Insomnia during menopause: treatment, remedies

Many women who enter menopause often face the problem of sleep disturbance. It is a commonplace insomnia, which you can fight different ways, both medical and folk.

Insomnia — a common symptom of menopause

Causes and symptoms of insomnia

Menopause is a time in itself is not very pleasant. The woman faces many problems, most of which is due to certain hormonal changes in her body. Insomnia during menopause is usually associated with a reduction in the amount of estrogen.

These hormones concurrently with progestins able to provide not only an effective reproductive function. They take a direct part in metabolism, in the absorption of different health enhancing ingredients. Among them include melatonin which is the sleep hormone. it contributes to a sufficient number of long and deep night’s rest.

During menopause this substance produced much less, which causes sleep disturbance. Simultaneously, the insomnia is troubling for other reasons:

  • Tides. Woman several times a day is experiencing an unpleasant sensation of strong heat, which is docked in the upper part of the body. there is a strong sweating. These events happen at night, which causes sleep disturbance. After the tide may manifest headache, quickens the heartbeat, which promotes normal rest.
  • Increased nervousness. Emotions accompanying a woman during this period, often worthy of a real drama performance. All very negative and exaggerated. Every little thing is able to cause resentment and irritation, the woman is almost always depressed, constantly ready to cry. Bedtime usually starts the analysis of the previous day and the woman, remembering all begins to cry.
  • The need very often run to the toilet, especially at night. It is based on a strong atrophy of the mucous membranes of the genitourinary system and reproductive functions. this is often accompanied by severe itching because of quality and uninterrupted sleep are not count.
  • Such violation with sleep not allowed to sleep at night. accordingly, in the course of a day the woman feels tired, broken and irritable. Her sleepy, but can not relax, because this is often workable age.

    Important! Sleep problems must be treated, as it is fraught with serious health problems.

    The main problems experienced by the woman during the period of insomnia can identify a worsening of heart disease, migraine, dysfunction of the nervous system. The woman becomes angry, she is constantly tired, unable in full force to work. Often there are pains, which are characterized as wandering and bothering in the limbs, stomach and back. There is a serious deterioration of the General mental state, that is, from insomnia develop severe depression, which is very difficult to cope on their own.

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    Бессонница при климаксе: лечение, средства

    Insomnia can lead to chronic fatigue and health problems

    Lifestyle with insomnia

    Serious consequences of insomnia can be avoided by changing the lifestyle. certain measures should be taken as soon as the problem manifested itself. If during the week it was noted insomnia during menopause, to buy sleeping pills is not required, you can try yourself to make some adjustments in lifestyle to remedy the problem at its very beginning. To return the normal sleep is necessary to observe following rules:

  • Proper nutrition. We are not talking about diet, not about excessive fasting, but properly constructed diet, which is dominated by fruits, vegetables. It is important to avoid heavy food, especially at night as it will interfere with sleep and provoke pressure surges and characteristic for menopause hot flashes. No need to eat at night a large amount of fluid, it will cause swelling and night irritation of the bladder during the night.
  • It is important to create for themselves a comfortable environment. In many cases, insomnia is all that’s needed. the room must be very well ventilated, to make sure that the temperature was about 20 degrees. You need to get comfortable linen and other bedding. Articles for sleep should be bright and not have odors.
  • You want to include in the life of physical activity. The activities necessary in order to obtain muscle fatigue. To do before bedtime is not recommended, it causes some excitement. You fall asleep will help good sex and an easy walk before bedtime.
  • During this period, it is important to pay attention to pleasant things that fill the life of any person. You can take an aromatic bath, to do easy breathing exercises, including relaxing with soft music.

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    Important! To be excluded from life in this period, things like Smoking, alcohol, watching movies, sitting in social networks. This leads to strong excitation, and getting emotional.

    Бессонница при климаксе: лечение, средства

    Sport during menopause to help relieve insomnia

    Traditional methods of treating insomnia

    In the treatment of the described problem, special attention should be paid to the national funds, which typically are close at hand. For some women, such funds become a real salvation, and the advantage is that people’s methods of treatment have virtually no contraindications and side effects. You can use the following medications:

    • Melissa, mint, rose hips, thyme, chamomile can be brewed separately or as a collection;
    • Helps the hops. You must take the buds and flowers of plants in the amount of 2 tablespoons and dissolve in 200 ml of water. all this is infused within 4 hours. Infusion taken before going to sleep for a couple of hours;
    • Can help fennel seeds, which have effective diuretic action. It is enough to take 50 grams of the herb, 20 minutes to cook in red wine, the amount of which is 150 ml. is Taken part in for the night in the cold in the amount of 20-30 grams.

    Simultaneously with medicines you can include in the diet special, restorative sleep products. Milk and honey in the form of a mixture can be taken before bedtime. At a normal level of glucose in the blood need one teaspoon to stir in a glass of milk.

    Many experts suggest to include in the diet tomato juice with the addition of a small amount of nutmeg. The taste of a kind of means, but it is very well to sleep. The composition is taken two hours to sleep, but before dinner.

    Бессонница при климаксе: лечение, средства

    Thyme calms the nerves and promotes healthy sleep

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    The effectiveness of drug treatment

    When running the form of insomnia often requires a course of treatment with special drugs. if the problem is caused by hormonal disorders, prescribe appropriate medication. Mandatory doctor prescribes modern sedative – Aratex or Grandaxinum.

    No less effective, weaker medicines, but the same effective. It is a tincture of Motherwort, Valerian. Very often appoints specialist funds, which include the hormone melatonin, Melaxen, Circadin or Ukelin.

    Important! Serious medicines are taken strictly established by a specialist term, as each of them has different contraindications. Among them are diabetes, cancer, kidney trouble and various categories of autoimmune ailments.

    Modern medical remedies are effective. Many of them make up the General emotional background that will automatically help you sleep. Each drug is taken strictly under the supervision of a specialist, we are no Amateur.

    A problem such as insomnia in menopause should not prinebregaete, it requires attention and timely quality treatment. Adequate sleep is especially important during this period, as it can help to quickly and smoothly adapt to such changes in the body, which requires force.