Indinol Forte — instructions for use

Indinol Forte medicinal plant complex, designed to solve problems associated with the metabolism of estrogen. Or bad Indinol Indinol Forte effectively fights against tumors and can prevent the emergence of hormone-dependent diseases. Below we consider the main characteristics of the complex, the positive effects, indications for use, analogs, interaction of components of drugs with drugs of other pharmacological groups.

The composition of the Indinol Forte Forte

The main operating component of the drug Indinol-3-carbinol, a member of one of the tablets includes 100 mg of the substance.

Indole-3-carbinol is an active compound synthesized from vegetables, the cruciferous group. Scientific studies have shown that this natural substance has a beneficial effect on women’s health: reproductive system, mammary glands.

Auxiliary elements: microcrystalline cellulose, corn starch, magnesium stearate, lactose. Complex in blisters, plastic bottles, consists of 30, 60, 120 units of supplements.

Keep the medication you need in out of reach of children, dry place, avoiding sun exposure on the complex. Shelf life two years from date of manufacture.

Domestic producer of the drug – “Miraxpharma”. In the market you can find supplements “Indinol Forte Evalar”. The price of this complex is cheaper than similar dietary supplements.

Pharmacological action of the complex interaction with other drugs

Indinol Forte belongs to the drugs are modulators of estrogen receptors. The therapeutic effect is due to multifunctional effects on the abnormal processes that occur when abnormalities in the mammary glands. A large presence of estrogen causes the failure in the reproductive system of women. The drug Indinol Forte works effectively for these functional disorders, reduces the concentration of estrogens and normalizes a hormonal background.

Indinol Indinol Forte, and effectively fights with epithelial malignancies. The imbalance of estrogen causes a pathological effect on the tissue of the uterus and mammary glands. Indinol Forte leads to a natural balance the amount of estrogen. This medication has an effect not on all cells, only those whose proliferative activity is higher than normal and stimulates the onset of tumors.

Indinol Forte not only neutralizes an already existing violations, but also prevents the first signs of their appearance. It suppresses the pathological work of receptors.

Indinol Forte has an impact on the drugs, which contain P450, such drugs include estrogens, diabetic, epileptic, progesterone, anticoagulants, corticosteroids. If Indinol Forte is taken along with these medicines, require individual dosage of selected specialist.

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Indinol manual warns: while taking the drug in combination with other drugs need to consult with a specialist, such a measure will significantly reduce adverse effects from the interaction of the components.

Indinol Forte: indications

Indications for use supplements Indinol Forte:

  • endometriosis;
  • adenomyosis;
  • hyperplasia cervical without atypia;
  • uterine fibroids;
  • cervical dysplasia;
  • breast;
  • premenstrual syndrome;
  • ovarian cysts;
  • papillomas on intimate areas.

Indinol used in complex treatment of infertility with drugs of other groups.

Diseases that was listed above, Indinol Forte Forte treated in total therapy with other drugs. Note its effectiveness in complex therapy with immunomodulators. Indinol Forte is also prescribed as a preventive treatment after surgery.

Pathology in cell proliferation are the cause of diseases of the reproductive system, Indinol Forte is a good drug for the prevention and treatment of these diseases.

Correct use of complex

  1. Indinol Forte indications – HPV. The duration of treatment is complex at the diagnosis of papillomavirus is from three to six months. For the treatment of this virus make the complex most effective together with immunomodulators. A doctor might be offered combination with other medicines.
  2. Indinol Forte indication – breast. For the treatment of mastitis drink Supplement recommended up to six months one tablet twice a day. The drug is well absorbed during food. For the prevention of mastitis take the complex for three months. The need for the extension of the drug is determined by the expert.
  3. At a hysteromyoma, adenomyosis, endometriosis Indinol Forte is used along with various supplements, for example Apiculatum, this method of treatment the therapeutic effect of these drugs is increasing. Allowed the treatment in the combination therapy of one month, and then the reception is aborted.
    The duration of therapy for the fibroids determines the gynecologist based on the patient.

