Insomnia in women: causes and treatment

Insomnia is a serious illness, severe violations of sleep. It is manifested in two ways: the person can’t sleep or falling asleep, but often wakes up in the middle of the night. Causes and treatment of this disease for centuries care physicians. Invented folk remedies, medication problems. That is a disorder and how to deal with it, read on.

Insomnia – a reason to worry

People used to think that the inability to sleep – change. “What is there to pay attention, because this is the only night-another? Sooner or later, sleep will succeed. Here comes the weekend – and both days in bed, simply wasting his time.” So thinks the victim of insomnia. In practice the situation is much more serious.

Remember that insomnia triggers:

  1. fatigue;
  2. low efficiency;
  3. drowsiness;
  4. conflict;
  5. apathy, lack of interest in life;
  6. confusion, forgetfulness;
  7. the decline in intelligence.

In a critical situation insomnia causes of death. In everyday life, the disease provokes the tension between the people, the problems in the team and the family. Sleep disturbances are developing in the nervous system (stress, changing jobs, difficult family situation) that provokes even more serious disorders in the nervous system. This leads to a prolonged tantrum, a nervous breakdown, becomes the cause of inpatient treatment in the psychiatric ward.

Doctors distinguish 90 different types of insomnia. Involved in this issue science-somnology. To go to sleep to prevent the effects and cure insomnia is a reasonable solution.

How does

There are two types of the disease:

  • Sleep is missing partially. Falling asleep is normal or hard, frequent awakening.
  • No sleep, falling asleep impossible.

Manifested violation in healthy people under stress, nervous overstimulation. Surprisingly, insomnia causes a strong fatigue. In this situation, comes to the aid of traditional medicine, a mild sedative, non-traditional treatment. To go to the doctor is justified, if sleep disorders are caused by a serious disease.

The classic manifestation of insomnia:

  1. long to fall asleep;
  2. early awakening;
  3. intermittence of sleep;
  4. superficiality of sleep.

People, especially youth, get used to the constant lack of sleep. The lack of time to sleep during the session – the motive of jokes. Student life flows smoothly into the work, sometimes seven days a week, with overtime, workload, from morning to late evening. People dilute boring everyday Hobbies and Hobbies, which occupies another 4 – 6 hours, and the dream remains 4 to 5 hours. The townsfolk think it’s normal. Undoubtedly, there are individuals, poured in 4 hours, but this is a rare feature of the body. A normal person needs 8 hours of full sleep.

Chronic sleep deprivation leads to failures in the body. First occasionally have to endure nights without sleep, then it quickens, becomes a systematic practice of long hours in bed when sleep “in either eye”. Some say that we pay people with a rich imagination. Many do not let thoughts about mistakes made, wrong spoken words – night eating his own flesh, not realizing that the source of this condition is a disease that requires serious treatment.

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For some reason, develops an inability to sleep at night? There are the following factors:

  • External:
    • light, low or high temperatures, extraneous sounds;
    • physical discomfort;
    • adverse, dangerous situation.
  • Insufficient rest:
    • a change of environment;
    • the inability to relax enough time.
  • Stress, excitement.
  • Alarm.
  • Disease:
    • frequent urination;
    • pain syndrome;
    • shortness of breath.
  • Nightmares.
  • The presence of harmful habits:
    • alcoholism;
    • frequent urge to smoke.
  • The consumption of soft drinks.
  • The need for flights in different time zones, knocking the rhythm of the body.
  • The abundance of incoming information that the brain can not process during the waking hours.
  • Work schedule.
  • A conscious rejection of sleep.
  • The specifics of the lifestyle.

Insomnia is prevalent among nursing mothers, who are forced to Wake up every 2 – 3 hours for baby care. Such women are characterized by anxiety, nightmares related to fears for the child, which leads to sleep disorders.


According to the results of official studies, up to 45% of women suffer from lack of sleep and inability to sleep. Up to 20% can’t sleep when there are serious reasons that require urgent medical intervention. Up to 10% of the respondents indicate that sleep problems are pursuing decades.

Sick I?

As a layman to understand that it is time to worry? One characteristic of mistrust, and they realize it, others treat your health carelessly. The people, suspecting that the reasons are serious, do not go to the doctor, hoping that will cure itself.

Reasons to urgently visit a physician or sleep:

  1. swelling under the eyes;
  2. dry lips;
  3. General depression, depression;
  4. lethargy all day;
  5. red eyes;
  6. problems in the social sphere, at work caused by tiredness;
  7. sleep problems, manifested not less than a month three times a week.

Having had the symptoms described, enroll in a clinic and pass an examination. The probability that a person belongs to 20% of seriously ill patients. If sleep problems cause discomfort, but appear at least three times a week, you should consult a doctor. This will help to avoid escalation of the situation. The doctors will determine what is the cause of sleep disorders and tell you how to fight.

Chronic stage

Causes of chronic sleep disorders are:

  • change lifestyle, including travelling, changing workplace, frequent travels and business trips;
  • mental problems;
  • protracted conflicts in the family, at work;
  • medications, disrupts the normal sleep;
  • violation of sleep hygiene;
  • somatic disease.

Treatment starts when he found out all the causes of the disease. It helps to choose the gentle treatment. Preference is given to non-drug treatments, resorting to medication when other methods have shown the inefficiency. Developed against insomnia drugs have many contraindications and side effects. This forces the approach to drug therapy with extreme caution.


