a gradual and correct decisions. On the one hand, it is necessary to consider the rights of women and to fight for fertility and the health of the nation.

In countries where abortion is prohibited, the rise of criminal abortions, causing irreparable harm to women’s reproductive health, as well as the increasing number of infanticide and children of refuseniks. Conversely, in affluent countries with high levels of income and, therefore, the life of the population women are not in a hurry to abortion even if it is free and available to them. A high level of education, culture and traditional upbringing for a woman is mind to planning a pregnancy, carrying a pregnancy and childbirth.