Invert when planning pregnancy

Already for anybody not a secret that the difficulty with conception and pregnancy is a relevant problem in many modern women. The reason for this is not always the disease or hormonal disorders — constant stress and poor environment affect the ability of a female organism to give birth to healthy offspring.

Unfortunately, with a poor environment especially in terms of cities, it is impossible to fight, but to normalize their health for everyone. The transition to a healthy diet, avoiding harmful habits in combination with taking modern medicines able to solve the problem with conception and give the joy of motherhood. One such remedy is Infert, when planning a pregnancy with which a successful conception occurs in 80% of cases.

Brief description of the drug

Invert is a powder that must be dissolved in water and taken orally. In its composition the drug is a vitamin complex, but without the advice of a doctor to treat them is not recommended because the dosage is determined strictly individually.

Consists of Invert of Inositol (vitamin B8) and folic acid (vitamin B9), which actively participate in many biochemical processes and is essential during pregnancy to prepare the body for bearing a healthy child.

Inositol in the human body regulates the metabolism of sugars and fats and also control the activity of nerve cells. Taking medications containing Inositol, levels hormones, in particular regulates the production of testosterone, prolactin, LH and other reproductive hormones. In the result there are positive changes in the female body.

Folic acid is needed during pregnancy planning, conception and pregnancy to prepare the body for pregnancy and childbirth, normal cell division and growth of tissues and to prevent malformations of the nervous system of the fetus.

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The results of the reception Inofita

  1. Normalizes the menstrual cycle.
  2. Increases the ability of the oocyte to Mature.
  3. Increases the chances of ovulation during pregnancy.
  4. Improves the viability of already fertilized eggs.
  5. Reduces the number of anovulatory cycles.
  6. Normalized overall hormonal balance, thereby improving the condition of hair up to hair recovery.
  7. Prevents the development of neural tube defects in the fetus.

Indications for use Inverta

  • Irregularities in the ovaries — lack of ovulation, polycystic disease, reduced quality of oocytes in connection with age or for other reasons.
  • Menstrual irregularities and, as a consequence, disruptions in ovulation.
  • The increase in blood sugar levels, which contributes to the development of diabetes, which complicates conception.
  • Violation of a hormonal background, including hyperandrogenism and the imbalance of hormones of the reproductive system.
  • Improving the quality of oocytes before surgery IVF.
  • Stimulate ovulation and improve fertility.

Infert suitable for women of Mature age when, because of age-related changes in the body, decreases ability of egg fertilization or disrupted ovaries, in some cases, the drug is recommended to women with pathology of reproductive system.

Inositol in the composition of the drug has a complex effect on the body and is particularly well established in the treatment of polycystic ovaries. It not only creates favorable conditions for conception, but also regulates the level of sugar, blood pressure, levels hormonal balance, improves the condition of skin and appearance of women in General.

Invert when planning a pregnancy, before surgery, IVF increases the quality of your eggs, pick up for fertilization, which ensures a high probability of conception, minimize the number of possible defects, improve the viability of already-fertilized eggs (oocytes) and limits the use of hormonal drugs, that is, increases the chances to conceive a healthy child.

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Form of issue and method of use

Infert available in the form of powder, packaged in pre-measured sachets, pack of 30 PCs. to Take the drug recommended in the morning and evening at the same time with a meal, dissolve the powder from two sachets 150 ml of water.

Price of one pack of the medication is around 1000 rubles — for some it may seem a pretty decent amount, especially since the course of treatment is 3 months, but given the effect of the drug, it’s worth it. In one study of the drug, which was attended by 12 women, pregnancy occurred in 8 patients, including one case was the conception of twins.

Contraindications and overdose of the drug

Invert is considered one of the safest drugs contraindications for its reception no cases of overdose and side effects are not registered. Some patients noted the appearance of heartburn during the reception, but this applies more to the individual characteristics of the organism and cannot be qualified as a side effect.

Invert can be taken even if pregnancy occurs, the fetus, he will not damage, unlike other drugs, however, in this case a doctor’s consultation to confirm the need to continue taking or change the dosage.

Foods rich in B vitamins

  • Legumes (especially white beans);
  • wheat germ;
  • melon, pumpkin (including pumpkin seeds);
  • citrus fruits;
  • whole grain products;
  • lettuce;
  • egg;
  • the liver.

The right to receive Inofita under the supervision of a gynecologist in conjunction with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can significantly increase the chances of any woman to conceive, carry and give birth to a healthy baby, important to follow the doctor’s recommendations, and not take the medicine after the expiration date.

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