If at times plagued by sleep disorders, you need to know how to be treated for insomnia. Suitable home remedies if the person:

  1. easily excited;
  2. healthy;
  3. occasionally suffer from sleep disorders.
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  • to observe the modes of wakefulness and rest;
  • bedtime to carry out the procedure to soothe the nerves.

If insomnia is prolonged:

  1. follow the doctor’s recommendations;
  2. take folk medicine;
  3. conduct sedative procedure.

To prevent the emergence of insomnia, every day you Wake up and fall asleep at the same time. It helps to develop a rhythm of work of the body. Recommended to get up, go to bed early.

When insomnia has developed on the background of short-term stress, come to the aid of dietary SUPPLEMENTS, vitamins. The inclusion of additives in the daily menu helps the body to recover, adjust the mode to return normal sleep.

The most susceptible to insomnia women:

  • older;
  • engaged in mental work;
  • pregnant;
  • lactating women.

To day to be in shape, women young and middle age drink a lot of coffee, strong tea that depresses the nervous system and leads to violations of the regime and the complete inability to sleep. Constant lack of sleep weaken the body, which causes distraction and inattention, which deal with the man in the street prefers the same methods as coffee, tea. A vicious circle. The only way to break out of it and to cure insomnia is to configure normal mode of work and rest, eliminating soft drinks.

Alternative medicine

Recipes for preserving sleep and fight insomnia:

  1. compliance with the diet;
  2. adherence to the sleep mode;
  3. physical activity, sport activities;
  4. the exclusion of soft drinks and heavy meals after 18 hours;
  5. Cycling, Hiking, short walks in the evening.

Helps to relax before sleep:

  • meditation;
  • reading;
  • bathing;
  • a gentle massage.

To cope with short, softly pronounced insomnia, it is recommended:

  1. ventilate the room before bedtime;
  2. listen to soothing music;
  3. to change the bed to comfortable.

It so happens that sleep does not give man a headache, triggered by dry air. Will help in this situation, the barometer, the humidifier. Add device 2 – 3 drops of essential oil with a calming effect – chamomile, anise or Jasmine.

When sleep problems will have to exclude spirits. To relax, to sleep, helps a quarter of a glass of wine. But to have too much alcohol means in the morning to headache, dry mouth and feeling of weakness, with constant practice only worsens the patient’s condition and leads to chronic insomnia.

Traditional medicine

Folk wisdom offers to deal with sleep problems decoctions and infusions. Common delicious option to drink at night, a glass of warmed up to 37 degrees milk, sweetened with a spoon of honey. Another useful remedy – chamomile broth.


  • Melissa;
  • oregano;
  • mint.

Pharmacies sell a tincture of motherwort and Valerian root. Known positive effect of decoction of dandelion, hops, Heather. Better make your own which is gathered in ecologically clean areas of grass. If not, dried plants buy at the pharmacy. When choosing pay attention what are the contraindications have any side effect.

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Recipe chamomile

  1. 0.3 liter of water add a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers.
  2. Grass, pour warm water, put in a water bath, waiting 20 to 30 minutes, then carefully filtered.
  3. Drink chamomile decoction is recommended one hour before bedtime.

Aromatherapy against sleeping disorders

Essential oils are effective, pleasant to use remedy. Help:

  1. lavender;
  2. rose;
  3. the ylang-ylang.

Not all listed soothing essential oils, a woman chooses a fragrance that is suitable to her individually. Achieve deep relaxation with oils:

  • vanilla;
  • incense;
  • juniper.

Before the aromatherapy room is thoroughly ventilated. Add oil to the lamp or the evaporator in such quantity that the aroma is barely felt. The first session lasts 20 minutes, gradually increase the time to three hours.


Ordinary people think, sleeping is the best remedy against insomnia. But doctors agree rarely recommend first to try folk remedies. The reason is that the medicines:

  1. oppressed consciousness;
  2. weaken the mind;
  3. adversely affect attention, ability to concentrate.

Sleeping pills sold without a prescription, work for placebo. Nothing miraculous in their components no.

Well-known sleeping pills:

  • Ramelteon;
  • Sonata;
  • Lunesta;
  • Zolpidem.

These medications present side effects. The doctor prescribes a course lasting from weeks to months, appointing regular sessions of the examination the patient. In severe cases the drug is prescribed for a long period.

Medication is prescribed when insomnia is caused by mental disorders. It is for severe depression. Plagued by sleep disorders after a binge, because of anxiety or serious mental injury. There are situations when doctors have to prescribe the patient a complex of antidepressants and sleeping pills. Remember that the vast majority of modern antidepressants inhibit the psyche and affect sleep, therefore, may exacerbate the condition. In this case, turning to the doctor, so he picked up another tool.

Sedative antidepressants for sleep disorders:

  1. Mirtazapine;
  2. Trittico;
  3. Doxepin.


Night insomnia is a serious problem, health disorder that causes many problems in everyday life and to provoke the complications. The treatment of this disease is mandatory. From sleep disorders, suffers the patient himself, the people close to him.

Stick to sleep hygiene and try to eliminate stress, maintain wakefulness and rest, take care of your health. Pamper yourself with warm baths, aromatherapy oils, take care of yourself, doing daily exercise – walking, exercise, contrast showers. Is prevention and effective tool in combating sleep disturbances.