The receiving complex has no negative impact on vehicle control, did not reduce the level of concentration.

Side effects and contraindications

A study on the implementation of the complex showed that the biologically active additive is well accepted by the body. Intended use, proper dosing guarantees minimal unwanted effects.

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Possible side effects:

  • Individual intolerance of individual components of the Supplement.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • A slight decrease in body mass.
  • Change the duration of the menstrual period.
  • Pain in the stomach.

Side effects, if any, are held fast in the amplification of the negative impact it is necessary to refuse to accept the property and to consult with a specialist.

Overdose can cause: nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It is important, therefore, pays special attention to the recommendations of a physician. The negative consequences of the overdose are treated by the symptoms. You can’t ignore the indications of Indinol Forte.

In the annotation to the Indinol Forte Forte said that the complex is not recommended to drink the following categories of people: patients who can not tolerate the components of the drug, pregnant women, nursing mothers, persons under the age of eighteen.

Analogues Of Indinol Forte

The analogues of Indinol Forte Forte composition include: Integrin, Gyptian, Indinol-3-carbinol. The composition of these medicines is the main component of Indinol Forte – Indinol-3-carbinol. Herbal homeopathic counterpart and therapeutic effect on mastitis drug Mastabol. Other drugs – analogues: Feiwell, designed to enrich your everyday, Biolift, very effective analgesic and antipyretic Evalar, Klimaton, Milon-5.

The drug analogue Indinol-3-carbinol helps to strengthen the immune system and support liver health.

Indinol-3-carbinol: manual

Composition: Indinol-3-carbinol – 200 mg extract of flax seeds – 200 mg.

The therapeutic properties of the drug: the complex stimulates the liver, starts the mechanism of production of enzymes aimed at the elimination of harmful substances, regulates the amount of hormones, reducing the risk of malignant tumors of the female reproductive system, minimizes the likelihood of cancer of the pancreas and thyroid gland, has antioxidant and antiviral action, contributes to General health.

Indications for use:

  1. liver diseases, their prophylaxis;
  2. acute poisoning, assistance in rehabilitation;
  3. prevention and treatment of malignant tumors in combination with other drugs;
  4. support and strengthen the immune system;
  5. osteoporosis;
  6. atherosclerosis.

Contraindications: the drug is well tolerated by the body, however, possible allergic reactions caused by intolerance to the components of the complex.

Common questions

Question: Is Indinol Forte hormonal drug?

Answer: Indinol Forte natural non-hormonal drug. The main active ingredient is of natural origin, synthesized from cruciferous plants.

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Question: Which is better Indinol or Metopol?

Answer: Mastabol – homeopathic complex narrow spectrum of action. Accepted for treatment of diffuse forms of fibrocystic disease. Indinol Forte has a wider range of medicinal properties and is a Supplement has a positive effect on a woman’s body. If you compare the cost of drugs, Mastabol relatively cheaper Indinol Forte. Choose the medication should be based on diagnosis and assignments prescribed by the physician. And therapeutic effect on mastitis, Mastabol able to replace Indinol Forte. It should not be forgotten that the components of one of the drug can easily be transported, and another may not be perceived by the body.

Question: is there a drug in suppository form?

Answer: Indinol Forte is available in tablet form and in capsule form.

Question: is it Possible to replace Indinol drug striks?

Answer: Chi-Klim is a drug used for the treatment of menopause. Most consumers of this complex are category women 50 years. Combines these drugs of vegetable origin that they are biologically active additives. But the difference is that they have different pharmacological groups and they are used for the treatment of various diseases. The application of TSI-Klim and complex Indinol Forte Forte so different that to compare these systems not make sense.

Health benefits

Dietary Supplement Indinol Forte herbal complex, which has great advantages. It does not violate the natural balance of the female body, helps to gently correct pathological processes, in some cases, has a prophylactic effect. This article is for informational purposes only and not a recommendation. Unbiased, professional advice can only be obtained from a physician.